Approaching everything with tremendous love and patience from the context of grasping the Truth is Seeking

With this I will move tenth verse of the Isavasya Upanishad. Please recite along with me.

 anyad evāhur vidyayā-anyad āhur avidyayā |

iti śuśruma dhīrāṇaṁ ye nastad vicacakṣire ||

I will read out the translation.

It is said by Vidya, the knowledge cognized from the right context of grasping the Truth, Consciousness and the superficial knowledge acquired from the wrong context of grabbing without cognizing the subtle Truths, certainly a different result is achieved. Similarly it is said that by Avidya the authentic actions and the ignorant actions a very different result is achieved. Thus have we listened from those wise beings who have explained that absolute principle to us.


Constantly keeping your seeking alive makes you grasp the Truth, you will not try to grab them. Understand, for example you see somebody melting down, overflowing, with that melting devotion offers a Bilva leaf to Mahadeva and he is liberated. You see that and then you also decide, Yes, if I pluck that tree, leaf and put it on this statue I will have liberation. That is what is grabbing the Truth. Understand, you are not grasping it, you are grabbing it. You only see the action.

You don’t see the context. So you see everyone sitting in that Padmasana (lotus) posture and chanting, “AUUUMMM” and all the Rishis are enlightened. Immediately you also think, let me sit and do “Ahhhhhhhh”. That is only grabbing the Truth, not grasping.

Grasping means understanding the context. All the problems everyone faces in the life is trying to grasp, not …sorry, trying to grab not to grasp. If you try to grasp the Truth, you will have the approach of Love towards the Truth. Don’t have the approach of result towards the Truth. “Alright, this is what I want. You want to say that I will have sit to chant “AUM”, Ok I will do. How many hours I have to do?” It is not a bank account. Twenty thousand times you chant—Shiva, Shiva—and put it in the bank account and Mahadeva has to appear and give you, what you want. No, most of the time you try to only grab. You are asking give the set of rules, standard instructions, give. I will do that. If I can’t what should I do, give the plan B, plan C.

And understand, all the religions which caters to your mind, which tries grab the Truth, the Religions which tries to cater to your mind, which grabs the Truth, which does not have patience to grasp, they only give a set of rules, finally evolve into a socio-political cult. Anything other than Enlightenment, even the pleasure and luxury which is the side effect during the Enlightenment process.

In Hinduism, even the pleasures and luxury happens is side effect happens when you are travelling towards Enlightenment. Anything other than Enlightenment is put as a priority, that tradition is not a Religion. Be very clear. It is a socio-political cult. All socio-political cults try to cater to the human beings who try to grab the Truth not grasp.

For grasping the Truth you need completely different space where seeking, tremendous seeking becomes the first priority. Understand, when you are trying to grasp the Truth you will look in, “Wow! How can this simple act – he goes and plucks one Bilva leaf from a tree, Bilva tree and offers it on a statue, how can such a simple act liberate him? Why is he so blissful? Why is he in ecstasy? If you approach the happening with tremendous love, you will grasp the Truth. You will grasp the Truth. You will understand something more than the action is happening.

He is having a different context, altogether. He is having a different context, altogether. He is having some higher possibilities opening up to him. The body may be doing the simple action of plucking a leaf and putting it on the deity, but the context behind the action is something different. You will understand that. Only when you approach the happening with tremendous love to grasp it. If you try to put everything in a frame and come to a conclusion, you will only try to grab it. That is why one of the great Masters of the modern day Unjaji Maharaj, a disciple of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi or I can say follower…because Ramana Maharshi never initiated anybody formally. He says, “I neither have a Guru nor have a disciple”. So he never accepted anybody as a disciple formally. So a follower of Ramana Maharshi, he beautifully describes to his disciples. Some of his disciples ask, “You say Enlightened Beings don’t have karma, what about your body movements and all that”. Unjaji says, “who says I’m moving, I’m not”. They said, “No, you are talking to us”. He says, “No, because you expect I should be talking, you get the response I’m talking. Otherwise I am not doing anything”. He disowns the responsibility of the very action he is doing, by that very action. By talking he declares he is not talking, and he is true. He is true.

Because whatever agitation needs to happen in you to talk, is not happening in him. So if you approach his talking from the context of love and understanding, trying to grasp what is happening, you will understand he is not talking. If you approach a Master without patience, trying to frame Him into your mold, your frame, trying to grab Him as you want, you will say, “What is there, he is also doing everything like me”, you will only be grabbing the Truth. You won’t be grasping. Approaching the world, approaching God, approaching Guru, approaching yourself with tremendous love, patience and the context of grasping the Truth is Seeking. Approaching everything with tremendous love and patience from the context of knowing the Truth, wanting to know the Truth is grasping, seeking. If you are approaching the Truth with the mood of grabbing, framing it, making it as a utility value, you are trying to make a frame out of life. Soon you will be tired and bored.

Understand, approaching God, Guru, Life, yourself, everything with tremendous love and patience to know the context, to grasp the Truth about it, is seeking.

I am defining Seeking.

Seeking means approaching you, approaching God, approaching World, approaching Guru, everything, with tremendous love and patience, passiveness.

Try to grasp what it is, with the world, have patience, love. Try to grasp what it is. Don’t try to frame. Don’t try to relate with agitation. With God, approach It with tremendous love and patience. Don’t enter into with… don’t enter into Him with the fear or a greed or agitated mood. To Guru, try to approach with tremendous patience, love and see.

Try to grasp what IS, not try to grab or put Himself in a frame as you want. And even about yourself, try to approach with tremendous patience, tremendous patience. What you need to achieve, what you want to do, what your plans and visions are, when they are becoming real day by day, when you are realizing them day by day, celebrate it. Approach yourself with tremendous love, patience, not with agitation taking yourself for granted, taking yourself for granted. Understand,

anyad evāhur vidyayā-anyad āhur avidyayā |

iti śuśruma dhīrāṇaṁ ye nastad vicacakṣire ||

Again and again understanding the context and trying to grasp the subtlest Truth of everything is Seeking. Seeking means approaching everything with tremendous love and patience and try to grasp the Truth and the context, not grab, without cognizing the subtle Truth, not grab.

Develop seeking, keep your seeking alive, reinvent yourself with your seeking. restrategize yourself with seeking. That is the basic Truth this verse of Upanishads want to describe. Today’s subject for Vaakyartha Sadas again — Seeking, seeking, seeking, seeking. How to approach with love and patience—the World, God and Guru. What is the difference between grasping and grabbing. This is the subject for today’s Vakyartha Sadas. Listen, difference between grasping and grabbing.

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