Combination of herbs, prana, cosmic force energies, ultimately the Shaktipada of Sadashiva is Aushadha

Understand, for example, understand this example: A light, for example: Sun reflecting on the mirror. If the mirror is pure, mirror will reflect the sun as it is. The reflection inside the mirror feels it is sun itself. I will not say it is a crime. It is ok because there is no other damage done to the reflection because of the mirror. It is literally the pure reflection. But if the mirror is broken, the reflection cannot feel it is a pure reflection of the sun. It is a distorted reflection of the sun.

Listen, sun is there and the mirror is there. Sun is Sadashiva, the pure Super-consciousness. The mirror is the system you are carrying – physical, physiological, psychological all put together. The system you are carrying is the mirror. Sun is the pure consciousness, Sadashiva. If your system is not broken, the reflection feeling it is Sadashiva Himself is not wrong because there is no other component involved. You exist as sun exists. You don’t exist when the sun does not exist. If the sun moves, you move. The sun stays you stay. So, reflection in the pure mirror feeling it is Sadashiva Himself is neither wrong nor completely reality. Surely it is not reality. Only when the reflection goes back to the source it is one and the same. But reflection in the unbroken mirror feeling it is sun is not wrong. The reflection in the broken mirror cannot feel it is sun because the other components are involved. The other components are involved.

Understand, the moment the mirror is broken, reflection is distorted. Sun may be round but the reflection will be – you don’t know. It is dependent on the distortion in the mirror.

Understand, most of our body, physical, physiological psychological has become distorted. That is why the integrity seems to be so difficult. And cheating seems to be so easy. The reflection in the distorted mirror; if that reflection starts behaving it is Sadashiva, no, that is not going to work. But the reflection in the pure mirror can behave as Sadashiva; can manifest Sadashivatva; can play the sayujya mukti of Sadashiva; Oneness with Sadashiva because there is no other component involved other than the sun in that. But the moment distortions happen in the mirror, now it’s no more possible. It’s no more possible. Listen, you can see these photographs and try to understand the pure reflection and distorted reflection.

Understand, our body, physical, physiological, psychological. Please listen, not only your blood, flesh, bone are all matter, even your thoughts are matter. Your thoughts do have a weight, maybe micro milligram. But they have weight. They have mass. They are matter. Your body – physical, physiological, psychological. When the mirror you carry, see, your physical, physiological, psychological, all the three put together only I call as the mirror you are carrying. The mirror you carry, when it is broken, distorted, disturbed, the reflection will not be pure. You need to heal that.

Aushadha is the herbal combination, combination of herbs, prana, cosmic force energies, ultimately the Shaktipada of Sadashiva, combination of all these is aushadha. When it is used as prescribed by the Agama’s, shastra pramana and apta pramana and atma pramana, they heal the mirror you are carrying. The more the mirror is healed, the more the reflection becomes pure. More the reflection becomes pure, more Sadashivatva manifests. Understand, it all boils down finally to the integrity to the source. If the mirror is not distorted, it is integrated to the source. More distortion more lack of integrity.

Now. The aushadha which I was preparing yesterday; yesterday we had a session, I initiated the process of making aushadha. We will be making at least 25. The yesterday’s aushadha, it is to infuse nirvikalpa samadhi in you. The three major points of your body, both the side, this (Swamiji pointing to the sides of the forehead), the temple, it is rightly called as temple, because it is temple of your consciousness. Both the temple and the third eye, that region, if this aushadha is applied, it straight away puts you in nirvikalpa samadhi, unclutched space, just by will, nothing else is required. Understand, you only need initiation and your decision, that’s it. Suddenly the broken mirror is healed, I should say, it’s almost like a replaced with a new mirror. And the reflection is pure. No, if you use it only then you will even feel like clapping. Not now. I know it’s too big promise. Looks too good to be true.

First of all, you can’t even understand it. You will clap because others are clapping. That’s all. You can’t understand it. You can understand only if it is used, if you apply. It’s almost like a enlightenment cream, enlightenment cream. Mahadeva explains at least a few hundred aushadha’s and the apta pramana’s exists for at least a thousand types of aushadha’s. I am going to do the most safe, no side effect, I should say no bad side effect. Enlightenment is the only side effect. Going to do at least 25 for MahaSadashivoham. This aushadha is specifically getting ready to give you the experience of state of Sadashiva like nirvikalpa samadhi, complete Completion, inner healing, healing all the in-completions. Then, I am making aushadha for experiencing the space of Sadashiva where the Ishwaratva, the operational component of Sadashiva comes into existence. We call it prakruti, Adi Shakti, Ishwaratva, all that. Then, I will be making aushadha for awakening your ability to have access to all 25 states of consciousness and different dimensions of the universe. I tell you, really I want to tell you, if you experienced the initial push into nirvikalpa samadhi, your integrity, the chastity, your very body will feel chastity is the ultimate pleasure, integrity is the ultimate pleasure.

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