Free fall from your Authentic Identity

I will enter into Kathopanishad. I have something very important to share with you all in Kathopanishad today. I was explaining the way the Vajashravas mind was getting degraded and the space he was going through. Please understand, when I explain the degradation happening to Vajashravas, the meaning of the explanation is – please don’t allow that to happen in you. It is not that I have personal anger with Vajashravas, so I am tearing him to pieces. (laughs) No. I am doing literally post-mortem of his mind and his being, because … so that you will not let that happen to you. See, if you are a person of the business nature, don’t ever try to enter into the power game. Because, in power game lot of risks will be taken, which you can’t afford.

You can easily be put in pain if you are a business natured person. Please understand, if you are a business natured person only one of your shop getting attacked is enough, you will move out of politics or you will move out of all the power game.

Always try to catch your nature based on your root-pattern and fulfill that. That will bring tremendous feeling that you lived.

Please understand the feeling that you lived, that fulfillment that you lived, that is the first step for Enlightenment. See, there are extraordinary Paramahamsas, who doesn’t even need to enter into life, who can just get everything out of their system and directly get enlightened. But, 99% of us are not that way. We get into the regular life and go through the ups and downs and root- pattern and everything. Only through this way we are going. So, 99% of us the way we are travelling … please understand, the fulfillment you lived.

Self-actualization is the first step for Self-realization.

The feeling you lived is a basic requirement. In Vedic tradition, we call that as – Pratyagātma Caitanya Jāgrat. The Individual Consciousness getting awakened in the body. Please listen, you don’t have to memorize the word, but at least listen. Pratyagaatma chaitanya jaagratha. The Individual Consciousness, which you … ultimately Conscious is not individual, it is Cosmical, it is Cosmic. But, the Individual Consciousness which you perceive as Individual Consciousness, getting awakened in your body, that is the first step. When the awakening happens you will have a deep fulfillment. A Vaishya should be vaishya. Brahmana should be brahmana. Kshatriya should be Kshatriya.

But I don’t want to say the Vedic Tradition does not allow the growth of the individual. It allows by the inner transformation. Inside if you have transformed, you can evolve. There are thousands who are born as shudras, worshipped as brahmanas, by brahmanottamas. Kashi is the example. Adi Shankara, the greatest architect of modern day Hinduism, establisher of all the Brahmanical Sampradayas, fell at the feet of the Chandala. Not even shudra, lower than shudra. Later on his disciples who were not able to digest that he fell at the feet of chandala, made chandala as the incarnation of Vishwanatha. That is different. But, the truth is he fell at the feet of chandala that is the fact. Means what? Vedic Tradition does not stop growth, but the growth should always be propelled, initiated, incited from inner space. Not that for the sake of external comforts you can try to act, as if you are moving to the next ladder.

Here in the case of Vajashravas, he is not even going up, he is going down. A Kshatriya, ruler, king, who is supposed to be constantly giving. Please understand, in Vedic tradition only two communities are allowed to hold. Vaishyas are allowed to hold. Shudras are allowed to possess and hold. Kshatriya, can control only on behalf of country, but cannot personally hold. A Brahmana can’t even do that.

Please listen, the definition of Artha, wealth and possession is very clear in Vedic tradition. Vaishya and shudra only can have personal wealth. Kshatriya can protect on behalf of the country, on behalf of the community, on behalf of the group, society which he is ruling. But he can’t personally own. He has no right to own personally. He has no right to possess personally. At the most till his coronation as the king, the king’s son or daughter till they are coronated as a king or queen, they can have little small thing, gifts which they received from their elders, parents, they can own. That is why in Mahabharat you can see Duryodhana has little personal wealth. Few thousand, few lakh gold coins, which is nothing. But, Dhritarashtra can’t have. Till you are coronated as a king, you can have little bit, but not after you are a king. You can only control on behalf of country, on behalf of the kingdom, on behalf of the group which you are ruling, but not as personal wealth.

Brahmana can’t even do that. Neither he can possess nor he can control on behalf of the country, completely out ruled. Here Vajashravas gets into the cheap mentality of personal possession. Understand, only when you get into the mentality of the personal possession, you will start the business. The business mentality will start. So he falls from being a Kshatriya to Vaishya and by doing fraudulence in the business of giving the cows which are useless. He falls to the level of lower than the vaishya. He becomes so inauthentic. His authenticity has fallen three, four steps, almost like a free fall, free fall. I want every one of you to look within you and see from your authentic identity which you want to have. How much of free fall has happened, please sit and spend little time and find it.

Understand, most of the time just finding it will solve the issue. See, what is the authentic identity you want to have. That is the goal, the way you want to exist.  That is your goal, that’s the way you want to exist. It can be Brahmana, Vaishya, Kshatriya, Shudra. Anything is okay. But your authentic identity, how you want to exist; from that, see how many steps you have fallen. See the free fall. Immediately you will wake up. See, the free fall will be happening as long as you don’t know the free fall is happening. The free fall will be stopped immediately the moment you know the free fall is happening to you. It is unfortunate you are not reminded the free fall is happening. The stupid entertainment industry is managing that you don’t get that intense about life, that authentic about life.

See, just like the hard food, means the food which you can’t digest….like uncooked animal, the elephant, buffalo, uncooked animal. Can you digest? That is exactly the thing, the entertainment industry which is catering in front of you, the devil movie, the evil movie and the tele…TV serials are all uncooked animal in front of you. Why are you eating it? What uncooked animal can do to your stomach, that is exactly that loud sound ‘wooooooh’ that kind of TV serials and movies do to you. Almost all the main stream channels have become this crime scene music background.

Time is neither money, nor power, it is your life. Today, I really want every one of you to contemplate on this Truth of ‘free fall from your authentic identity’. How the Vajashravas is going through a free fall. From kshatriya instead of becoming Brahmana….see a Kshatriya, who lived a life of a king, by the time he becomes old he should have become a riped Brahmana, like Janaka, an Enlightened Being. And this stupid fellow not only not becoming Enlightened Being and he is having a free fall. From Kshatriya he falls to Vaishya, from Vaishya he falls to Shudra and finally by cursing the Naciketa, his own son, he has become Chandala. This fool finally curses his own son, who is trying to make him authentic says, ‘I give you to death’. The free fall of Vaajashravas, you should contemplate on it and see how the free fall is happening in you from your authentic identity.

Even knowing, you will stop it and I trust you all. You are all brilliant enough, intelligent enough, just knowing is enough, you will stop it. I feel so blessed, Mahadeva is using me as a instrument to awaken the third eye of so many kids, because once your third eye is awakened your awareness rate goes so high. You will never allow the free fall. I tell you, the free fall cannot happen for a person whose third eye is awakened. You will always be seeing the budget. Yay, ‘where I am? Where I am collapsing?’ You will be constantly be alert and be aware of what is going on in you, the free fall can never happen for a person whose third eye is awakened. I am so happy for these kids. I really feel blessed; Mahadeva is doing this great work through this body.

Whenever I want to enjoy the gratitude, I keep Him separate and myself separate. Why only you guys should enjoy the gratitude and love and joy or what? I also have a right share. I also have a right for it and I do have a right to enjoy the love, devotion, gratitude. If I am just sitting, ‘I am He’, how will I? So, I keep Him a little away and then fall at His feet and I touch my own feet and enjoy the whole gratitude, love, joy, devotion, everything. Just for feeling grateful, it’s nice to have Mahadeva’s deity separately. Because, feeling grateful makes your life juicy, purposefully, enjoying.

Today the concept to contemplate. ‘The free fall from your authentic identity’.

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