My mission is removing all the prepositions and suppositions added, got loaded on Vedic tradition and bring the naked Truth as it is.

First and foremost commandment for Hindus—thou shall not die. Understand. Death beyond the frustrated poets’ descriptions, constipated philosophers, discrepancies, brain dead intellectuals ‘blah blahs’, beyond all this…the Lord of Death is directly taking the questions about Death from a small kid.

The story has lot of significance. He is able to explain it even for a small kids means, there is no propositions and suppositions. Understand, anything, which has become realization without prepositions and suppositions, that is the only Universal truth.

This modern day western mathematicians and stupid scientists, they develop so many stupid theories and formulas – constant, infinity, which has no value. Then what do you mean by this formula? Your theory, your formula has no value, because you insert somewhere one constant or infinity, which can’t be described. So these are all the so-called – appears like a truth with many prepositions and suppositions. But anything, which is Truth without prepositions and suppositions, are only Reality. Please understand, Katha Upanishad is Reality. 

And I tell you, even in Vedic tradition if some prepositions and suppositions get added in course of time, Incarnations happen just to remove them. My only job, only purpose of this Incarnation is to remove all the preposition and suppositions that got added and loaded on Vedic tradition. Understand, no preposition and supposition is required for you realize the Truth described by Upanishads. It is Reality as IT IS. That is why a small kid is questioning, who doesn’t know and who doesn’t care about your prepositions and suppositions.

The only time ever in my life I got frightened and ran away is in front of one kid. I have to tell you this story. Never anything could make me run away. After my mission started, one devotee who was running a pre-kg and kindergarten school with all the respect, innocently invited me to come and bless the school, when I went I saw those kids are already happy and they are just playing among themselves and enjoying. I asked, “why did you want me to come and talk to them, they are already happy, what am I going to advise them or bless them? You better call those teachers who are already in sadness. I have a job with them, I will talk to them and I will help them and try to answer their questions.” But, she said “no, no, at least say a few words and bless them Swamiji.”

See most happy people are most unpredictable people, you need to know that and you don’t know what they will do and when they will do, and they are dangerous, you can’t handle them. So I tried my best to refuse, but she is not ready to budge. She is s real woman and that gives enough introduction and sets the context. Nothing more need to be told… and, finally the man who is doing Ranga Rajya all over the world, who can sit in any stage and collapse the people just by the twist of the tongue, make anybody realize anything just by the twist of the tongue, was wordless standing in front of those kids, because they do not understand any preposition, suppositions, understand, knowledge, the play of knowledge can be done only with the preposition and supposition. Experience does not need that, to transmit the experience you don’t need that. Here I am asked to speak, I can’t transmit the experience, because to transmit the experience, I need at least their yes, or the people who are responsible, giving birth to them their yes, so I don’t have that. I can play only to the level of knowledge.

So anyhow I stood in front of them and my mike, and they do not care about some Enlightened Being and incarnation, they are all sitting in a small, small team, playing with language no one understands, whether I speak or not, listen or not, no one understands that language.

One fellow was with his candy in his mouth, and the one was trying to drag that candy out of his mouth and put it into his mouth, and this one just gave the finger, and that fellow just started licking the finger leaving, forgetting about the candy, because he bother about candy, he just wants something to fill his mouth, that’s all, so this drama is going on, I am standing there, a great Vedantic Enlightened Incarnation! Just in 10-15 seconds, one small kid just moved towards me and started pulling my dhoti, that’s all! All Enlightenment, incarnation-hood, Vedanta, I ran to the green room! In my life I never ran in that speed!  No, that is the reality. See there is no preposition and supposition.

I tell you, even Yama was made naked by the questions of Naciketa. This kid only pulled my cloth. Nachiketa pulled the very identity of Yama down. He has to stand naked in front of Nachiketa because he did not get the green room. He was not able to escape into any green room. Without any preposition and supposition, if something can be analyzed and presented, that is Reality; that is reality.

Here, Yama Dharma, Lord of Death is standing naked without the covering of his inner image, outer image, others’ image and life image, just as he is. He removes all the prepositions and suppositions covering Death and brings the naked Truth, Reality as it is, out in this Upanishad.

My mission, again, is removing all the prepositions and suppositions added, got loaded on Vedic tradition and bring the naked Truth as it is, and make you experience Reality. That is the reason, I chose, I decided to speak on Kathopanishad.

I invoke Kala KalaKala, Yama Dharma, Oh Mahadeva, speak through this body, mind, intellect, being, consciousness. Reveal what you want to reveal to the world, reveal yourself naked to the world, reveal yourself in Nirvāṇa to the world, and let the whole Universe, everyone realize the Reality.

auṁ saha nāvavatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha vīryam karvāvahai |

tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai ||

auṁ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ || 

By offering obeisance to Lord Yama Dharma, Lord of Death, invoking His blessings and compassionate teaching, spiritual presence, praying to Him to reveal the sacred secrets of Death to the Universe, through this body, mind, intellect, consciousness and being to the Universe.

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