Whenever you see the quality which is becoming so useful to you, you just fall in love with it!

I will continue on the Ishavasya Upanishad sixth verse.

यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मन्यॆवानुपश्यति ।
सर्वभूतॆषु चात्मानं ततॊ न विजुगुप्सतॆ ॥
Yasthu Sarvaani Bhoothaani Aathmanyeva Anupashyathi |
Sarva Bhootheshu Cha Aathmaanam Thatho Na Vijugupsathe ||


“One who, indeed, lives by seeing as it is the whole Existence, all un-manifest and manifest beings, existing in the Consciousness itself, and the Consciousness existing in the whole Existence, thus, does not feel violated, or hates anything existing, by virtue of not seeing oneself as separate from the Consciousness.”

Listen! Today, I am taking completely a different route for you to experience this truth. If you think this stone is too big, based on this stone you will compare everything else. ‘Oh, that stone is smaller than this. That stone is equivalent to this. This stone is a little bigger than this.’ So, based on the stone which attracted your attention due to its qualities, based on that you will compare all other stones, everything around it, and try to grasp, understand. That is what exactly you are doing in your life. You try to gauge, study, cognize, understand everything, based on the idea “I”, “Aham”. The “I” is the most heaviest thing which you perceive in your life. You are literally in love with it! Understand? The “I”, which you perceive, the “I” which you experience the moment you wake up, till the moment you fall into deep sleep, even after that in the dreams, sometimes even in the deep sleep, the “I” which you are perceiving, experiencing, you feel it is so HEAVY, so IMPORTANT, so GLORIOUS! Because, only with that, the support of that, and its existence, you are able to perceive and enjoy, have all the moments, and able to relate with Existence.

Listen! What you perceive as “I”, it is enchanting, mesmerizing, so useful, most useful than anything else, because, anything else is perceived because of that “I”. Your hand is useful to touch somebody, your eyes are useful to see something, your tongue is useful to taste something, your ears are useful to hear something, your nose is useful to smell something, just because of that “I” existing and functioning, operating. That is why, so much you grasp the “I”, you just possess that “I”, you grab that “I”, so much of greed to keep it functioning, so much of fear to lose it. Everything, everything functions centered on that, because that is too heavy, too big, too much for you.

Listen! Because that is the first useful thing in your life, you are just in love with it, you just celebrate it, you enjoy it. I am not saying it is wrong. It is great! It is great! But, just you need to know the quality of that “I” which you are celebrating! Unfortunately, because of the utility value of that “I”, you are celebrating it, not the quality of it. Please listen! Because of the quality, the utility value! Understand?

More and more you celebrate the “I” because of the utility value, more and more your life becomes dead. More and more you start understanding the quality of the “I”, the more and more your life becomes alive! Even in relationships! Even in relationships!

Listen! The husband, if he is looked as a utility value – just providing security – the relationship will become more and more dull and dead in course of time; but, if you look at his quality which makes him provide security to you, more and more you will fall in love with him. Same way, with wife: If she is just a utility value for some household responsibilities, or for pacifying your lust, the relationship will become more and more dull and dead by the days passing. But, if you look at her qualities which is providing all the services to you, whether it is household responsibilities, or fulfilling your lust, or filling you with the love, whatever, if you see her quality, which is utility value for you, which is translating as utility value for you, the relationship will become more and more depth, sweet; you will fall in love more and more.

Understand, the same principle: If you look at your son just as a utility value – future security – the relationship will become more and more dull, more and more dead, more and more frozen. If you look at his quality which makes him useful to you as a future security, the more and more you will fall in love with him.

Listen! Just a small shift! Do not go on cognizing anything based on utility value. Whether your attachment, or detachment, or fear, let things not be functioning based on utility value. When you look at the quality, life becomes totally different!

I tell you, if you look at your life based on your utility value, then just your eyes are important – you can see by using; ears are important – you can listen; tongue is important – you can taste; all these are utility value. Please do not reduce your consciousness to just the utility value. It is like when we were kids, if somebody asks me, ‘What is “bank”?’, I will say, ‘Which is next to candy shop.’ ‘What is “bank”?’ ‘Oh, it is next to candy shop.’ Because, for me, the candy shop was the more important, useful, prominent aspect of my life than the bank; so, I reduce the whole bank just to “next to candy shop”! Definition of bank is: “Next to candy shop”! What bank means to me? “Next to candy shop”! That is exactly the mistake you will be doing if you measure Consciousness, if you define Consciousness, based on the utility value you are having in your life. If you measure the value of “I” in every one of you based on the utility value, you will be doing exactly this mistake of defining bank as “next to candy shop”!

