Let my breathing pattern become Cosmic breathing pattern and continue to be my breathing pattern

This verse, which says, vāyur-anilam amtam atheda means let my breathing pattern dissolve into the Cosmic breathing pattern.

Actually I wanted you to practice I wanted all of you to practice this, especially when you fall asleep—decide anyhow now I am going to fall asleep. I can’t keep my inner image, my outer image, other’s image, life image, all up, alive. Actually all you guys are holding on to your outer-image like flex board only, it is so heavy, and you go ahhh, ahhh, AHHHHH! The other’s expectations are like a wind blowing on it…. [Swamiji makes pounding sound].. this flex board is dancing, and you say, “no, I am holding.” When you fall asleep you know you can’t hold on to it anymore. So, decide, now nothing can be done, “I am going to fall asleep.” Instead of holding on or planning, “ how I will hold on the outer image face all the expectations of other’s image, the wind, snow fall, cyclone, what you call, tornado”; actually, expectation from your girlfriend is wind, once she becomes your wife, expectation from her is tornado, once you have a kid, expectation from her is wind, tornado, forest fire, snow fall, all put together and something more, you imagine. It is not only about between husband and wife even in the office.. whole day you go on planning to hold on to that flex board, anyhow night you can’t hold on. You are going to fall asleep.

Decide, understand, every night if you make a decision, consciously, within 21 days it can become your bio-memory your cognition. Just 21 days decide, I don’t want anything else — let my breathing pattern become Cosmic pattern. Morning when you wake up decide, let the Cosmic breathing pattern continue to be my breathing pattern, that’s all. Decide consciously.

vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ – you don’t even have to go to the second word of the first verse bhasmāntag śarīram. No need now. First few days, just decide –vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ – write and keep it next to your bed, like a small board. vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ – means let my breathing pattern become Cosmic breathing pattern, because anyhow I have to fall asleep now. I can’t go on taking the pressure of holding on to that stupid pressure of other’s image by holding on my outer image. Your outer image itself is such a stupidity and it is being pushed and pulled by other’s expectation. Oh God.  That is like a monkey drank the arrack, the village arrack [village liquor], fully and that is not enough, one scorpion has bitten it. What will happen to that monkey? Normally itself [Swamiji imitates a monkey’s body language] if he is drunk fully, and all direction I don’t know where all he will scratch, and one scorpion has bitten him, what will happen, and all this is not enough, one ghost caught up caught him. No that is exactly your outer image suffering. The pressure from all the expectation form others image and your Life Image –everyone is bad fellow, all of them are here to cheat me, all of them are here to harass me. So even if they ask what happened to your department, it looks like a harassment. Why are you not doing anything? It looks like harassment.

Understand, the load of your outer-image, inability of your inner-image and the pressure from other’s image and the innate tiredness and boredom comes from your life image – now I think everyone can understand their life—but when you go to sleep, when you fall asleep you are not going to hold any of this. So tell yourself, anyhow next few hours, I don’t know what happens inside me, outside me, nothing is going to be in my control. So let my breathing pattern become Cosmic breathing pattern. Understand, man who prepares for sleep rightly, prepares for Death rightly. If you create the right context for sleep you will have the right context for death. Death is nothing but long sleep. Sleep is nothing bur short death, that’s all. If you die for a few hours and come back it is called sleep. If you sleep and don’t come back it is called death. It is actually coming back is going to decide sleep or death, not falling, falling is not going to decide, falling is one and the same, it is coming back going to decide, you fell asleep or you died. Everyday prepare with the right context for sleep, you will prepare yourself beautifully for death.

vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ. Tell yourselflet my breathing pattern become the Cosmic breathing pattern, I am relaxing into it. I am relaxing into it.

vāyur-anilam amtam atheda bhasmāntag śarīram |

I’ll give you guys today, tonight, one night. Practice this: vāyur-anilam amtam— means; let my breathing merge with the Cosmic breathing. The moment that you decide, suddenly your breathing pattern will become so beautiful, the whole throat will feel like soaked in honey. Understand, it will feel like soaked in honey. In Siddha tradition there is also a technique; after brushing the teeth, if you just apply a little honey on the gum, it is very good for heath, digestion for everything. There is one more verse, describes, even that honey without taking it from outside, if you produce it inside by aligning your breathing to Cosmic breathing, that is called Nectar. Just practice this tonight, then I will teach you the technique for bhasmāntag śarīram. Because you won’t be able to do both at a time.

vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ. Decide; let my breathing pattern become Cosmic breathing pattern. Actually, what happens you know, you are surrendering every night into Mahadeva. You are surrendering into Mahadeva’s lap. So you are telling him; tomorrow if I have to wake up, you wake me up, if you need me to wake up, let me wake up. Let me wake up with all the qualities you need me to have. If you need me to wake up, let me wake up and let me wake up with all the qualities you want me to have.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, decide; let this Cosmic breathing continue to be my breathing. Understand, listen, any conscious decision made, before you fall asleep or after immediately after you wake up, gets into your bio-memory within 20 days, because that is the moment the doors for all the 3 states open and close. The door for waking, dream deep sleep open, when you fall asleep and when you wake up, so during those moments, any thought consciously inserted, gets into your bio-memory deeply, into your system deeply. So today just do this one.

vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ. Let the vital life-energy present in my body merge into all pervading eternal Cosmic life energy. Vayu Anilam, Vayu is individual prana, Anilam is Cosmic prana. Just remember this one thing tonight, and fall asleep. If it is morning for you, anyhow, by tomorrow morning wnen before you come back, you can practice this and come back. Some people have already started practicing in Bangalore Aadheenam. So anyhow, following Guru Vāk very sincerely, and immediately.

All right, practice this and come back. Essence of today’s satsang – let my breathing pattern become Cosmic breathing pattern. Let the Cosmic breathing pattern become my breathing pattern – vāyur-anilam amtam athedaṁ.

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