On the river of High joy, Saatvikananda only, the boat of Integrity can travel!

I wanted to explain from the angle of the spiritual alchemy process about the reason for this Saatvikananda.

Understand… do not allow your physiology or psychology to enjoy any joy which comes by torturing anybody. Don’t allow. Then you lose your Shaivatva. No! You lose your Shivatvamasi. No! Don’t allow. Never allow any joy which comes by suffering of the other person, torture of the other person. No! Then your brain loses its capacity to hold Sadashiva in you. And, always encourage, grow, the Saatvikanandas. Don’t be shy to grow the Saatvikananda. Do not be shy to grow the bliss of Sattvika; means non-violent joys should be grown so much into the system. I tell you, more and more dosage of non-violent bliss develops larger and larger vision of life.

Saatvikananda person gets… I can’t even describe the benefits because this benefits happening in the physical level, in the muscle memory level, physiological level, psychological level; when the pitta in your brain, that layer of pitta reduces, only then your system develops a power called ‘eating its own dead cells and cleaning up’ which is the energy of Rudra.

Understand. Listen, just now few days before, one fellow got Nobel Prize for Physics. His research project, I studied his research project why he got. It is all about the science of how the body is eating its old dead cells and how it can be supported and encouraged. Please listen. For what he got the Nobel Prize now, at least 60000 years before elaborately Sadashiva describes. I can give you precise word. Now I think in English they use the word autophagy or something. I can give you the precise word, in Sanskrit, in Agama, and the precise principle. Joy, in the brain, first thing it does…

Maybe some of My Aadheenavasis will be wondering 24 hours last 6, 7 days I was with him when did he read this? Don’t ask those questions!!

Precisely, the Saatvikananda, what it does, listen, it will clean up the pitta layer in the brain, means the, layer which makes you powerless, tired and withdraw from the life for no reasons. Actually when the pitta layer attacks you, suddenly you will feel like frustrated and don’t want to get involved with anything. If you come face to face with your mother-in-law or boss, or the people whom you don’t want to see, what happens to you at that moment, imagine that’s the same thing, the pitta layer spreading.


This Saatvikananda first thing cleans up that subtle layer of pitta; that is one.

Second, it awakens the Rudra energy in you which makes your system eat all the dead cells and dead parts of you and clean up; just clean up. And, this cleaning up is very important to keep you young, to keep you energetic, to keep you healthy, to keep you blissful. As long as this Rudra energy is alive in you, you will not die, you’ll be immortal.

Saatvikananda awakens that Rudra energy in you intensely. I tell you. At any cost, whatever you have to give up to live with happy people, saatvikally, happy people, just go and be with them. That is Satsangha. And, plan sincerely to make that same kind of a Saatvikananda in your home and work place – where you are working, in your home, both places. A very simple thing, a non-violent joy will actually make your workplace productive. It will become productive. I am telling you, even in My Sangha, only the people who are joyful are productive. Everyone else is a load. It’s a load only. I have many pillars – supporting pillars and hanging pillars. No, joyful people are all supporting pillars. They will be highly efficient, highly integrated.

Have a passion for Saatvikananda.

Have romance with Saatvikananda – the non-violent bliss, peaceful bliss, where you don’t hurt anybody, but it is joy for you.

Grow more and more of Saatvikananda in your system, activities which makes the Saatvikananda in your system.

You will become efficient.

You will become integrated.

You will be just glowing.

You will be completely healthy.

The Rudra energy in you will be so alive.

You will be young forever. It’s an amazing beauty technique. Now women don’t need any other convincing! Reason or the context to practice – DONE! Only for Men I have to give the remaining reasons.

The moment I know the way the body of the kids move, see, when they jump dance the way the body moves itself I know: yes, this kid has come to Integrity. He has lost all the cunningness. He is no more cunning. Or… the joy when the joy can become a lubrication for all the body joints and move, you can’t retain cunningness anymore in your system. You just have to be… see joy always makes you integrated.

For example, if there’s high water level in Ganga, you don’t have to worry about the stones in the river bed; you can just go in the boat or ship or whatever. If the water level is low you need to worry about the stones and everything in the river bed. Boat cannot travel comfortably. Same way, in high joy only Integrity boat can travel in your life.

Immediately the moment he said I just saw who are those kids … yes. And I know because I’m seeing them here morning and night. And I know what is the space they will go and sleep if they jump and breathe My breathing space for such long time. I tell you, joy, Saatvikananda, makes you a Shaivite. That makes you live Shuddhādvaitam. That makes you live Sadashivoham. Saatvikananda is one of the most important alchemy you need to do in your system as a preparation for Sadashivoham2016.

Actually if you’re a participant in the kirtan and jump, I tell you, so much Saatvikananda, bio-memory will get into your system; it will help you in every process so powerfully. See especially when you jump and all, the bliss is inhaled by every pore of your body. Every pore of your body the bliss is inhaled. It becomes part of your muscle memory and bio memory. Of course doing Puja is surely Saatvikananda. But you don’t use the whole body to do Puja. But with these kirtans it’s like the whole body is used. The way your body flows with that I can tell you, the level of integrity you have and the efficiency or the vision about life.

