Why you should be always blissful, why you should be with and in Nithyaananda ?

Today the important truth I wanted to share with all of you, especially preparing all of you for Sadashivoham2016. The science of bliss, understand, just yesterday, I was sharing with few of My Aadhenavasis. I have made few people as Chief Integrity Officer – CIO. I was revealing some of the important truths about the Integrity. Listen. Actually, if somebody has eyes, do you need to tell them ‘Hey, 3 feet pit is there on the right side of the road. 4 feet stone is sitting in the left side of the road. And outside the gate fire is burning on the street, somebody has put the Tyre and they’re burning, so take left turn. Then after some time, one big cobra is lying down so go right side.’ No. If somebody has eyes, they will manage all this. You don’t need to tell everything.

Understand, Integrity also is a simple vision of Reality. Why it looks so complicated you know? Your brain gets covered with the thin subtle layer of pitta, which puts you in certain delusion, constantly makes you believe your assumptions, assumed fears, as a part of your Reality. Listen. Listen to this word carefully. If you have used the virtual reality equipment, you can understand. First when you put it, it looks like externally something has been put. After a half hour or one hour you forget something is on you and you just become one with it. Same way, when your brain is covered by a thin, very subtle layer of pitta, certain amount of sadness and withdrawal, frustration, powerlessness, lower frequency of existence, becomes your functioning style. Only there, because you feel so powerless, you think let me do anything and manage the situation.

It is like your house is on fire, your dad is in the office, he comes to know and he screams at you through the phone, ‘Where is the house key, first take it.’ And you receive that instruction; you run and search all around and just get the house key and come back and stand outside and let the house burn!!! And then you come and tell me, ‘No you told me where is the house key and I’m having it’.

The most cunning way of breaking any law is – follow the letter, forget the spirit.

Most cunning way of breaking any law – follow the letter, forget the spirit. You will break it VERY technically and intelligently… without getting caught. I tell you, this subtle layer of pitta, first thing it does is puts you in the space where you believe all your imagined fears are part of your reality. If you imagine certain fear that you are going to get certain disease, you are going to get into certain situation you already will strongly believe it is part of you. It’s not that going-to-come, may-come. In your cognition you will just know it IS.

Actually, as part of the Shashtanga Yoga, Sadashiva gives one important instruction in Agama. Please understand, the system we follow is Shastanga, not Ashtanga; Shastanga Yoga by Sadashiva. He gives an instruction – Tremendous Saatvik bliss, Ananda, comes from non-violent activities. Bliss comes from non-violent activities. Understand. That is what he calls Saatvikananda. He says that is an antidote for that layer of pitta to be cleansed.

Please understand, today what I’m talking is the right reason and context why you should be always blissful; why you should be with and in Nithyananda.

That is why I just explode when I see My sons and daughters jump. When My kids jump, I know… I tell you, happy person will always be highly integrated, highly efficient, and never cunning; never cunning. When I see My kids are jumping, My boys and girls, I know My DNA is growing!!!

Actually that is the way Arunagiri Yogishwara brought Me up. That is the way My Gurus have brought Me up. It was such a JOY to be with them and to hang around them. Fortunately, I had the age in My advantage. Only I used to be bullying them, they never bullied Me. It is such joy to see My kids jump. Actually I get up and come, don’t miss satsang just to see My kids only. It’s for My sons and daughters I come and sit every day here.

I know for 100% sure, this is Saatvikananda. See the kids are so happy. My sons and My daughters, My boys and girls jump. It is completely Saatvikananda, you are not harming anybody. You are not violating anybody. Saatvikananda has a capacity of penetrating and breaking the pitta layer. Sadashiva gives Saatvikananda.

Please understand, let Me define that word. Saatvikananda means – any activity which comes by non-violence, the joy which comes by the activity of non-violence. That has a capacity; it can be from Puja, it can be from kirtan, it can be from unclutching. Any joy, bliss, oozes in your system, with the non-violent activity – the moment they see Me they are so happy, when I see them I’m so happy, that’s all.

A joyful person will be always highly efficient and highly integrated. Why you know? When that pitta layer is broken, cleaned, the person will not believe the imagined suffering and pain is part of their reality, so they will not adopt non-integrity as a strategy for their thinking. Understand. Your cognition about you is very important… because only based on what you think about you, you adopt strategies for your life. There are some people, do anything, do not bother about integrity or value or the larger visions of life. If you’re going to get half-a-Kg Meat now, if you’re going to get one pound flesh now, Kill, destroy. This can be done only by a person whose brain is covered with the pitta layer, who does not have the high frequency as their existence. Understand, if at all we can add Saatvikanandas to people’s life, the whole world will become integrity, integrated. Because integrity is a …

see when your brain does not have that coating of pitta, you will not believe suffering is your innate tendency and you will simply know the simple strategy for life is Integrity. It is like how you breathe. How you breathe. It will just be, Integrity be your life.

Listen. Listen very carefully. Any Saatvikananda, bliss which comes by non-violent actions, Melts down, tears down the pitta layer, makes you see life with larger vision. Happy people will be the most efficient people, most integrated people. Advait came and, My Gurukul Principal came and asked Me about, few kids who need to be given Krama Brahmacharya. The moment I heard their name and the moment I know how they jump here in the kirtan I know they’re bramacharis. They can be given. They’re complete. Only a complete person’s body can be so alive. When your body is so alive and joyful and ecstatic, you are not hurting anybody in being joyful. You are not doing anything wrong and being joyful. You are joyful because Swamiji is here. They don’t need much to be joyful, just few of My teeth and one thumbs-up, that’s all. And their ecstasy shoots up, skyrockets.

You’re not being non-violent to anybody and being blissful, so if somebody stops you, you have a right to defend yourself. You have a right to defend your joy and bliss. I tell you guys, how in the mother’s womb, the fluid which is there is the space where the body of the child develops, same way, this joy which I fill, engulf you guys all around. If one teeth is seen 32 teeth is seen that side. This joy is the liquid in which I grow you guys!! You guys have the right for all the Saatvikanandas. Understand, all Saathvik-bliss is your right, is your birthright and you guys are Shaivites. Shaivite means joyful guys.

We are Shaivites, we are joyful people.

I tell you.

Joy destroys cunningness.

Joy destroys this crooked thinking.

Joy destroys lack of Integrity.

Joy gives you larger vision.

Sadashiva himself, I tell you guys, when he lands in you, he will create an intense joy in your system. That is the way he will land. He’s Lord of Ananda!


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