Discarding thought currents is Completion

Listen, you might have read from a best seller, the thoughts, thought trend and cherishing, highly entertaining. Please listen, please listen, if the thought current is not giving you breakthrough, if it not giving you constant breakthrough, it is only karma. Please understand, including my teachings, only if it gives you breakthrough, it is completion.

Decide to throw the net out, completely, not part by part.

Today morning when you wake up, if you are feeling bored and tired and having slight stomach pain, not only question your idea of health, question the very idea about the world, life, god.

If you have a tooth pain and you want to get rid of it and you are not able to, question the very idea of world, very idea of world, the very idea of ‘you’ you have. Don’t just question the toothpaste you are using, don’t just question the brand of the medicine you are applying on your teeth, understand.

A thought current which can solve your problems partly, thought current which can cause your reality partly is also karma – good karma, that’s all, but karma.

The thought pattern which does not cause any of your reality is karma. The thought pattern which makes you more and more suffocating day by day is bad karma. The thought pattern which causes some part of your reality is good karma. The thought pattern, thought trend which causes all the things which you want as reality, is completion.

Karma is the thought current in which you are stuck.

Sometimes I see why there is so much of ferociousness inside me, actually I am never anger. Anger has completely disappeared from inside me just 4 janmas (births) before. For last 4 janmas, I have never been angry; I don’t know what is anger. But there is intense ferociousness. I used to wonder why? It is just because people are trying to cut the small parts of the net, which is tied around them and try to have liberation. It is like net is tightly tied around you multiple layers, you want to scratch your nose, you just only cut the area where your hand is and put your hand out and try to scratch your nose. You want to scratch your back, you just cut the net only where you need to scratch and scratch the back.

Only when I see the small, small patches of freedom, you call it as freedom, and when you are stuck with it, especially when you are satisfied with it, that is the time I see the intense ferociousness inside me. Kalabhairava can never be satisfied with part-time freedom, part-time reality.

(chin mudra) Listen. If you are not able to cause even one reality you want, question the whole thought current you have, question the whole series of thought current you have, not one or two.

Na-iti – not this, na-iti – not this. Even if one thought current is discarded completely, you have mastered the method of discarding thought currents.

Discarding thought currents is Completion. Not just discarding one thought or one thought pattern, discarding thought currents is Completion.

Understand, when you do completion with your root pattern, the collective, your family’s root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective, your society’s root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective, your country’s root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective the global root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective whole beings not just human, all beings’ root patterns will stand in front of you, complete that. Then the whole universal, the cosmic root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that. Then you are SADASHIVA.

So every completion is not completing with one thought pattern, but completing with the whole thought current; with the whole thought current. If you have a slight tiredness, boredom, headache after you wake up, change everything, not just your pillow or bed, everything. I am not just talking only about external, internal. Change everything – the way you think, the way perceive about life, the way you perceive about death, the ideas about God, the ideas you have about universe, the ideas you have about ‘you’. Say – NA ITI. NA ITI. Not this. Not this.

The time period you are stuck with thought pattern is a year, season in your life. The time you are stuck in what thought current is ‘life’ in your life. A thought current, the time you spend with one thought current in your looooooonggg life is one LIFE, means the time between one life and death. Understand your life or death, you life’s span is not defined based on the number of years you are in a body; it is based on the time you spend with one thought current. That is why whenever you completion certain thought current and enter into a new thought current whenever you are initiated into a new thought current, vedic tradition calls you a new born.

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