How to awaken the true purpose and highest potential?

When you are ferocious to challenge anything which says—“it won’t change”, that ferociousness to change everything is what I call SEEKING. Ferociousness to change everything is Seeking.

Be a Kalabhairava, Kali to your very life. Be Sadashiva to your very Life. Create what you want to, maintain what you want to, destroy what do you want to, hide, put it into illusion what do you want to and grace, give your blessings to what do you want to. Be Sadashiva for your life. That is awakening to your true purpose and highest potential.

So, understand, breaking everything can be broken or can’t be broken in you, is Awakening. Whatever you can break in you, you break it, whatever I can break in you, I break it, is Inner Awakening. Whatever can be changed inside you by your ferocious is Awakening; whatever can be changed inside you by my ferociousness is Inner Awakening. If you want to see my ferociousness and what all it can break in you and change in you, come to Inner Awakening. Come to meet Kalabhairava in Kashi.

Listen. It is just your decision to change anything you know, liberates you from all karmas. Be Sadashiva for yourself in recreating yourself. Be Mahadeva for yourself for reinventing yourself.

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