What are different types of karma?

Listen the thought pattern which you don’t enjoy, which you already feel it is outdated and which is constantly suffocating you, shrinking you is sanchita karma. And the thought pattern in which you feel you are stuck, but you are able to cause few things as your reality in your life, that is Agamya karma, but because you want to cause one or two things in your life as your reality, the thought pattern you accept, brings untold, unimagined, unexpected bondages, side-effects, after-effects in your life, that is called Agamya.

Listen. Husband is person who stands by you during all troubles, tortures, sufferings, pains which will not be there in your life, if he is not there. That is the definition of agamya karma. You try to solve, cause your reality in one dimension of your life and you accept certain thought current, thought pattern, into your lifestyle, which causes multiple other suffocations and bondages, unimagined, unexpected, untold, unbriefed.

(chin mudra) Understand, just because you want to own a home, sometimes you get stuck in the home for next 40 years paying your bank home loan. You want home – that’s the reality you want to cause. But when you cause that reality, the thought current you accept and assume on you, the responsibility you bring upon you can suffocate and bind you in imagined, unexpected, untold, unseen multiple ways—this the example for Agamya.

Prarabdha means not ready to allow either the outdated suffocating thought pattern or the thought pattern which causes your reality partially, deciding boldly to go on renouncing any thought current, thought pattern even if you suspect them, that they are not going to cause your reality completely. If you go on discarding, the discarding will become a lifestyle, that discarding thought pattern, thought trend, thought current is Prarabdha; means only exhausting, no more accumulation. Waking up to the reality. Any thought current, any thought trend cannot cause all my realities as reality, coming to that understanding and waking up to that reality is Enlightenment.

Not ready to be stuck in any thought current is the liberated thinking current. Not ready to revere, honor any thought current is liberated thinking current. Not ready to honor, revere any thought current is completion. Not ready to honor, accept, revere any thought current even is perpetual completion. Not ready to accept any thought current as a lifestyle is perpetual completion.

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