Jeeva Samadhi

Yes, I am back to Kathopanishad. Today I am a little balanced to speak about anything else. But whenever I enter into Varanasi, at least 24 hours, I am so full of Varanasi. Even if I start speaking about something else I will be back to Varanasi. You see I can say, this city is a wonder. Made by man, supported by God. It’s a man-made wonder supported by God. All the Gods have supported this great wonder, Varanasi. It is older than any legends, because legends are written here. Legends were created here. This is the breeding ground for the great legends. Understand, whether it is Guru of Rama or Guru of Krishna; studied in this city. Whether it is Guru of Rama or Guru of Krishna, studied in this city.

All Gurukuls were head-quartered in this city. Naimisharanya or Sarvajnapeetha, or Takshashila; much later, Nalanda. All of them, were head-quartered here, in Varanasi. Because all those Masters who established those universities, all of them studied here. Directly at the feet of Mahadeva. Sapta Rishis, Sanakadi Rishis, Devi herself studied at the feet of Mahadeva, here in this sacred city, Varanasi. So, whenever I enter, my Being responds to this city. The city responding to my presence is so overwhelming. At least 24 hours I can’t speak about anything else. And this time it is too much because the day 1 the initiation is successful. The day 1 the initiation is successful. Because kids have already started reading. The day one, first day initiation. Please understand. The kids who came for Inner Awakening yesterday first time. Getting initiated, many of them have started blind fold reading. The third eye awakening has started happening. Without any fraud, cheating, or without any looking through the hole. So beautiful. The very day, day 1, the initiation has started becoming reality.Blessed are those who live in this sacred place, even if they don’t know the context. Sometime I feel so overwhelmed, I wonder I may just start rolling on the dust of Varanasi. Doing angapradakshinam (circumambulation with body) of this whole city. Because every inch Mahadeva walked. In this ground Mahadeva walked. And millions of people who achieved the space of Mahadeva, expressed the space of Mahadeva. Those great beings have walked. Yesterday night, when I was just resting into Samadhi, I just heard the flight sound. Usually in samadhi you won’t hear any sound or see anything. I was shocked. Then slowly I started just recognising the external atmosphere. I thought we are nowhere near airport. And even if there is a airport, when I fall into Samadhi I never hear any sound of flight moving and all that. How come? I saw this Kinaram Baba was flying in hit cot. Kinaram Baba is a great Aghori, who used to fly just by touching his cot. Wherever he wants to go he will just touch that cot. He used to sit on a wooden cot, still that cot is there, in the Ashram. I will try to make time for all you guys to go and see. He is not using his body anymore. He is, the body is in Jeeva samadhi. But he doesn’t need body and all. And, like helicopter, ‘woosh’  that cot was going. I saw, where are you going? He said “no, I came to give darshan, this time I’ll express through you, and give all the initiation. Make all these people do whatever need to be done through this Kundalini Awakening”. I was, of course, I just bowed down to him and offered my respects. By the time in 2, 3 seconds he just, in the 2, 3 seconds that idea of respect and respected and person respected, that disappeared and I again fell into the space of Advaita.

Understand it is not that in those days, even now, so many beings achieved the space of Mahadeva, is just moving around here and there. They are all available. Kinaram Baba is one of the great Aghori, lived in Varanasi. His recorded biography goes to 440 years. Please understand. And another one Trailanga Swami, his recorded biography goes up to 370 years. Kinaram Baba, and Trailanga Swami both of them are seen even by recent day people. Rama Krishna has seen Trailanga Swami. And even Rajendra Prasad, he has seen the Trailanga Swami. They were all just in last 100 years names. Kinaram Baba maybe a little older. But, historical figures. Not legendary figures or mythical figures. Who lived here, now, in reality. Kinaram Baba used to have a cot. Whenever he wants to go and give darshana to some devotees, wants to see somebody he will just tap the cot and it will fly. It will fly wherever he wants to go, he will go and bless people and he will come back. Using the physical body. Using the physical body, he will go. And Trailanga Swami beyond. He will not even move. He will be sitting here and appearing in 10 places. Trailanga Swami is the second being who had directly the mother’s milk from Parvati. Meenakshi. First being is Jnanasambandar, second being who received the Meenakshi Prasada, and sitting here among all these beings, millions of people who radiated Mahadeva’s space walked in this city. So every inch, every corner, every dust is scared by them putting the feet in this place; the very air which they all breathed. This Trailinga Swami will sit in Samadhi, Ganga will overflow, for 6 months when the water recedes he will be sitting in the same place, that’s all. In Samadhi. There is no physical, physiological, psychological rules for them. Just breaking everything.

Again yesterday I started with Kathopanishad but I am back to Varanasi. This time I will try to make a little time for all you guys to go and see this Kinaram. At least Kinaram Baba samadhi and Trailanga Swami Samadhi, both of them have jeeva samadhi here, that means alive. While they are alive they built their tomb and sat in that. They did not even die. They told the disciples, “aye, cover the stone, enough. I am going to be sitting here forever and blessing all you guys.”  So both of them sat like that. It’s called jeeva samadhi. The tomb built while you are alive. 


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