Be powerful and creative; you will never be doing mistake!

Today I will expand on Mahadeva’s “Love Current”. First, let me define and make you understand what is “Love Current”, why I am suddenly turning the whole Upanishad towards Love.

Listen! I don’t utter a single word which is not required. I am not speaking because I have to speak; I am speaking because I have something to speak, understand? I am not speaking because I have to speak; I am speaking because I have something to speak.

यस्मिन् सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मैवाभूद् विजानतः ।
तत्र को मॊहः कः शॊक एकत्वमनुपश्यतः ॥
Yasmin SarvaaNi Bhoothaani Aathmaivaabhoodh Vijaanathaha |
Tathra Ko Mohaha Kah Shoka Ekathvam Anupashyathaha ||

“In one who has cognized the reality, all existing beings become the very Self. Then what delusion, what sorrow of incompletion can there be for that Seer living in the space of Oneness, Living Advaitha?”

Listen! It is love that gives you the experience of Advaitha immediately as a jump-start. It is love that gives you that experience. This verse of the Ishavasya Upanishad is the Pure Science. Love is the Applied Science. Love is the method and utility value of this verse. Listen! “Method” means: To reach this experience. “Utility Value” means: After reaching the experience what is the use of that experience in life. For both, the answer is love. To reach the experience of Ekathwa, Oneness, and utility of the Oneness in your life, the utility of the experience of Oneness in your life, Ekathwa, both, both, both are love.


यस्मिन् सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मैवाभूद् विजानतः ।
तत्र को मॊहः कः शॊक एकत्वमनुपश्यतः ॥
Yasmin SarvaaNi Bhoothaani Aathmaivaabhoodh Vijaanathaha |
Tathra Ko Mohaha Kah Shoka Ekathvam Anupashyathaha ||

Love makes you experience this Ekathwa; and after experiencing Ekathwa, the utility of the Ekathwa, the practical utility of the Ekathwa is again love. That is the reason suddenly I am turning the whole attention towards love.

I am using suddenly a new word called “Love Current”. What is it?

See, the Ganga is flowing from Gangotri to Gangasagar, Gomukh to Kolkata. The Ganga is flowing. In Kolkata, it is most polluted; in Lucknow, somewhat polluted; in Gangotri, so pure, fresh! Whether it is somewhere polluted, somewhat polluted, pure and fresh, the current of Ganga is current of Ganga! Same way, your love: Somewhere it will be with a lot of selfishness; somewhere it will be like a business – give and take; somewhere it will be pure selfless; somewhere it will be not just selfless, amazing sacrifice; but Love Current is current. Don’t dam it. If you dam it, you are damned! Don’t dam it.

The Ganga current, somewhere it may be pure, somewhat pure, completely dirty, but the current is the current is the current. The current should not be dammed.

If the current is not dammed, it can automatically purify itself. So, listen! Love, somewhere it will be selfish, somewhere it will be demanding, sometime it will be business, at sometime it will be selfless, at some time it may be pure sacrifice. But don’t dam the current. Don’t dam the current. I am not saying your life, your love should be selfish. I am not saying your love should be business. All I am saying is, even if it is selfish and business, it is okay; function, move, be active, be alive, be interactive, because, if you are flowing without blocking, stopping it, if you are functioning, if you are alive, if you are active, you will see it will become pure.

Listen! In the initial level, even if it is selfishness, “give and take”, if you are active, if you are active, after a few days you will taste the very love is bringing excitement, joy, flow in you. When you taste that, your whole interest will turn towards that love which makes you flow irrespective of somebody receiving, not receiving, reciprocating, not reciprocating; you will understand that love makes you so powerful.

Listen! The Love Current, the current itself should be encouraged, because, ultimately, many of your definitions like, ‘Oh, I think my love is selfish, business motive’, many of your definitions are mostly based on self-doubt. It is not even really, really, really real, understand? Even if you build a huge empire out of selfishness, what are you going to do? When you die, you are going to leave the whole thing for humanity. So, the moment you leave the earth, the whole thing has now become selfless! So, where will you define selfishness and selflessness? And there may be some people, in the name of selflessness, just sitting and eating, not creating anything. When they die, they have not left anything for the world. So, whatever they did is only selfishness. They may claim it is renunciation. But, end of the day, it is just selfishness: they only suck from the world, suck from the human society, never gave anything back. So, I tell you, always encourage creation, discourage demolition. Encourage creation, discourage laziness. The Love Current of Mahadeva, understand this more precisely.

One of my Balasants, gurukul kids shared, when she came, I gave chikki (peanut candy), and she felt, ‘Wow! I get chikki!’ In the beginning, it may be selfish. Coming to me, it may look very selfish. ‘Wow! I am going there just to get chikki!’ Finally, what happened? She has dedicated her whole life now! Now her whole life is for others!