All the sad people are cunning fellows; never believe sad people. Never believe sad people. Never believe their words. Never have them as your business partner or life partner. They can suck your life and destroy your life. If you can make them saatvikally blissful, do it. If not at least save yourself, get rid of them. I’m telling you. Because sad people can talk about Integrity but never be integrated. They will only be cunningly strategizing. Like that only, if the sad fellow even if he’s integrated he’s waiting to ditch you in some bigger deal. He’s having his knife behind the back. Never ever believe sad people and get into any venture. That is like getting on to the mud horse and entering into Ganga. Never, whether life partner or business partner. Joyful people will never cheat you. Even if they shout at you it’ll be straight forward. There will not be second layer, there will not be 3rd layer. Never believe sad people even if they show, very humble, polite, very good, decent, civilized, manner of behavior. A raw joyful person is thousand times trustworthy than the sad, civilized, decent, presentable, presentable. No. Sad fellows are dangerous fellows because, in their very pitta layer on the brain, they believe all the fears are part of their life. When somebody is frightened he’s the most dangerous fellow. He will be all the time in the mode of attacking.

I tell you, keep Saatvik-bliss as your lifestyle and defend it. Defend it. And you have a right to defend it. Don’t allow the stupid society to interfere in your Saatvik-bliss. You are not violating into anybody’s space and being joyful. You are joyful just because I am here and My joy, sharing it. And nobody has a right to interfere and intimidate our joy. If they intimidate they give us the right to retaliate.

I tell you, make Saatvik joy as your lifestyle. And, stand for it strongly. And I tell you, spread Saatvik joy in the world. Conduct more and more kirtans in your places. Conduct more and more of Pujas, Meditations, yoga, Unclutching sessions. Spread more and more of Saatvik joy. You’ll be doing such good to the world, Sadashiva will be happy with you. Just like how I’m happy when I see My kids jumping. The highest level My eyes open up is only when I see My boys jump. When I see My boys jump only all My 1000 eyes open up and I enjoy it. And I know My Yuvarajas are getting ready.

I tell you, it is actually Saatvikananda, gives the strength in bio-memory. Understand, the core stuff of bio-memory gets strengthened by Saatvikananda. Do not allow the violence based joy, even for 5 minutes. It is a poison. You are chewing poison. Don’t. It’s a cyanide ‘kuppi’, the cyanide pill. Don’t. Always. I think all of you understand the difference between violent joy and non-violent joy. Violent joy means abusing, attacking or torturing or somebody’s suffering becomes source of your joy is violent joy. Never allow; that smug you carry when somebody is tortured, never allow.

When you see somebody smile, the way you jump is Saatvik joy. Especially when you see Me smiling and jump, it is Shaivite joy. It’s beyond Saatvik joy. It is just joy of Sadashiva, being enjoyed by all of you guys. Build Saatvik joy that will empower you to manifest all the powers.

See for example, first I made My kids to see the past, present, future on the leaf. Then I moved to mirror. Now I am moving to granite. Already granite is ready. Why you know? The kind of the intense energy, leaf can hold only certain frequency and mirror can hold maybe 10 times more. But granite can hold 1000 times more, it can retain its original shape and continue to mirror, show what needs to be shown. Just like how, granite can hold the higher frequency and do its job, Saatvik bliss infused in your bio memory can hold My higher energy in you and radiate as powers.

A Saatvikally joyful kid will be the perfect complete Sannyasi. He will be such perfect Sannyasi. I can just go on giving any amount of powers to him, powers to her, her bio-memory will literally hold Me itself. I can even just go and sit inside them and it will hold. Because the Saatvik joy has a capacity to burn away, digest your old patterns, your old muscles, your old muscle Memories and your dead cells.

Whenever somebody becomes happy after they declare completion, I will believe their completion. Yes, this fellow will come out of… because that Saatvik joy will eat away the old muscle memory and old muscles and the old, all unnecessary things; the Rudra energy is now awake in them. They will become complete. They will live with completion in the future. But when the completion is done “Mmammamma I am completing and I’m mmammmamma. I am completing. I am completing. In future I’ll noonoonoooh”. Fraud fellows.

No, joy will eat all the old dead cells and dead muscles and dead muscle Memories. Saatvikananda is an important alchemy need to be done in you, for you to manifest Sadashivoham. Because it works on your physical, physiological, psychological and muscle memory, bio memory, your whole Consciousness. Saatvikally joyful person, you can always hand over your whole house key to them. They will neither steal your wealth nor steal your wife. No I am telling you. No, some may not steal your wealth but they’ll steal your wife, what you will do. A Saatvikally blissful person will never steal any of yours.

