Purity of food through all five senses leads to purity of memory

I tell you, if you are really, really, really interested in living spiritual life or living the life of Enlightenment, living the life where you want to cause your Reality, keep the stupid….this stupid entertainment industry out of your life. Please understand, anything great can be achieved only by keeping the entertainment industry out of your life. Even the stupid concept taught to you, ‘Oh you will be stressed if you don’t get little entertainment’. Then go and do all this stupid entertainment, are you out of stress? You are more stressed. The constant free fall happening, you are not even allowed to recognize it, you are not even allowed to understand it. You are not even given enough space to look into it. You are sitting in front of that stupid box for hours together.

Now that box has become slim and you have become fat. After few years, those days the box used to be big and you used to be slim, now the box has become big and you have become…Please understand, consider this very seriously, only first  one week you will feel that you are missing something and all that. Have only internet to know the news. That also I am telling you, only get the information, news which is required, through the words by reading. Do not allow the sound. Do not allow the sound and visuals. Please understand; these are all a powerful mental fasting. See the Vedic tradition says – āhara suddhau smrti suddhih.

The purity of the food leads to purity of the memory. It is not just the food which you eat. It is the food which you eat through all five senses. Please consider this request very seriously.

Of course, you need to know what is happening with the world, in the world. You need to have much informations to run your life. Get everything in the internet, that also the plain word document type. Do not allow the sound or visuals. Please understand.  Sound and visuals stop you reaching the reality, you seeing the reality. You know, by and by…by and by slowly, even in your regular life, in your imagination you always bring the cinema background music even for regular life situations. Only with that imagined background music you are even approaching every situation. How many of you are able to understand what I am saying that you are doing this in your life constantly in your imagination? Raise your hand. Don’t you see to the level the entertainment industry has gone into you and painted your perception and your life? I tell you the day human beings again start seeing the reality without the necessary for imaginary background music, unediting, imaginary editing and imaginary background music that day Satya Yuga starts.

You do not understand the damage your system goes through. With this imaginary background music and the imaginary editing you do about every incident in your life, the way you cherish your life. All the time you put a flash back to show yourself a victim. In those days, long, long ago, what is there? Then also you are a beggar with a aluminium plate, now you are a beggar in the internet. That’s all. But we go on trying to have that flash back mode to show ourself as a victim to ourself. That is the stupidity. Actually the worst thing is even you wanted to change the facts about your own life, from yourself. Many of the facts which you know, you just want to change and believe it.

Can you imagine the stupidity? It is like a, you own this hanky and you yourself trying to believe..If you tell others, ‘I don’t own this’, but you yourself want to believe, forced yourself to believe, ‘I don’t own all this. See somebody kept it. Who knows who will take it away and go’. You are trying to justify your own wrong beliefs, trying to show yourself as the victim of the life or villain of the life. I tell you, next time whenever you feel tremendous hatred about you, that why you are the way you are, your very survival and existence is depending on the lies and dishonesty. These are all the words usually your SDHD will infuse in you. During those moments just see the imaginary background music and the imaginary editing goes on in your system. Then you will understand the impact of this stupid entertainment industry over your head. Any altered sound and visual should be avoided because that is the basis for the wrong memories to get built in your system.

You see all these stupid TV shows where the husband is poisoning wife, wife is poisoning the mother-in-law. This stupidity going on in the whole India. India’s most practised religion is TV serials. Please understand, most practised religion of modern day India is TV serials. And you see all these stupidity and the background music ‘dum’. All the news channels have become almost like a crime movie or this ghost movie. See, in those days the musics which they use in ghost movie and the spirit movies, that music has become a regular musical trend in any news channel. Even a small thing the way they show (with action) in one house. Finally what? One dog pissed on the table. That must be the final result. Manipulated sounds and manipulated visuals getting recorded in your muscle memory is not good for your happy life or your conscious awakening.