Kadalai koduthu, JNAANA KADALai kaatinaan appa! Kadalai thaan koduthaan. Aana JNAANA KADALai allava kaatinaan?!!

He might have given just a chikki, but he just opened the whole Ocean of Knowledge! In Tamil, the both, same word. (Kadal = Ocean. Kadalai = Peanuts. Jnaana Kadal = Ocean of Knowledge).

So, understand, the essence of what I wanted to convey by speaking about love from yesterday till now in the morning satsangh and Vaakyaartha Sadhas, I am asking you to constantly be powerful and active, creative.

Be powerful and creative; you will never be doing mistake! Be powerful and creative; you will never be doing anything wrong!

Don’t bother whether somebody receives it or not, somebody reciprocates it or not, responds to it or not.

Yesterday in the Vaakyaartha Sadhas, I was sharing this truth. The Love Current of Mahadeva, you can see throughout the way he has expressed himself, connected with humanity. Whether it is cutting the head of Ganapathi, or giving the whole golden city to Ravana! In the whole Puranas, only two cities are known to have been built by Vishwakarma for Mahadeva. As per Mahadeva’s orders, only two cities; no third city. I looked, searched throughout the Puranas. Only two cities: One, Lanka. Originally it was built on Kailasha for Mahadeva to reside, and it was gifted away to Ravana as a gift, the “Visitor’s Gift”. It was actually a “Visitor’s Gift”. See, in those days, there was the tradition, after a ceremony, all the visitors will receive gift from the host. This guy, Ravana, when he came, Mahadeva asked, ‘What do you want?’ He just said, ‘I want this city.’ So he gave it away! The second city which was built by Vishwakarma for Mahadeva, you will be surprised, is Thiruvannamalai! Not Madurai! Not Varanasi! Thiruvannamalai! No other Purana reference, no other reference in the tradition. Madurai already existed when Mahadeva came to marry Meenakshi. So, he didn’t build. Expansion was done; that was done by Meenakshi. Directly Vishwakarma making for Mahadeva, only these two cities. One he didn’t live (in it); he gave it away to Ravana. Second one he is still using it! Only these two cities. Even in Varanasi Purana, the Purana’s description about Varanasi, nowhere it is mentioned Vishwakarma built it for Mahadeva. No! Only these two. Neither Varanasi nor Madurai, or any other city, were directly built by Mahadeva. Only these two cities directly Mahadeva built.

Whether it is giving the golden city to Ravana, or demanding more idlis from Vandhi, the old lady; and when everyone is fighting who has the right to get initiation, whether Brahmins have a right, Kshatriyas have a right, Chandalas have a right, Shudras have a right, Vaishyas have a right, whether it should be only Brahmin or Shivacharyas, in all these fights, who is authorized to have initiation, in such big fights and mess among these, he just goes and picks up a small cuckoo bird and initiates the bird and liberates it! Not just he makes the initiation available to all human beings, irrespective of caste, creed gender, even he reaches down to all living beings.

Whether he initiates all living beings, and demands more idly from Vandhi, or letting Kannappa pluck his very eyes, both eyes, and sacrifice….. I tell you that (waiting for Kannappa to pluck his own eyes) demands too much of love and guts! The person whom you love, you just wait, ‘Okay, let me see.’ The guy has already plucked his one eye and proved himself! But still he waits, keeps quiet! ‘Let him pluck the second eye also.’ Only after he plucks the second eye, about to fix it, he appears and says, ‘Kannappa, nirka!’ ‘Stop!’ Why you know? Because, in these three eyes, already one-and-a-half belongs to Devi; in the one-and-a-half, already one belongs to Kannappa; remaining half only is there. If this fellow puts the second eye also, this half also I will lose! Better let me have my half back! That calculation, he stopped Kannappa before he put the second eye. Three eyes. See the calculation. One-and-a-half belongs to Devi. In this one-and-a-half, one already Kannappa gave. So, now, only remaining half is there. If that also Kannappa gives, what will happen? Everyone will say, all these poets will sing, ‘Oh, you are eyeless! That is why you are not seeing us! You have no eyes of your own! One-and-a-half belongs to Devi, and remaining belongs to Kannappa. You don’t have eyes. That is why you are not seeing us.