Like how Bharat and Shatrughna kept Lakshmana’s wife. Bharat is the embodiment of dedication. I really want to have a temple for Bharatha done here. From My point of view Bharat is higher dedication and sacrifice than Lakshmana. Hey, being with Rama, even if you give your whole life it is nothing. Just to be with Rama you can do anything. But being away from Rama just to keep up the Rama’s words is not a small joke. How he protected and cared Lakshmana’s wife. A highly sattvikally blissful person only can hold his Integrity. Bharat has collapsed for what happened, what has been done to Rama; but he did not break his Integrity because of the highly Sattvik bliss bio-memory built in his system. Anybody who is sattvikally blissful, I can stand for their Integrity. Integrity will be their lifestyle.

I wanted to define the Integrity. Integrity means being aligned and straight to the words you utter and the way you hold yourself for yourself and others. It is not just fulfilling the word and thought you give it to yourself and others. Sometimes without giving a word through your body language you give certain commitment to you and to others. Experiencing the state of Purnatva even with the said-unsaid declarations to yourself and others is Integrity. That is Completion with yourself and with life.

Why you don’t become integrated? Because you see a small vision of life and you believe the wrong belief that tiger is chasing you even though you’re comfortably lying on your bed. But with the dream of, belief of tiger is chasing you, jump from the bed and break your leg. Actually breaking the leg is not because of the tiger, it is because of your wrong belief. Don’t blame the tiger, you believe tiger is chasing you, and you kick your leg, even though you are in a comfortable bed, and roll out and fall and break your leg. And then you say because tiger was chasing me I broke my leg! Because you BELIEVE tiger was chasing, not tiger was chasing you.

All your lack of Integrity is because of your wrong belief about life.

And Saatvik joy gives such large vision about life. I’ll be so happy if My kids are 24 hours jumping and enjoying. That’s all I want. You guys are Nithyananda’s sons and daughters. You guys don’t need to do anything, be in Nithyananda that’s all. I will work for you guys. I will make food, clothes, shelter, whatever needed. I’m capable father to get everything in the outer world and all the inner world things already I brought it. I don’t even need to earn. Only outer world things at least I need to earn. It needs to come to our bank account. Inner world things are already – I am the Reserve Bank when it is inner world!!

Develop the Saatvikananda as much as possible. Involve yourself in the activities of the Saatvikananda as much as possible. Enjoy, celebrate, grow Saatvikananda. You will have so much of Integrity, so much of straight forwardness, so much of efficiency, so much of honesty, so much of Authenticity, so much of Responsibility, so much of Enriching, so much of Completion, so much of Listening, so much of Causing. All the best qualities Sadashiva expects you to radiate, all the powers Sadashiva wants you to manifest, you will do everything. Just develop Saatvikananda in you. All activities for Saatvikananda is directly worshipping Sadashiva, manifesting Himself in you; because your brain becomes the antenna to receive the wavelength of Sadashiva. It’s like how you turn your dish to receive certain frequencies, to certain direction. Saatvikananda is the way you turn your brain to receive Sadashiva. Some of you may have question, I don’t have what to do. So Saatvikananda will build one for you; even if you don’t have one. If you already have one, it’ll tune it for Sadashiva. If you don’t have one, it’ll build for you to tune it to Sadashiva. Whoever did not laugh for this joke, understand you don’t have brain. You missed, you missed because you don’t have one.

Whole sangha should put the energy everywhere to encourage more and more Saatvikananda activities. Everywhere sangha should go on be encouraging, be active about the activities to awaken Saatvikananda in people. Yoga, Puja, Mediation, kirtan, all this – more and more should be encouraged.

I tell you, Saatvikananda is the only currency you can earn which will be useful for you when you are going to be out of this matrix. All other currency may be useful for the fellows who invented it, not for you. Saatvikananda is the only currency which will be useful for you when you are going to be out of the matrix. And even make – see, under the matrix there is one currency, outside the matrix there is one currency. So outside-the-matrix currency is Saatvikananda. Developing that earn even the inside-matrix currency. That is what is fulfillment in your career, fulfillment in your profession. Make money; somehow develop the system in such way, you go on developing outside-matrix currency and inside-matrix currency by doing the same action. It’s possible. It’s possible. Then, your life is in tune with Sadashiva. Your life is in tune with Sadashiva. You can generate the currency inside-the-matrix by doing the activities which develops you the currency of the outside-matrix, both. Currency of outside-matrix is Saatvikananda. Currency of the inside-matrix is, you know, gold or money of your country or whatever, whatever. Both can be developed by doing the same activity. It is possible. Start thinking in that line and work in that line. Your life will be in tune with Saatvikananda and Sadashivoham. You may just need to apply your will persistence and look in, you’ll see so many doors will open up.

Today we have a bio-memory, muscle-memory, initiation session for Inner Awakening participants. Actually if you guys have a personalized question, how to make the out-of-matrix currency and inside-matrix currency, both in your life, ask Me the questions. I’ll support and suggest and guide you guys today. How you can tune your life doing the same activity you develop both currencies. So your life is not wasted on stupid inside-matrix currency. You can have this and that, both.

And maybe for Nithyananda Yogam participants also can join the session and I can guide you guys. No, this can help, this can help you guys lot to iron out your life. Surely, if we apply little bit of will persistence it is simply possible. WE WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE. If you earn both currency by same activity, that is called Dharma. Even by earning the currency you are doing only good.


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