Why is it emphasized that Guru directly should be involved in Kundalini awakening?

Listen! If it is a small cough and cold, you can even get the Across-the-Counter medicine (Over The Counter medicine – OTC) and have on your own; there won’t be a big side-effect; either it will be healed or it won’t be healed, but there won’t be a big side-effect. But, can you do surgery on yourself by yourself? Even if you are a doctor, you won’t be able to perform Open Heart Surgery on yourself, understand!

Kundalini is not just Open Heart Surgery, it is Open Being Surgery! If it is just one Kriya for your asthma, wheezing, headache, nose cleaning, you can just google in the website, internet, pick up on your own and do it. But, when it comes to such an important thing like activating the life energy in you, it should be done directly by an enlightened Master who is master of this science, in his presence, so that the Kundalini is not only awakened, but it is also made to travel in the proper direction.

You trying to awaken your own Kundalini is equivalent to you trying to do Open Heart Surgery for yourself!

Unless it is your guru who has already proved that he is a master of this science, don’t go for any of these Kundalini processes, and don’t go for awakening the Kundalini to anybody who sits with a board. See whether he has awakened already many others’ Kundalini, and see their life how it has helped them; then take a decision to be involved. Because, as I said, it is really an Open Being Surgery. It is very important to have a Siddha Guru, means an enlightened guru, not only who has experienced his Kundalini completely awakened, but who has also awakened thousands of people’s Kundalini.

This is the scale to find out whether your Master is master of Kundalini: He can awaken anybody’s Kundalini just by casual will! Just by a small gesture, just by a small command, anybody’s Kundalini will be awakened! He will be master of the Kundalini snake. Understand, if you have the right Master, there won’t be any problem and side-effect by awakening your Kundalini. You will have only good effect. And awakening your Kundalini can heal even diseases like Cancer just in forty-eight hours! I am not giving you false promise. Forty-eight hours is more than enough to awaken and heal even diseases like Cancer if your Kundalini can be awakened!

People ask me, ‘What are the wrong ways to awaken Kundalini? What are the things I should not do?

Anything you do on your own is wrong!

What are the safest ways to awaken Kundalini?’, people ask.

Anything which Master does is the most safest way to awaken Kundalini.

People ask me, ‘My body experiences strange movements after awakening Kundalini. Does it mean I have done something horribly wrong?

No! If it is awakened by the Master, nothing is wrong. Just go through those movements. Your body is just radiating, getting prepared, getting purified with the Kundalini energy. It is good. It goes through certain physical movements. I am not encouraging or saying always there should be physical movement. And I should tell you, this very funny incident! Very funny!

Once, Raghupathi Yogi made some yogic alchemy process item like solidified mercury and various herbs to awaken the Kundalini. My Yoga guru is Raghupathi Yogi. And, he created a really big scene like all the four sides he kept solidified mercury balls, in the centre he made me sit inside a Yantra, and keeping the herbs, lighting the lamps in ghee, and camphor, and he was chanting some mantras, gave the herbs to me to keep between my teeth. It was really a big scene! In that scene, naturally, I have become overwhelmed and I started jumping just like all you guys, how you guys jump when your Kundalini is awakened. And I was also expecting that Raghupathi Yogi will be very happy and excited to see my body jumping. But he just slapped me! He just slapped and said, ‘Fool! You are going to be the centre of axis for millions or people’s Kundalini! Your body cannot jump! Keep quiet!’ That’s all! That is the last time I have jumped in my life! Now, thousands or lakhs or millions jump around me, but that was the first and last time my body ever jumped!

So, I am not saying you should have these strange physical movements or you don’t need to have. I am neither saying this nor saying that. Your body can jump, or it does not need to jump; no problem. It can have strange movements, and no need to have strange movements. But, that has nothing to do with the power of the process. Same way, even a powerful energy centre can awaken your Kundalini – like Kailash. The powerful Yantras created by enlightened masters, for example, the whole Cambodia, especially Angkor Wat temple, all these Cambodian temples are the most powerful Yantras for mass Kundalini awakening. Like, two lakh people can be made to sit, and, at a time, their Kundalini can be awakened! At a time, Kundalini energy can be awakened! Places can act like Yantras. Places can act like Yantras! Places can amplify the effects of Mantras! Places can amplify the effects of Pranayama, visualization! These kind of Yantras like Cambodia temples even amplify enlightened Master’s energy and make your body experience the higher level Kundalini awakening! It helps even your body to experience more positive effects of Kundalini.

Here (in Bidadi) I am building one of the most powerful Yantras ever built on the Planet Earth, with the perfect geometry, the spiritual geometry, around the Banyan Tree, understand?!! Where 1008 different Yantras are going to be carved in various metals, materials, and going to be installed in the temple “prahaara” around the Banyan Tree. Please understand, around the Banyan Tree, in the temple “prahaara”, almost 1008 various types of Yantras are going to be drawn in various materials, some in Bael Tree wood, some in gold sheet, some in copper, some in brass, some in “pancha dhaathu”, and going to be installed. That will be one of the most powerful Yantras I am building specifically for Kundalini awakening!

Understand, as far as Kundalini awakening is concerned, it is the Master, the Master’s presence, directly he doing it is the best, best that can happen to you all. I can give some meditation techniques, but sitting with the Master is the most effective. So, I tell you all, now just sit and close your eyes, connect with me. I will awaken your Kundalini energy directly! You don’t need any other Kriya, meditation, nothing! Close your eyes and sit!

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