No, I still remember, for quite a long time, there was an elderly lady next door, near the house where I was born and brought up, my poorvashram house, that old lady she will go to bank once in a while to put money or collect money. For her company, she will call me. I was a kid, so I will walk with her. And, every time, we go there, she will buy a candy for me. So, all I know is, if you go to bank, you will get candy. And that was the definition of bank for me for quite a long time! I am telling you, it was very, very, very late, maybe I can say, at the age of fifteen only I realized bank is a place where money is transacted! You put some money and take some money. Till then I know only one thing: If you go to bank with her, you will get candy. Understand, the cognition I had about bank was very immature. Same way, if you have the cognition about “I”, based on the utility value you are having, your cognition is too low.

I tell you, I am revealing you an important secret:

Whether you are enlightened or not, whatever you are, after your eyes stop working, once you die your eyes will stop working, but the “I” which you are feeling now will be able to see everything without the eye you are having!

That is the truth!

You are always afraid, ‘If this eye goes away, how will I see?’ No! The “I” you are having, because of its quality, its ability to see, this eye is seeing, not just because this eye is there! Listen! Listen! You seeing through this eye is one of the utility values of that “I”, but that “I” is capable of seeing without even having this eye. Listen!

I will give another one example: You able to smell through this nose, you able to smell through this nose, will not end when this nose stops breathing. It is a wrong belief you are carrying. Listen! I am talking very responsibly. I am not talking something stupid. And, I am also responsible for all the beliefs I am planting in all of you. Later on, after I leave the body, I will be questioned – did I do my job properly? So, understand, I am very responsible for the job I am doing. So, with all my responsibility I am telling you, when this nose stops breathing, or when this becomes useless for you to smell, don’t think you will lose the ability to smell. The “I” which is in you, has the capacity to smell anything, higher and lower frequencies which you can smell through this nose, even those frequencies you will be able to smell with the “I”, without the use, utility of this nose!

Listen! Sound: The decibels you are able to hear using these ears, when these ears stop functioning, the “I” you are having is capable of listening any decibel higher or lower and same which you can hear through these ears, understand? Then you will have a question, ‘Why then dead people are not able to hear?’ Please listen! Their assuming this body, when they are using one part of this body, they cannot use the other part of the body without the help of that part. The whole body when they renounce, the “I” revives its original state and able to function without the restriction of the body.

Listen! The constant belief you are having – ‘This body has a great utility value’ – I am not saying ‘No’. It has utility value in this frequency. But, the “I” which you are having, by its very quality, it can do greater, better, experiential living without the utility of the body and mind which you think is very useful for you now, understand? I am not saying this body, this mind, is not useful now. It IS useful! With that only I am even talking to you. It is useful in this frequency. I am only asking you to drop the fear: When this goes away don’t think you will ‘lose all these abilities’, which is a complete lie based on which you are thinking, fearing, or having greed. Let me use the word, new word – “greeding”! Whether you are greeding or brooding based on this idea, it is a lie.

Just this one understanding, one understanding:

Looking at the quality which is becoming utility value for you in your life.

Today, sit and pen down. This is the home work and subject for Vaakyaartha Sadhas to all of you. All the relationships, all the things which you think useful in your life, pen down; whether it is a person or an object. For example, this kamandalu, why you keep this? Because it has a utility value of keeping water inside, storing water and drinking; you can drink. But, just for that sake if you love this, any day something else can replace this same utility value, you will drop it, you will throw it! The love will become dull, life will become dull. Listen! Instead, look at its quality which becomes utility for you. Look at its quality which is becoming useful for you. Why it is useful for you? To keep water in it. What is the quality this one has? When you see the quality, you will start feeling the grandeur of this – ‘Wow! Being just a seed of a tree, it has beautifully grown and able to keep the water without getting contaminated or spoiled!’ Look into the quality. It will start with utility only. But go into the depths and look into the quality. The more and more you see the quality – ‘Wow! The thickness! How it has formed itself!’ – you will start falling in love with its qualities, with its existence. Then, after that, even if you don’t keep water in it, you will keep it just because of its beauty and its love, why it exists! For its existence it will have place in your life! Listen! I am just giving you one example of this kamandalu.

