The highest spiritual practice constantly reinventing yourself and re-strategizing yourself by catching the Master’s words.

See, once first time when you hear Guru’s words, with so much of seeking, interest, excitement, you enjoy it, start picking up many things and internalizing as part of your life, and then after some time, your seeking comes down, you listen but take it for granted, “Ok, Ah, like this only he talks, it’s ok, I have heard enough,” slowly, slowly, when you take Guru’s words for granted, His words for granted,

How many years you may listen to satsang, you create a huge iron wall around you, the Guru’s words never penetrates and becomes part of you, because with each word you created a pain pattern, how not to allow that into you to get internalized, how to keep  that away from you. Either your earlier failures, or thinking that I tried but it’s not working out, He is great but it’s not going to work out for me, developing some kind of these patterns, thought trends, and seeking is also, when it is lost, even if you live around the Master for years listening to satsang for years nothing happens to you, you have become a dangerously un-trainable, non-transformable, understand.

Taking the Master’s words for granted, not taking them into your heart and making your life align to it, not using the words of the Master and reinventing your life and re-strategizing is the worst thing can happen to you because, listen, because, other than the Master’s words, there is no anchor available to planet earth.

Please understand, anybody who has drowned in the ocean of samsara, the ocean of delusion and bondage, the only anchor available to raise yourself to the next level is Master’s words. From the other plane of existence, the only bridge available to this plane, this universe, is an Enlightened Master’s words.

If you don’t catch that and raise yourself, nothing else- no puja, no meditation, no spiritual practice can help you. The highest spiritual practice is catching the Master’s words, constantly reinventing yourself and re-strategizing yourself.

Reinventing and re-strategizing and yourself is the only way, re-strategizing yourself, with every Master’s words, reinventing yourself, with every word of the Master, is Seeking.

If your seeking is alive, you will go on reinventing yourself. You will raise yourself by yourself! You will be so alive! So active! Understand. You will be so brilliant, so energetic, because seeking is the most powerful, most powerful way you can exist, you can experience you.

So again, the subject for today’s Vaakyartha Sadas, I wanted it to be keeping your seeking pure and how not to take Master’s words for granted. How not to take Him, His words, for granted. I wanted this to be your subject for Vaakyartha Sadas today.

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