Once you catch Sadashiva’s love and His Integrity to His love, you will understand, that is the way He functions!

Understand some of the basic truths. Your attitude towards a person decides whether you are going to be part of his public life, private life, secret life. Same applies – your attitude towards the Cosmos is going to decide whether you are going to be part of the Cosmos – public life, private life or secret life.

If you are part of Cosmos’ public life, you will be a great devotee, whatever you want will be showered, nurtured, nourished.

If you are part of Cosmos’ private life, you will be an Enlightened Being, whenever you want, He will manifest through you and bless few people around you.

Becoming part of His secret life, if you are part of His Cosmos’ secret life, then you know the nuances – how the Brahmānda [lit. the egg of Cosmos] functions.

Neither the law nor the logic defines the method of Brahmānda’s functions. Neither there is a law nor there is a logic in Sadāshiva’s functioning. There is a tremendous love and integrity to His love – need to be understood. Once you catch His love and His integrity to His love, you will understand, that is the way He functions.

Till you become part of His secret life, you will continue to have questions, stupid questions – why somebody is rich? Why somebody is poor? Why somebody lives long? Why somebody dies within few days of birth? Why somebody falls sick? Why somebody is healthy? – all this questions will be there. Either they will be haunting you or you will push them under the carpet and sit on it, whatever, but it will be there. It will be there!

Only when you become part of His secret life, you are He, He is you – you are an Incarnation. Whoever becomes part of the secret life of Sadāshiva, Cosmos – you are an Incarnation.

Understand, if you have the attitude – Cosmos is great, you are low – its half-truth. Cosmos is great is Truth, you are low – is a foolish logic out of which you function.

I want to remind you once more – for God to be great, you don’t need to be bad. It’s only in human kingdom, if somebody has to be a king, you have to be slave. If somebody has to be a boss, you have to be a slave. If somebody has to be leader, you have to be a follower; not in the Divine Kingdom, because in the Divine Kingdom the Head is not ‘one’, it is Oneness. It is not led by one, it is led by ONENESS. It is not headed by ‘one’,

it is headed by ONENESS. Understand, some of these vital understandings. Knowledge. Knowledge.

Please listen. Right understandings can shift the very way you exist, the very way you function. If you continue to have the attitude – God is all-powerful and you are powerless, may be sometimes because you are so deeply begging, God may manifest what do you want, but you will never achieve the solution. You will never solve the problem. You may go on be asking; He may have to go on be giving. The drama will go on unendingly. You asking, He giving. Sometimes you overdoing means asking for too much and He not giving, and then you blaming Him. All this tug of war will go on. In the modern day people divorce even Gods. You stop going to the temple, you go to the other temple. You try and then declare, “no. I think it’s not working out for me. I am divorcing him.” You divorce even Gods in the modern day.

Understand, if you are asking from the powerlessness, low inner image, whether He gives or not, the situation is never going to end, the problem is never going to solve, there is no end for this stupidity; it will go on and on and on forever. And if you understand, you should also take responsibility for what you want, you should also start becoming responsible for want you want to manifest and start the spiritual practices, you become part of Sadāshiva’s private life. As long as you continue to retain your low inner image – praying, doing all the rituals, whatever you do, as long as your attitude towards you is powerless and low self inner image, low inner image – you will only be part of Sadāshiva’s public life like Puranas where people beg and He appears and gives darshan once in a while, rarely, gives what devotees want. You will be part of His public life. That is also okay because there are tons who are not even part of His public life, millions who are not even part of His public life.

Something is better than nothing. When you understand the laws of life, want to be responsible for what He showers, what do you want from Him, what you ask then your inner image develops, gets to certain maturity. It gets matured and you start practicing ‘the Agama’ – His teachings. Agama means taught by Sadāshiva, heard by Devi, adopted as a lifestyle to maintain the Cosmos by Vishnu. Delivered by Sadāshiva, received by Devi, adopted as the Cosmic Constitution by the maintainer, Vishnu, is Agama.

You will start practicing, then you become part of His private life where He appears whenever you want. He gives whatever you want. He even appears when you ask for even to others and whatever you recommend, He gives, He shares. But still you are only a matured being, not riped.

The next level is becoming part of His secret life, understanding the secret out of which He is functioning. The whole methodology, the Sukshma out of which He is functioning. If you understand the secret methodology, the way your boss is functioning, you can become a boss. With boss the problem is only one can be boss. Here the moment you understand the way Sadāshiva functions, you can become Sadāshiva and you do not threaten His existence. Because you do not threaten His existence, He is not jealous of you or He is not stopping you. He is welcoming you. He is waiting for you.

Listen. Human Beings need to remember only one thing – when Cosmos rushes towards you, when Sadāshiva rushes towards you with a tremendous love, when He overwhelms you by His love, when He overflows in you – do not be stupid enough to have doubts.

First don’t doubt, “Am I qualified for it?” The moment you have that self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, ‘Am I qualified for it?” Once you have doubt on you, you doubt on Him, “May be He wants something from me, that is why He is showering Himself on me.”

Fool! Understand the Truth. He has nothing to achieve through you. Neither your money nor your beauty, or your age or your wealth or your possessions, whatever you think is most valuable in your life, nothing is useful for Him.

Understand, whatever you think is the most valuable in your life, NOTHING is useful for Him. Nothing is useful for Him. He is not looking at you for any utility value. He is looking at you only as a conscious value. Means He is flowing towards you, just to manifest through you. He is rushing towards you, just to manifest through you.

Understand. Even if you offer all your wealth, life, beauty, car, bank balance, houses, it is like lion cub offering grass to the lion. Cub might have been habituated to eating it, lion is not. Lion neither enjoys your grass nor eats your grass. He may act as if He is accepting it, just to please you. Just to please you. He may get those grass and stock it for the lion cubs to come and eat while they are becoming lions. He is going to start an Aadheenam where the cubs are transformed into lions. So while they arrive, they come as sheep, so they need grass for few days till they become lion. So for that sake He may stock it. He may keep it. But he has no use. He has no use.

Stop the self-doubt, “ Am I qualified?” Once you stop the self-doubt, once you stop the self-doubt, you will drop doubt on Sadāshiva, He has some vested interest. No. His only interest is to manifest through you, to manifest through you.

Understand, officially and formally I am declaring today –

My only interest is to manifest through all of you as Oneness and experiences and powers of Oneness. Neither your wealth nor your skill sets or your beauty is useful to me. Neither your wealth nor your skill sets or your life or your beauty is helpful to me.

All of that is a grass brought by lion cub to the Lion. Lion never eats it. Lion never enjoys it. Sometime he keeps the grass so that the future cubs, when they come, they may need it for few days till they become Lion. The whole Aadheenam is grass stock for the future cubs to eat till they become Lion.

When you understand, He has no use, you will allow His love and grace to flow into you.

The second serious problem every seeker goes through is – overwhelmed when you know the logic with which Sadāshiva is functioning. When you know the logic with which Sadāshiva is functioning, overwhelmed. Listen. Listen. Don’t be caught with your middle class mentalities, cozy understandings, cozy ideas about Cosmos. It is toooo big. It is tooo much. But when you decide to get comfortable with the way It functions, you become part of His secret life, Sadashiva’s secret life. Understand, when you become part of the secret life of Sadashiva, He just manifests Oneness through you. He just manifests all the experiences and powers through you.


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