Look into the eyes of Death before He stares at you

Let’s enter into Kathopanishad. I have to introduce the subject of Kathopanishad, then the author, then the listener, and the whole thing, but ultimately I have to say the book is authorless. Even Yama reads the Akashic Records about death. So it is not his own words, he only reads the Akashic Records that is why it is authorless.

Death, the subject of Kathopanishad. Understand, death as the end of the known frightens you, whatever you know, the known people, known wealth, known good, known bad, whatever is known is coming to an end, stand still, that is why it frightens you. Listen, listen with awareness, whatever is known, is coming to a standstill, because whatever is known is coming to a standstill, you are afraid of death. Then are you happy with whatever is known and to live with it? Where is the gap? Neither you are happy with whatever is known, ready to live with it, nor you are ready to give up. Whatever is know and ready to go beyond and rejuvenate yourself. See how we are stuck? Understanding about death will liberate you from this, where you are caught, being caught cannot be considered as living. So understand, all of us know only two states in our life; death and dying. Death and dying, where your perception of the known ends, it is called death, where your perception continues to torture you, continues to torture you, it is called dying. Listen, I am introducing one of the important sacred secrets about death to you, when death is staring at somebody, decide to stare at him.

Understand the secret, whenever you stare at somebody, even if he was looking at the other direction, automatically his eyes will come and get fixed on you. 

Death may be staring at some other direction, if you decide to stare at him, his eyes will move and come and get fixed on you, that will be a beautiful looking at each other. That will be the best way of looking at each other, because when he is looking at somebody, if you are staring at him, then his attention falls on you slowly, slowly, slowly both vision will merge, you will have enough time to breathe, enough time to align yourself, enough time to settle with whom you are staring, to whom you are staring, with whom you are going to share yourself. But, when he is staring at you, it will be too much, heavy, it will literally be like me burning somebody. When Mahadeva stares, you can’t look back. You won’t be able to look back. You won’t be able to stare back.

Before death decides to look into your eyes, decide to look into his eyes. Before he decides to look into your eyes, decide to look into his eyes; because, during the dying, listen, I am equating you staring at the eyes of the death when he is staring at somewhere as dying and he staring at you directly is Death. He staring at your eyes directly is Death. You staring at him, when he is staring at somebody else is Dying.

One good thing, during the process of dying, the process of rebirthing is more known and available to you, is more known and available to you. Your bio-memory can cherish the dying and rebirthing in a beautiful way and transform itself.

Few days before there was a confusion created by one of my Mahants in Bidadi. Why I am saying confusion, there is a difference between confusion and doubt. Doubt means, you ask, when I answer, you accept it, you accept the answer and evolve, that is called doubt.

Confusion means even if I give answer you are not ready to listen, you are rejecting the decision, you are rejecting the clarity. So a few days before some of my Mahants have created a confusion, if Enlightenment is what is required, we can just die in Varanasi, we will be liberated, we will have Enlightenment. Stupid fellows don’t know, then it took such a long time for me to make them to understand. I still don’t think they have understood or grasped. Most of you may be having this doubt or confusion, that is why I am talking about it. 

While you are living you should go through the birth and death and reborn. Your bio-memory should enjoy the transformation, your muscle-memory should enjoy the transformation, only then you will taste Enlightenment, you will taste Jivan Mukti.

If you die in Varanasi, you will have liberation but unfortunately, the person who is having liberation, during the death in Varanasi is always liberatedas  you are Consciousness.

The person who is suffering with bondage, the bio-memory and your mind, body, that is anyhow going to get destroyed. Please understand, goal of Hinduism is not Videha Mukthi, means liberation after leaving the body. NO! Liberation while you are in the body, Jeevan Mukthi. Understand, the goal of Hinduism is Jeevan Mukti (living enlightenment or liberation) not Videha Mukthi (liberation after being bodiless).

Lakshya (goal) of manushya jīvan (human life) is not Videha Mukthi, that is too easy to get it. Just come and live in Varanasi when you die you will get it, but one thing even Kalabhairava does not allow that easily people to die here. I know people who lived their whole life in Varanasi, just small cough and cold, went to hospital, which is just outside the border of Varanasi and died there, and I have also seen people, never visited Varanasi, just landing into Varanasi first time, the moment the flight entered the boundaries of Varanasi left the body and got liberated. Understand, even in that it is not that straight, simple game. There is very big power behind even letting you die in Varanasi.

Vishwanatha does not allow anyone and everyone to die in Varanasi. I have seen many Ramakrishna mission Sadhus, they will come here to die in Varanasi, but of course, most of them, I can say almost most of them, their request is granted by Kalabhairava, but a common man, many people, common man, they come and stay here, whole life just one sneezing, wheezing, breathing problem they go to Birla Hospital which is just outside boundary of Varanasi, die there, over.

The goal is not Videha Mukti, it is Jivan Mukti—while you are living, stare at the Death, constantly dying is happening in you. Many things with which you associate yourself are moving away from you. Many things about which about you are afraid, is getting closer to you, all this is dying.

Many things which you are feeling closer, moves away from you; many things about which you are afraid gets closer to you, is DYING. 

Anybody who consciously allows the dying process will understand, every moment Kaala is working on you. Every moment Kaala is working on you.

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