What is Kundalini?

KUNDALINI! The very word creates some vibration in our inner being! One of the most powerful, most important truths you need to understand, and most misunderstood! Some of the most important truths in life are only most misunderstood words in life. Death, Sex, Meditation, Kundalini, all these words, most important words you need to understand, most important concepts you need to understand, unfortunately most misunderstood words. But, one good thing: All these most important, most misunderstood words, like Kundalini, Sex, Death, Meditation, all of them are inter-connected. Today, I will expand on Kundalini.

Let me give you the understanding about Kundalini.

First thing, Kundalini is your inner potential energy. If you have diabetes, high blood-pressure, how much ever you try using your fear or greed to push yourself to work, there will be an extraordinary tiredness beyond your mental will, decision, there will be a force pushing you to bed, pushing you to sleep. Please understand, if you had this experience you will be able to understand what I am saying. Kundalini is exactly opposite to that. How much ever the outer situations try to suppress you, push you, shrink you, it will just expand you and make you vibrate with this power.

Kundalini is the inner potential bio-energy, the possibility for God. The seed of God in man is Kundalini, understand? The seed of God in man is Kundalini. So, if this seed is nurtured, awakened, activated, if the seed is nurtured, awakened, activated, simply God happens in you! God happens in you! SIMPLY GOD HAPPENS IN YOU! Kundalini is inner potential bio-energy.

People ask, ‘Why is this energy hidden at all?

Please understand, it is not hidden; it is in the form of seed. Seed is the source of a tree. That does not mean the tree is hidden inside the seed. Your godliness, your godhood, is from Kundalini. Kundalini is the source of your godliness. But, that does not mean Kundalini is hidden in you.

People ask, ‘Why is this not expressing itself in everyone?’

Please understand, this is like you asking: ‘Why everyone is not becoming President of the country? Why everyone is not becoming lawyer? Why everyone is not becoming doctor?’ Each one decides what they want to become and put their attention in that direction, and they become that. So, Kundalini also awakens in people who want it, who are ready to experience it, who are really interested in it.

Kundalini Shakthi is responsible for whether you experience emotional fulfilment, bhakthi, devotion, you experience enlightenment through devotion, or you experience enlightenment through knowledge, through knowledge, wisdom, you experience enlightenment, you experience enlightenment through your logic. Whatever achievement happens in your life, whether in the form of wealth, or in the form of power, or in the form of health, or in the form of happiness, or in the form of fulfillment, everything, for EVERYTHING, Kundalini is the source. Kundalini is the source of everything.

If the Kundalini energy can be awakened and directed, it can get anything you want. It can get anything you want!

Every human-being, whether you are alive or dead….. Please understand, even a dead body carries the seed of Kundalini! Like, even if a snake is killed, the poison continues to remain inside the dead snake. That is why the poisonous snakes, even after they are dead, you should not put your leg directly on them because the poison continues to remain even inside the dead snake. Same way, the Kundalini continues to remain in the seed form even inside a dead body! Whether you are living or dead, your Kundalini exists in you in seed form. There are some people who know how to awaken a dead man’s Kundalini and use it. That is what is “black magic”. If you awaken a dead man’s Kundalini where naturally he will not be there to give you “yes” or “no”, it is like taking the poison of a dead snake and using it. The dead snake will not be there to give you “yes” or “no”. Without the consent “yes” or “no” of the dead snake if you take the poison of the snake and use it, that is exactly the way people awaken the Kundalini of a dead body and use it for their personal gain. Because it is unethical and adharmic, it is called “black magic”. But, I am telling you, you don’t need a dead man’s Kundalini. YOU have enough! YOU have ENOUGH of Kundalini! Awaken and use it. It will become “white magic”! When you use your own Kundalini, it is “white magic”. When you use somebody else’s – a dead man’s Kundalini, it is “black magic”.


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