If you are my disciple, you don’t need any spiritual practice, you only need to manifest all the seeds I have put inside you. The feeling connection you cherish has tremendous impact over you!

Please understand, if you feel connected to a Yoga Teacher, naturally he will have so much of impact over you, you will have health. He will somehow make you do Yoga. He will somehow make you bend again and again, by talking or whatever. He will make make you do Yoga and you will have health.

If you have feeling connection with teacher who teaches you stotras and bhajans, kirtans, somehow he will make you feel the devotion because constantly he will be sharing his thought current and he will do it. So with whom you entertain feel connection matters.

Be careful about with whom you are opening your heart and when you find the right person, don’t wait to open your being.

The moment you know right person is in front, don’t just grasp, just grab. Grasping is too decent word. When you know the right person is in front, don’t be too decent, be raw, just grab. Otherwise you may be wasting your life in the name of decency.

Understand, to whom you open your being and feel connected is very important.

The moment you decide to be My disciple, decide to entertain feeling connection to Me, cherish your bhakti towards Me, understand, I have put the whole Science of Oneness in the complete seed form inside you. You do not need any spiritual practice to achieve them. You just have to declare to start manifesting them, you just need to declare and allow them to manifest in your life, in your situations, everyday again and again. I tell you, when you declare and start manifesting even the intelligence you require for further manifestations –  I will send it along with it. You don’t have to think, “to build 24 inch biceps, I have to lift 20 kg. In each hand, I can only lift only 2 kg, how will I lift 20 kg and build the biceps?” No. Start with 2 kg, that strength which you develop with 2 will take care of you lifting 5, the strength you develop further will take care of you lifting 10.

Start declaring ‘Sadāshivoham’ and manifesting, whichever state, stage you are in. When you start declaring, manifesting, you will have intelligence to manifest higher and higher things. We always have a problem, “Oh! Swamiji just declares and stops even Nature. He plays with Nature. I am not even able to stop my tears, how will I stop the rain?” That is the way people start developing the idea. No. Start with your tears, start the declaration to stop your tears. When that starts happening, becoming reality, you will have the strength and knowledge, more and secrets getting revealed, then you will be able to move to the next, next.

I tell you, this is My commandment to My disciples and followers – Thou shall not do any spiritual practice. If you are my disciple and you doing any spiritual practice, it is disrespect to Me. Let the spiritual practices be done by the disciples of ‘gurus’, not mine.

Manifest. Declare and manifest. This is not just royal secret or divine secret, this is not just Rājaguhya [royal secret] or Devarahasya [secret of gods] – it is Mahadeva Rahasya [sacred secret of Mahadeva].

I tell you, I tell you, I tell you, there is nothing, nothing between you and Sadāshiva other than your stupid self-doubt.

Declaration is the most powerful way to burn the self-doubt and anything else will be strengthening your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial.

Declaration and manifesting, just tell yourself and the Universe which is you, which is your extension –


I tell you, when you declare this, Universe responds with tremendous sincerity. Don’t think, when you declare this, Universe is out-there laughing at you, making fun of you, which you always do it towards you. You always do it towards you. One part of you wants to be hero. The other part of you always laughs at you – “ay, for your face hero?! Not only you will not be a villain, you will not even be a comedian.” No. One part of you goes on mocks at you and you are very happy with that tug of war because you feel you exist, your identity is alive only in this war. And you find some stupid fellow who resonates with your stupid self-doubt and call that person as your great teacher, educator. Any education that strengthens your self-doubt, burn it.  Burn as early as possible.

 There is nothing, nothing between you and Sadāshiva other than your self-doubt. Declaration. Declare to yourself again and again. Decide to manifest.


Declare again and again and again. Stand with it.

Other than your intention to be, nothing else is a reality. You are just your intention to be. Any other psychological, physiological, neurological ups and downs are not you, they are not reality. Declare powerfully. Anything else other than your declaration, psychological, physiological, neurological ups and downs will just disappear from existence itself, not just from your existence, they will disappear from the very existence itself.

First and foremost lesson, first and foremost truth, you need to know is declaration of your will, the straight method to manifest powers.

Today start with this declaration. This whole Shanti Pātḥa is the declaration of Sadāshiva manifesting Himself through you. Make this declaration, start manifesting. This is the one and only way, you will manifest all the powers – Sadāshiva has initiated you in Shuddhādvaitam. The Adi-Shaiva tradition, the original Shaivaite tradition, the source Shaivaite tradition – no spiritual practice is given the importance of declaration. Declaring and manifesting. Initiation by an Enlightened Guru and then straight manifesting it, straight manifesting it. Start the declaration and manifestation.

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