The right concepts about body, mind, consciousness, is THE richness, Ultimate richness!

I will continue to expand on the seventh verse.  

यस्मिन् सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मैवाभूद् विजानतः ।तत्र को मॊहः कः शॊक एकत्वमनुपश्यतः ॥

Yasmin SarvaaNi Bhoothaani Aathmaivaabhoodh Vijaanathaha |Tathra Ko Mohaha Kah Shoka Ekathvam Anupashyathaha ||


“In one who has cognized the reality, all existing beings become the very Self. Then what delusion, what sorrow of incompletion can there be for that Seer living in the space of Oneness, Living Advaitha?”

Constantly engaging yourself in Love Current, all your actions centered on Love Current, how that can make you experience Oneness with everything, everything in Oneness. Oneness with everything, everything in Oneness!  This Oneness experience can be gained, experience of Oneness can become eternal in you.  Means, not only gaining the experience, you getting established in that experience.  When you just soak constantly in that experience, you radiate extraordinary powers.  

Every time you break a pattern with the clarity of Oneness, with the cognition of Oneness, you will have one extraordinary power.  

Every time you break a pattern, not only you are free from the pattern, you get extraordinary power to you.  When you break this eating disorder patterns, not only you are free from the eating disorder patterns, you will also have the power to, ability to manipulate your stomach, your health as you want.  The man who is out of the eating disorder patterns…..means…..

Please understand what I define as “eating disorder”.  Physically, physiologically, psychologically, due to any of these reasons, having exact timing for food, is “eating disorder”, understand?

For physical reason:  ‘Oh, I may get tired.’, ‘I am getting tired.’

Physiological reason:  ‘Oh, I will have gas.  If I don’t eat, I will have acidity or diabetes.’

Psychological reason:  ‘Oh, if I don’t eat, I will die.’

Physical, physiological, psychological – due to any one of these reasons, having a standard time for eating, is “eating disorder”.

The right eating is beautifully described by a great saint from Tamil Nadu. Valluva Nayanar, beautifully he has described:

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

“Marundhena vendaavaam yaakkaikku arundhiyadhu attradhu pottri unnin”

Means: “You don’t need medicine for your body, if you eat the food knowing that earlier what you have eaten has left the body.”

If you eat after the earlier eaten food left the body, you don’t need medicine forever to your body.  Before the next meal, be very clear, has it left the body?  ‘My earlier meal, has it been digested and cleaned?’  So, every time, before you plan for eating, just see whether what you have eaten earlier has left your body, it has become part of you as energy; whatever energy needs to be absorbed; whatever remaining has left your body.  If it has not, use “jala basthi”, get it out; then go for the next meal.  I think this is one of the important discoveries I found from my own experience.  This is what I will describe as “orderly eating”.

So, for all my disciples who want to eat properly, orderly eating, I will prescribe this as one of the important rules.  Whether you are a Balasant, Sant, or Kothari, Thanedar, follower, disciple, whoever wants to follow me, please take this up as a rule:  After every meal, take a little Haritaki Powder, very little; before the next meal clean your stomach, clean your bowels.  If you are not able to, then have at least enema, “jala basthi”.  Then go for the next meal.  So, don’t allow two meals to be acquired in your stomach.

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

“Marundhena vendaavaam yaakkaikku arundhiyadhu attradhu pottri unnin”

Understand, every time you break a pattern, you get extraordinary powers.  In this case, about this eating disorder pattern, if you break your eating disorder pattern, not only you will be free from that pattern, you will have powers to manipulate your body and mind as you want.  If you have done at least one THE SAMYAMA, then you will know how you can manipulate your body.  You can just play with it.  You can play with it!

All these stupid theories of acidity, diabetes, tiredness, associated to food, are true as long as you associate them, not otherwise.