See a person who you feel important in your life, and see his qualities which turned out to be utility for you. You will suddenly see, your love is rejuvenated! Whether it is husband, wife, son, daughter, child, brother, father, mother, or guru! Many people look at me as a utility value – just healing or giving some boon. If you are standing only on the periphery of the utility value, any day if you get better utility value somewhere or something, you will just drop from me or drop me from your life. But if you see the quality which is becoming utility for you, suddenly again you are in love with the Master when you started relating with him! Exactly the repetition of – ‘In those days….when I saw him first time…..’, repetition of those moments. Listen! When you look into the quality, you will just again rise in love!

With everything, with everything, look into the quality which is becoming utility for you. And, finally, turn towards your very “I” – ‘What are its qualities which is lighting my eyes, making my ears active, making my nose alive, making my tongue taste? What is the quality of “I” which is making all these alive, which enlightens all these? Just ordinary flesh, three inch by four inch (tongue), how this gets the power to taste anything on the Planet Earth? A small hole (ear), how does it get the power to listen and categorize anything on the Planet Earth? What is it, that “I”, which enlightens all this, and what is this “I” which makes me think million thoughts a moment, and makes me decide, handling such large data which even billion supercomputers can’t do? What is it?’

Today, every one, all of you should meditate on – ‘What is it, the quality of “I” which is so useful to me in my life in so many dimensions? In the physical level, mental level, emotional level, psychological level, in every level, what is the quality of “I” which is so useful, which is so useful?’

Whenever you see the quality which is becoming so useful to you, you just fall in love with it FOREVER! FOREVER! Knowing the quality of “I”, understand? As long as you are looking at only the utility of “I”, you are “Aham”. If you know the quality of “I”, you will realize you are “SHIVOHAM”! Because, it is the quality of that “I” which is becoming utility for you in so many ways!

Just meditate on those qualities of you, “I”, “I”, what all those qualities – ‘Why it is enlightening my eyes, enlightening my ears, enlightening my nose, enlightening my mouth?’ You are not accidental combination of hormones and chemicals, understand! Don’t be defined by these stupid doctors! Any doctor who defines you as just combination of hormones and chemicals is a quack doctor! Don’t be fooled by them! No! There is something, the “I” has a quality which makes all these alive! Meditate on that quality. Actually, I cannot define what is that quality. When you meditate you will just start enjoying it. Laya, Hridhaya Laya will happen! You will just be one with that, in love with it! If you have seen me in Samadhi, and how I will speak, that is exactly the way you will feel!

One Shivoham process, Pondicherry, three days I have not got out of my room! I was not sick, I wanted everyone to know. I was not sick. I was TOO WELL! That’s all! I was TOO WELL! No, from the time I started the Shivoham process I am seeing, just… Arrey! Even me, even for me, it is like again falling in love with enlightenment! Again falling in love with Mahadeva! Because, he never becomes old! It is never too late to be in love with Mahadeva! One of the biggest gifts Mahadeva is giving to the world through me is Shivoham process! Nothing like it! Nothing like it! Understand, the people who look at me only as a utility value will never be able to understand what goes on in the Shivoham process. People who look at me as the quality value, only will catch what goes on in Shivoham process! Because, I am transmitting “Why I am useful to so many”, that “Why” is being transmitted to you! What is it that is in me which heals people, or does initiation or good, or enlightening, or giving this knowledge, whatever…..whatever, whatever, what is it that is functioning in me and doing this job to every one of you, THAT I am transmitting! That is why people who look at me just as a utility value will not be able to recognize the greatness of Shivoham process. People who look at me as the qualities which I am carrying, which is turning and becoming useful to them, only they will recognize what I am contributing, what is being done in the Shivoham process!

One Shivoham process, if so much can happen inside the Generator, then, understand, what can happen to the generated!!! No, last….I think from this December I started. It is always next day in Samadhi! I was really thinking that I have settled down and I have become almost normal. No! Shivoham process is enough for me to be in Samadhi! Continuously! I can say, the deeper and deeper levels of my being getting opened up to humanity is Shivoham process. The very qualities, what is in me that is being so useful to so many is being opened up to everyone in Shivoham process, understand? That is exactly the definition I will give for Shivoham process. What is it that is so useful to so many, whether in the form of physical healing, mental healing, or spiritual truths, or psychological healing, or emotional healing, or spiritual enlightenment, or initiation, thousand and one utilities, or even administration training, THAT is being opened up to everyone, to everyone’s bio-memory and muscle-memory!