Please understand, seriously consider this even though it is too drastic. See, I am not saying disconnect yourself from the world. No, get all the information required. There are many news channels in internet where there is no sound or altered visuals. A simple straight newspaper format, quick and immediate. So, get the information through that kind of sources where you are not bombarded. This TV serial is another one great stupidity going on this all over India. I don’t know what can be done about it. Because, they see in the serial how the mother-in-law is conspiring against the daughter-in-law, how the husband is conspiring against the wife all that. And they exactly project the same thing on the husband. The stupid fellow has gone to the market to buy vegetables and ice cream for you and your kid and when he comes back late ‘I don’t know where he is going. I am seeing one or two hairs here and there on his coat. I don’t know whether he is having extra-marital affair or he is planning with her to kill me’. By the time, you finished one full circle of life. In five minutes he being late to the house, in the five minute you finished living one full circle of one murder, one rape and two divorce.

If you fought with your girlfriend night 10:30 and did not pick up the phone till next day morning 5:30, she has divorced you ten times, broke up with you seven times, joined again twenty times. Understand, (laughs) this stupidity of agitated response to the real life is the curse put on you because of the altered visual sound mixture info infused into your system. Please listen, it is the TV serials and this stupid entertainment industry which is responsible for, in one night you breaking up twenty times, and getting back twenty five times, divorcing five times, killing three times and reviving four times.

I think this need to be contemplated little more. You should meditate on it and even do a vaakyartha sadas on it. Night 10:30 if you fought with your girlfriend and till tomorrow ..next day morning 5o clock you did not pick up her calls, see the messages. You have been cursed seventeen times, ten times breaking up has happened, 11 times getting back has happened in one night. You need to contemplate on this. This kind of the agitated response, agitated response has become a normal life style just because of the stupid cognitions constantly being poured into you by the entertainment industry. See, you don’t bother about good or bad, you just want to be doing something to feel spicy, to feel important. Yay! It is in my power, come on, let me do it. And you don’t bother about larger picture, side effect or after effect.

In those days only few movies, ghost movies will have this kind of sound background. ‘dumm, dum, aaah’ (laughs). One Swami came, spoke to our ashram in Rajya sabha the ceiling fell, the false ceiling fell. I will not tell the name, but most of you by now know. Actually, I really want to repeat that but I cannot repeat that sound, that is why I am not. Even in Shivoham process I cannot repeat that. Tchaaa! Please do not eat this stupid TV serials, stupid crime shows which pollutes your cognition and thinking flow, which makes you approach the life with so much of illogical information.

As I said your husband is late by half an hour from the office means you have gone through two murder and ten divorce. This is what I call free fall from the identity you want to create. Please understand. Actually one of the best thing happened to our Sangha, as a whole Sangha all our Swamis have decided that we don’t want TV. See, there are many things you…it cannot happen just by my decision. I can only be guiding. Two, three times I gave the choice to the ashramites, ‘if you guys want you have the TV’. Somehow fortunately they all have decided, ‘no, no, let us not allow’. Even the top decision makers Mahants, all of them said, ‘no, even we don’t want’. If we want to know any news let us know from the internet as always Swamiji suggests that google news. Just see the, read the word document and get updated, catch up with the world, that’s enough.’

See, do you know the difference of reading three line, ‘somewhere the bomb blast and this many number of people killed’ and seeing the visual of the scene and the dead bodies and all that, seeing the visual leaves that suffering inside you for next four, five days. And which is not directly going to be…are you the decision maker? See, get the information where you are a decision maker. But so many times, stupid way, even the things where we are not decision makers, we go on waste our time. Please understand, your time is not your money, you have been given a wrong idea. Your time is your life. Time is money is the cheating concepts spread by the corporates. No, time is your life. Please understand, Vaishyas make you believe ‘time is money’, kshatriyas make you believe ‘time is power’, brahmanas tell you the truth, ‘time is your life’.

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