The most subtlest experience of Consciousness you got when you were alive, that will only automatically open up when you leave the body

By defining Consciousness, Upaniṣads are asking us to align ourself again to the context.

Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive, beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant, and self-effulgent, unembodied, boundaryless whole, beyond the subtle body, woundless, muscleless, having no incompletion with the body, beyond the gross body. Consciousness is the ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance, beyond the causal body, and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion.

This description, this description itself needs to be meditated. I wanted that today’s Vākyārtha Sadas should be held on: What is the meaning of each of these words? Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive, then what is that all-pervasive? Beyond Space! Earth is not all-pervasive, water is not all-pervasive; Fire is not all-pervasive; Air is not all-pervasive, even Space is not all-pervasive, then what is it, subtler than the Space which is all-pervasive? Ability to visualize? No! There are so many tons of things which can’t be visualized. There are so many things which can’t even be thought about. Then what is Pure Consciousness? When you contemplate, you will have ‘click’. Please understand, every contemplation on Pure Consciousness will give you a ‘click’, that is Consciousness for you. And if you further contemplate on it, you will have a better, and deeper and subtler understanding and ‘click.’ These clicks getting refined is Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual growth means your ability to experience Consciousness, your expertise in Consciousness. Your expertise in experiencing Enlightenment is Spirituality, nothing else. The subtle mind with tremendous awareness, the whole blood flowing into the brain, what your brain can catch as the experience of Consciousness, subtlety of that experience, your expertise in catching the experience of Enlightenment, Pure Consciousness, that defines how much you have grown spiritually. Understand, your spiritual growth is not defined by whether you have become Brahmachari or a Swami, or a Kothari or a Thanedar or a Mahant. No. It is defined by how much you can catch the experience of Consciousness. Your expertise, the ability of your brain’s power, ability of your brain’s expertise, the subtle grooves of your brains, its ability and expertise to catch the experience of Consciousness. The experience of Consciousness. That, that makes, that makes, experience of that, that makes you spiritual.

I tell you, all spiritual practices are just to develop that subtle brain grooves in you to catch the Pure Consciousness, whether you sit in the banks of Ganga in silence in Haridwar, or you sit in the silence of Manikarnika, Mahasmashana in Varanasi, or you sit in the silence of Gomukh, Tapovan. Understand, when your brain grooves, the subtle brain grooves, are able to catch the concept of Consciousness, the spirituality is awakened in you. It’s beyond body, mind.

At least before death, you should catch the glimpse of what is Consciousness, the most subtlest concept or experience of Consciousness you got when you were alive, that will only automatically open up when you leave the body. That’s the greatest gift you can receive from a Master. 

Pure Consciousness is all pervasive, beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent, unembodied, boundariless, whole, woundless, muscleless, having no incompletion with the body. Consciousness is the ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance.

Today I wanted all of you to meditate only on the first line: “Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive (like space) beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent” – just on this line, have Vaākyārtha Sadas. Have Vāakyārtha Sadas just on this line.

Contemplate. Contemplate. Contemplate. Actually if you catch the subtlest understanding about Consciousness, you will just know it’s ‘you’, you will start falling in love with It. You will know It is ‘you.’ You will fall in love with only things which you feel as you or part of you, not anything else. Consciousness always tastes Itself only by Itself. Meditate on the Consciousness. Contemplate on this Truth. Think morning and evening, have Vāakyārtha Sadas about it. Whoever gives the most-subtlest understanding about Pure Consciousness in today’s Vākyārtha Sadas, which is accepted by all, will receive My turban as a gift. Your head is worthy of this turban! Because all Vākyārtha Sadas, from the time immemorial, was held only for imparting the subtle-most understanding and glimpse of Consciousness. When you contemplate, contemplate, contemplate – what is It beyond space, out and in, what is That, that fills everything, what is It that makes everything run, what is It that is Source of me? Even that subtlest contemplation gives you the click; the click you get is the level of your spiritual growth. Again if you contemplate tomorrow, you will get a deeper click, understanding, then better spiritual growth. This is the way spiritual growth happens, constantly, constantly, constantly.

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