Don’t wait until Death comes to stare at you!

Understand, who is continuously perceived will never be a mystery, can never be a mystery, who is a great mystery can never be continuously perceived. Here is a greatest paradox–constantly available, perceived. Any moment, anywhere, anybody can perceive Death. Anybody who perceives becomes ‘body’.

Constantly experienced, perceived, especially in this great land. Largest cremation ground in the world is Manikarnika Ghat. Please understand, largest in the world, not in India, in the world.  Anything related to human numbers, if you are successful in India, it is the largest, because it is the largest population. That is why any movie star, any celebrity, any guru, who has a large following in India can straight away use the word largest in the world. This land largest cremation ground, average 350 bodies are burnt everyday. On special days! I don’t know how they call ‘special days.’ Its goes even up to 500, who knows when that special day!

Largest cremation ground! Here very casually while you are walking on the road, you can see 4 people carrying, if you see anything bigger than suitcase it is dead body. In Varanasi anything you see 4 people carrying or 2 people carrying a little bigger than suitcase, covered completely with a cloth, be very clear, it is a dead body. The other day I saw, they nicely unloaded near a tea shop, chai shop, and all of them, both of them are sipping a chai and that fellow is lying there, very comfortably both of them are sipping their chai, after the chai they religiously lift the body again, start walking.

Constantly happening, perceived, but still mystery, most mysterious. Even if you see so many dead bodies again and again and again, continuously, not just some unknown face, even the people who are so near and dear to you, who lived till yesterday with you till few hours before with you, whom you think you know thoroughly about them, even when they experience, It continues to remains as a mystery. Not only that, you are not even allowed to think, contemplate, question this mystery. By the time you have a third, fourth thought about the Death, something comes and diverts you, this is the greatest delusion of human beings.

These stupid fellows, went up all the way to Mars and trying to explore it, I am talking about the whole humanity—trying to analyze names, stars, galaxies, planets, but still not does not have knowledge is not even working sincerely to look into the direction of Death. Who is this guy who is constantly playing amidst us and never lets the focus light, limelight fall on him? He is the greatest magician, jadugar. Constantly playing amongst us, picking the people among us, and swallowing them, playing, running riot not only over our lives, even on our intellect; but still none of us are able to even look into Him. We have penetrated planets, we have penetrated stars, penetrating the galaxies, we have done so much, but still this guy who is constantly running around among us; who is constantly playing amidst us, not only remains mystery, He is not even letting any of us, look into His eyes. Those very few who dare to look into his eyes, who have decided not to get distracted and diverted by his magics and drama, those very few became Buddha and Shiva.

All Buddha did is one thing, when he saw the death of somebody, He decided to look into the eyes of the Death—“Who are you? Till I know, I am not going to move out of it, this is my first priority.” But did you see the funny thing?

He had three questions – why old age, why sickness, why death? He found the solution, but still all the three remains in the world. Even now, there is old age, there is sickness, there is death! Then how do you say, he has discovered the solution? Maybe he found the solution for himself. It means: every one of you have to look into the eyes of the Death. Look into His eyes when He is staring at somebody else. Don’t wait to look into His eyes till He stares at you directly. When He is staring at somebody else, it is very easy to stare into his eyes. Yama Dharma was staring at the old man, so Buddha easily stares into His eyes. So jump into the Death, dive into the death to discover the secrets of Death, when he is staring at somebody else, don’t wait until he comes to stare at you, that time you may not be able to stare back to him.

Fools are those waiting for Him to come and stare at you directly, than planning to stare back at him, no.

Stare into His eyes—demystify him, try to decode him, understand him when he staring any somebody else. Means: before he turns his eye into you, start staring at Him. If you start staring into Him first, then if he turns his eye towards you, that eye will be most compassionate. If you are waiting for him to stare at you, and then start staring, it will be terrorizing, understand. Who makes the first step? Are you going to stare at him first, or are you going to wait till he is coming to stare at you?

His staring, whether it is going to compassionate or terrorizing, is going to be decided based on who is first. Kaala is going to decide whether Kaala is going to be compassionate towards you or terrorizing you. Kaala is going to decide, whether he is going to be compassionate towards you or terrorizing towards you. Don’t wait. Don’t wait for him to stare at you first. It is foolishness to wait for him to stare at you than to look back, stare back. No!

The beauty with Death is YOU have to look his eyes, nobody else can do it for you. It is a good news, and great news is, in this way you are utterly free. When you don’t have any bondage, commitment, assistance, support, you are free, you are completely free. Understand, first time you will feel utterly free, naked, Nirvana with Yama Dharma.

First time you will feel the liberation when you stare into His eyes. I tell you the secret—it is always easy to stare at somebody who is so powerful into His eyes, when He is looking at somebody else, staring at him. When you are staring at him, naturally his attention will be diverted to you, if you are already staring at him, and his attention gets aligned to you, it will only be compassionate.— and asking, “What? What do you want?” If you are waiting for him to come and stare at you, and then stare back at him, He will say—“shut up.”

When your time has not come, for Him to shut your eyes, decide to stare at him. When your time has not come, even he cannot shut your eyes. Understand the secret when your time, even he cannot shut your eyes, and don’t wait for your time to come, where he will be staring at you, if you try to stare back at him, he will say,  ‘shut,’ because then decision is in his hand. I tell you, stare at anybody’s eyes, in 2 seconds you will understand, the beautiful, compassionate, the paśu like personality inside them. Whether it’s a death itself, if you know how to stare into into his eyes. You will discover, awaken the teacher, Master dimension of Death, of Death.

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