Achalatva dimension of consciousness manifesting through body and mind is Chastity!

I tell you, the other day I was defining chastity. The achalatva, immovable component of consciousness.

Consciousness has one quality of immovable, achalatva.

That quality manifesting through your bio-memory as naturally. Understand, there are some qualities, very comfortably naturally you express. There are some cunning fellows, even after years, years, cannot learn integrity because they feel all the best things of their life is given because of their cunningness. The fools have not seen the best things life can give. See, it is like, a baby steals 2-3 cars, small-small toy cars from his elder brother, from his cousin sister and keeps all that and he thinks because of my stealing capacity see what all I have. And the father, because of this fellows stealing capacity, does not write any of his property in his will to that child. This fool will not know what he lost. He thinks ‘Oh these few things I collected is because of my cleverness of stealing. That’s the best strategy. You see, because of this strategy I have these cars. I secretly play around when nobody is there. See-see what I have.’ Fool, out of your cunningness what you got is not what was reserved for you by cosmos; what you deserved because of your cunningness.

Understand, if your cognition, if your cognition is comfortably flowing with the space of achalatva, I call that as chastity. Achalatva dimension of consciousness manifesting through body and mind is chastity. It is not just for women. Understand, for women chastity is different. For man, the chastity is different. But both have chastity. Listen. The physiology of the male, the physiology of the female works in a different way. It’s completely different. Physiology of the male releases life and male component if there is sex. Physiology of the female releases the female component if there is no sex. See the difference. See the difference. The male component is released if there is sex. Female component is pushed out if there is no sex. So, both the system is different. So, the definition, means the experience and expression of chastity is different for both. Maybe I will have few satsang’s specifically on what is chastity for women and what is chastity for men. Now understand the fundamental definition of chastity. Your consciousness has many glorious dimensions – eternal, pure, whether you are complete mirror or distorted mirror sun cannot be touched by you. Sun cannot be touched by you. You can play with the reflection but not with the sun.

Your consciousness, pure consciousness has many good qualities – eternity, it’s eternal, achalatva stability, pure, self-effulgent, always alive. So all these dimensions are a living cognitions, guna’s of your pure consciousness. In bhakti traditions, the devotion traditions, we call it anantakalyanaguna of Bhagawan, of Lord. Anantakalyanaguna of Lord. This one kalyanaguna, one auspicious guna, character of your consciousness, achalatva, that manifesting through your bio memory, muscle memory, consciousness is chastity. In the female physiology, it expresses in a different way. In male physiology, it expresses in a different way. But the fundamental definition of chastity is this – the achalatva dimension of your consciousness manifesting itself through your body and mind is chastity. I will explain, maybe we will have few satsang’s why it is different in female system and male system. The life-giving male component is released from the system if there is sex. The life-giving female component is released from the system if there is no sex. It’s completely different. So, chastity expresses through both in a different way.

Chastity is one of the health of consciousness.

Understand the word – chastity demonstrates your consciousness is healthy. Like, only mentally healthy person will be courageous. Understand, sometimes the stupid decisions you take out of cowardness also may be appreciated by others as a bold step. No. That is not courage. Courageousness is health of consciousness. Same way, chastity comes when your consciousness is healthy. Integrity comes when your consciousness is healthy.

Understand, the cunning, cunning strategies – you may steal few toy cars and toy houses and keep it secretly, but you will miss what Sadashiva reserved for you. With integrity you will get what He reserved for you. Understand, you deserve what He reserved. But if you think your strategy is more brilliant – then have that few stolen cars and houses you have. Believing non-integrity can pay better things in your life is the worst stupidity can enter into your system.

Cognizing integrity pays the best, integrity brings everything Sadashiva reserved for you, as cognition leads you to enjoy the best of life.

Understand, healing your inner space, physical, physiological and psychological space is done by this aushadha so you become pure mirror to experience the pure reflection. Pure mirror experiencing pure reflection is what I call unclutched space, the space of nirvikalpa samadhi, the space of complete Completion. 

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