Pondicherry Shivoham is too good! It is really TOO GOOD! That place where the Pondicherry Ashram is, it is a two-thousand-year-old temple. It is a temple from Chola period. So, the moment I started the Shivoham process, that original energizing done by Karuvurar woke up! That very energy field woke up! Because, energy field cannot be killed, even if the deity is removed and the temple is removed! The energy field continues to exist as long as the Garbha is there which is planted usually around some forty to fifty feet down, below the ground! See, the Garbha is planted – “Garbha” means, the solidified mercury with the other traditional herbs – thirty to forty feet depth. As long as that is there, energy field cannot be removed. And in Pondicherry Ashram, still that is there! Eight Garbhas are there inside! Means, eight Garbha Mandir’s Garbha is inside, it is there! So, the moment I started the Shivoham process, all the eight Garbhas came to life, it has come back to life! Now it is like nine Shivoham process going on, all these eight supporting me! That is why whether those fellows sat inside the hall, outside the hall, everyone was jumping! One is in the centre of the road, and the other things are all around. One is exactly below the Garbha Mandir where I installed Mahadeva. Now in Varanasi, when I am going to do Shivoham process, I don’t know how many Garbhas are going to wake up! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Because it is all around! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Very conveniently I can say, at least two-hundred Garbhas are there in Varanasi! At least two-hundred! Very conveniently, comfortably, I can say!

Pondicherry was TOO GOOD! Just everything WOKE UP! And now I know, these eight Garbhas, you will see it will do like a….now it will… See, when I did the Prana Prathishta, only that one Garbha woke up which is under the Garbha Mandir. And, now, the whole eight woke up! Now you will see how the Pondicherry Ashram is going to flourish and how it is going to give boons and going to do so many good things to people! You will see now! It will become too popular! Because, any fellow who walks into that ashram, prays, simply that will become reality! His prayer will be blessed, healing will happen, all miracles will happen left and right! Actually, there is a rest-room in Pondicherry, just next to temple, next to Nithyananda Sabha. I wanted to remove that. I did not want the rest-room in that area for Vaasthu reasons. I thought I will shift it. After this process I saw, there is a Garbha below that! So, any fellow who uses the rest-room will be healed now! I thought, ‘This is too much! I should not deny people this right. And, come on, let it be there!’ No, it may look a little….very funny and stupid. But, what to do? That is the way it is!

“Garbha” is a energy battery planted by the enlightened beings before they install deities. All around Bidadi I have installed hundred-and-eight Garbhas. In hundred-and-eight places, the solidified….the Garbha is installed in Bidadi. Now we made into compound wall. Earlier, under each pole I have installed.

Look into the quality of “I” each one of you are carrying – ‘What is it that enlightens all my senses and mind?’ Meditate on it. Contemplate on it. Think about it. The more and more you contemplate, think, the more and more you will understand it; “Aham” will become “Shivoham”!

So, understand, today in Vaakyaartha Sadhas, everyone will explore the qualities which is becoming utility in your life, quality of “I”, which is becoming utility, so useful. Then you will understand, one of the important qualities….. Listen! Why you are able to see everything you know? Because, you exist in everything! Why you are able to hear everything you know? Because, you exist in everything! Everything you see, you exist in that! Everything you taste, you exist in that! Everything you hear, you exist in that! Everything you can touch, you exist in that! When you look in, you will understand this verse – “You exist in everything! And nothing to be afraid of! Nothing to be afraid of!”

यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मन्यॆवानुपश्यति ।
सर्वभूतॆषु चात्मानं ततॊ न विजुगुप्सतॆ ॥
Yasthu Sarvaani Bhoothaani Aathmanyeva Anupashyathi |
Sarva Bhootheshu Cha Aathmaanam Thatho Na Vijugupsathe ||

Nothing, nothing in which you don’t exist! You exist in everything that exists! You will come to that realization the moment you start meditating on ‘What is that “I”, that “I”, that “I”?’

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