Always establish yourself by contribution, not by throwing tantrum

Anything in my hand let me play with it. That is the only way I will prove my existence. Your existence is proved by your contribution not by your ability to throw tantrum. Please understand the people who are not able to contribute, try to prove their existence by throwing tantrum. I am not talking only about male or female, any side. In general humanity, trying to prove your existence by throwing tantrum is one of the biggest stupid mentality we accumulated, we acquired. Understand, free fall from your authentic identity is hell. Wake up to the reality of the free fall happening in you. You will suddenly know that you have to take up a serious action to stop it, to stop it.

Look in and do not try to establish your identity by throwing tantrum.

Establish your identity by contribution, by enriching. I don’t know how much I can make you guys believe, how much I can… how much you guys will be able to believe. I have seen my own Mother, she is still alive. I have….I am seeing her now for last 37 years. It’s not that she was always only in the high in her life. She was born and brought up to a very decently established family. I can say the…her fa… parents are upper middle class people. I heard in those days that was the most organized and largest wedding happened in that whole village. She had that kind of a background. But, my father was not that rich and he could not maintain even the wealth given to him by my grandparents. But throughout last 37 years, I am seeing her. I have not seen her even once trying to establish her identity by throwing tantrum. I just feel blessed that I am carrying her bio memory.

Please understand, even now she is literally the Sangha janani. Means, she is the mother of our whole Sangha. She is the Sangha Mata, literally. But I have never seen her establishing her identity, establishing her existence by throwing tantrum. Even now, whatever way she established herself, it is always through contribution. She is the embodiment of this one concept. Establish yourself only by contribution. If not, just lie down. When she is not able to do that, she will just lie down, but never take up the other route of establishing the identity by throwing tantrum or any power game or authority. I don’t know how I will be able to convince all of you. If you lived in the ashram or if you have lived around her, you will know this one idea, she is embodiment of that one idea. I have seen her even from my childhood. Even when family went through the worst poverty, never I have seen her shouting at my father even once.

Never I have seen her demanding from my father even once. Asking for something, fighting for something. Even when my father was not in the right mental state of doing some business successfully, even when he was frustrated, she took it up and started running a small grocery shop. I have seen her, she will cook in the morning, run and open the grocery shop, she will manage the grocery shop, in the night she will lock the shop back and again cook. Of course, we had a…’s a large joint family. We had grandmother, so many other people also supporting her in cooking, in the jobs of the house. But throughout, she established her identity only by contributing. I have not seen her once fighting with anybody, even though she gets bullied many time.

Understand, all these points I am explaining – agitative decisions, trying to establish your identity by throwing tantrum, imaginary background music and edited replay of flashbacks, all these things are directly connected with each other. All these are closely related to this stupid entertainment industry and the ideas it dumps on your head. The way she stood only contributing. I have never seen her throwing tantrum or trying to establish her existence or survival by throwing tantrum. Even now, literally she owns the whole Sangha, but I have never seen her doing anything other than contributing.

So many times I have told her to take care of herself, whatever she wants to have and all that, but she will never accept any of my blanket offerings. Just like every ashramite whenever I need, I will come for approval and get it, stop with it. Just like any ashramite, if they want to go to hospital, they will ask the welcome centre ‘I need vehicle. Send me to hospital, give me medical assistance’ or if they want any clothes or any house-keeping necessities, they will go to the welcome centre and tell I want this, this, this and then housekeeping will supply. That is exactly the way she has lived, she lives even now. I will tell, ‘what is this? Why are you going and standing and all there and all, have everything for yourself and do it’. She will say, ‘no, no, no. Whatever is for everyone let me do like that, let me live’. Never I have seen her establishing her identity, even for the small basic things which will not harm the Sangha. See, if she establishes her identity, ‘I am the mother of Swamiji’, for her soap and paste, brush. It is not going to affect the Sangha. Or it is not going to affect the flow of the life for her or her medical care or anything.

She won’t assert even in those small, small basic needs. She will not put her foot down or she will not throw tantrum. If you live around her, you will understand whatever I am saying is true. I tell you, wherever you are, establish your identity only by contribution. You will be such a light, when I say light, (spells) l-i-t-e and l-i-g-h-t. You will be such a light being. Do not believe this false theory of ‘you need to throw your weight to establish yourself’. It is wrong, it is false. Don’t try to tell me, ‘you no, no, no, you don’t know the atmosphere I am in Swamiji. My industry is like that, my family is like that, the background, the office I am working is like that, unless I throw my weight nothing can get done. No, no, no it is’. Please do not. I have seen the Universe more than you. Please believe me.

I know the laws of the universe more than you. Always establish yourself by contribution, not by throwing tantrum, not by throwing tantrum. That is one of the most stupid pattern you develop.

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