Whether it is cutting the head of Brahma as Kaalabhairava, or cutting the head of Daksha as Veerabhadra, or sitting and teaching the Science of Enlightenment to the very rishis who did the yaga-yagnas to destroy him. See, all this which Mahadeva is carrying – the Damaru, the fire, and the demon at his feet – all this is gift by these Taraka Vana rishis. They sent all these to destroy Mahadeva. These Taraka Vana rishis, because they can do anything they want through the yaga-yagnas, they know the science, they thought they have become god and no need for god, they are the ultimate. So Mahadeva has to make them understand. It is like many people telling, ‘Oh, I am okay. I am happy. Okay. Why do I need spirituality?’ Okay, you are happy now. But even one small imbalance….Over! So, Mahadeva has to come and tell them, ‘Fool, you are happy because everything is moving as you want! But just even a small imbalance, you won’t be able to handle that. So, raise yourself to the space where there can never be any imbalance.’ So, the exact spot where they have incompletion is too much possession of their wives, these rishis. Mahadeva came down in such a handsome form, most handsome form! As Sundareshwara he comes down. When he walks as Bhikshatana, house to house…. See, the form was beyond any human beauty. So, naturally, how can anybody even remember them? The Puranas says the rishi pathnis even forgot whether they are male or female or whatever. They just know they are souls and the Cosmic Soul is here. They are souls and their goal is here. The attachment towards guru or god can never be bound into any frame of ordinary ideas and relationships. It is just a soul and goal relationship. “Sole goal” relationship! The rishis were shocked when they saw, ‘Oh God, all these rishi pathnis are running behind this guy, young guy! Who is this young guy?’ They wanted to destroy him. But the moment they had anger out of powerlessness and incompletion……. So, suddenly, these rishis get together and do some yaga-yagnas to destroy Mahadeva. What a stupidness! Finally, whatever they sent to destroy Mahadeva, he just held them all as ornaments and his weapons. Finally, not only he did that, he gave the Science of Enlightenment to those very rishis who tried to destroy him.

Whether it is action of giving enlightenment to the very rishis who tried to destroy him, every action, please see, is Love Current! It is his Love Current! Whether he comes down to sell the wood, he comes down as a wood-seller to drive the musician who was challenging the whole Madurai, who was trying to hold the whole Madurai for ransom, whatever game he played, whatever leelas he did, whether he came down to protect Markandeya from Yama……

I tell you, coming out of Shivalinga to protect Markandeya from death, and coming out of Shivalinga and stopping Kannappa sacrificing the second eye, if I see both scenes, I will say in the Kannappa scene he expressed love in a deeper way. You all may be thinking, ‘No, no, no, no.’ Normal mind thinks, ‘No, he came out of Shivalinga and protected Markandeya from Yama. That should be defined as greater love than coming out and stopping Kannappa putting the second eye.’ No! Listen! I am telling you the insider’s story. Who sends Yama first? Send Yama, and then come and act that you are protecting from Yama! As if he cannot tell in the Kailasha, ‘He, don’t go! Be here!’ And Yama is going to go beyond Mahadeva’s words? That is show of love, understand? He needs to show he loves. Sometimes he needs to; otherwise, people don’t understand. But Kannappa’s was real love! He says, ‘Let me see the extent this fellow can go.’

I tell you, after Kannapa plucked the first eye, before he plucked the second eye, Mahadeva would have had blood-pressure! I am telling you as an insider. Mahadeva would have had blood-pressure! And, in the scene where he came out of Linga and protected Markandeya and killed Death itself, Mahadeva would not have had an inch of blood-pressure. There is no unknown in the whole scene. The whole scene is under his control. He knows he can finish off Death, he can finish off Yama, he can make Markandeya “Chiranjeevi” (immortal). Understand, where there is no unknown, there is no possibility of exploring in love. It is only a demonstration of love, a public show of affection, where the whole scene is in his control. But, with Kannappa’s, the scene is not in his control. You know this fellow may pluck the second eye also. ‘But let me see whether he has that much of guts!’ Understand, whenever there is a possibility, means unknown, it may go this way or that way, that is when the exploring into love continues to happen. That is why most of the time love dies the moment marriage happens. Because, now, you are legally bound to love each other! So, anything you do, you are legally bound, socially bound to do that. ‘Yes, that is the way it has to be.’ There is no possibility of yes or no, this or that, the unknown. I tell you, only a man who has the guts to play with the unknown can really love! Only they can love and they can receive love; they can radiate. I will say, the scene of Kannappa where the Shivalinga has bleeding in the eyes, and he plucks his own eye and puts, may be, the first eye transplant surgery! Then he sees the second eye is also bleeding. He removes the second eye. When he is about to put, he (Mahadeva) stops. He waited till the second eye was removed. He gives the title of “Father” to Kannappa. ‘Because, one organ of me is gifted by you, you are my father! He says, ‘Kannappa’!

Among the devotees, only two received the title of “Father” and “Mother: Karaikkal Ammaiyyar received the title of “Mother”; Kannappa received the title of “Father to Mahadeva”. Because, Mahadeva, when he went to test Karaikkal Ammaiyyar, he ate her food. Because he ate her food, he says, ‘You are my mother.’ Because Kannappa gave one organ to Mahadeva, he says, ‘You are my father’.

Understand, in the space of the unknown, love is more vibrant, more active, more alive than the scenes which is known. Even in marriage, the couples who keep the space of unknown alive, continue to remain in love. Relationship is all about constantly being new to you and to the other person; that’s all. All relationship is all about constantly being new to you and to the other person; that’s all!

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