I was reading in the Facebook, somebody wrote: ‘One of the biggest prisons human-beings suffer is what others think about themselves.’  I tell you, No!  There is a bigger prison – WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT YOU!  What you think about you is the bigger prison than what others think about you.  What others think about you is able to give you suffering because what you think about you gets altered based on what others think about you.  If what you think about you stays stably, what others think about you will never be a prison for you.  Because, what you think about you is so lucid, and lose it, what others think about you becomes a prominent prison.  Be very clear, if what others think about you is a prison in which you are stuck, what you think about you is the cell inside the prison where you are stuck!  It is much more suffocating!  Much more suffocating!  What others think about you, if you think that is a prison, what you think about you is a cell inside the prison where you are locked!  Please understand, what others think about you impacts only your external life.  What you think about you impacts directly your body, your mind.

Anybody who has done one THE SAMYAMA can just play with their so-called diabetes, so-called gastric or acidity, all problems related to hunger.  They can cause miracles!

I know the kind of a faith about his own body and mind and consciousness, my grandfather used to have!  My grandmothers mother, I have seen her.  I have seen by grandmother’s mother.  Just vibhoothi, the sacred ash from the temple, was the medicine for her till death.  My grandfather, he died after nineties.  In his whole life he got hospitalised only twice!  Only twice!  Such a hardworking man!  The kind of faith he had about his own body!  The kind of a…..  It is a mechanism, please understand.  It is actually a mechanism.  What you cognize about your body, your mind, you, it is a mechanism.  Whatever you cognize becomes reality.  And I have seen the faith he had about himself.  I am so thankful to him, because, he took care that the idea of sickness never settles inside my system.  By seeing him and living around him, health became my basic cognition.

Of course, my guru, Raghupathi Yogi, he is extraordinary; forget about him.  He is totally a body of miracles!  He is just a bunch of miracles!  That’s all!  Anything he does will be miracle.  He will just sip the cold water through the nose, and spit that water through mouth, and it will be boiling water!  I have seen the kind of a play he will do.  And he will sip the hot coffee through the mouth, and just start releasing that through the nose.  By the time it reaches the ground, it will become ice-ball, please understand, ice-cube!  Means, he can play anything with his body!  He can make his body as hot boiler or freezer!  I have seen with my own eyes, he cooking just by touching the pot!  In the mud pot, he will put water, rice, and just touch it.  In two minutes rice is ready!  He will tell, ‘Come on, eat!’  The kind of a heat he will generate through his body, or cold he can generate through his body!  His body was a freezer, boiler, all put together!  Early morning, when he wakes me up and takes me to the temple to teach yoga, during this Margazhi month, the water will be very cold.  I have seen him doing this multiple times.  He will just point the area where I am taking bath.  That area will be warm! Sometimes, even hot water!  In the temple tank, he will put his finger and say, ‘Come on!  Take bath!’  It will be warm water or hot water; never I felt the cold!  That is a totally different level.  I am talking, normal, so-called, your plane.  My grandfather, the kind of a faith he had about his body!  We are the last generation who have seen those kind of people.

Right concepts about body, right faith, cognition about mind, right bio-memory, the right concepts about body, mind, consciousness, is THE richness, Ultimate richness!  Right ideas you carry about you gives you the experience of Oneness. Oneness!  Neither by building hundreds of houses for yourself, nor by building Companies for yourself, or by accumulating more and more cars, Oneness is not experienced by all these.  I am not saying don’t buy house, don’t build house, don’t buy car.  No!  All I am trying to tell you is, let that just be utility, not goal of your life.  If the utility becomes goal of your life, you live in stupidity.  As I said, “Stupidopathy”, where elongating your life becomes goal.  No!  Purpose of your life should be goal.  Meaning of your life should be goal, not elongating your life.  If you know the meaning, you know the right length, right number of years you need to live.  Number of years you live is not defining your success.  The meaning of your life defines your success.

Today’s subject for Vaakyaartha Sadhas: “The right concepts about body, mind, consciousness, which leads you to experience Oneness.  How the concepts others carry about you impacts the concepts you carry about you.  How the concepts you carry about you, is important to experience Oneness.”

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