Aushadha, Energy Herbs is a gift From Kailasa To The Planet Earth!

You see, actually, to tell you precisely, during the… software downloading, if I have to put it in a modern language, that’s the right word. It’s like a…. whole programming software available in the Kailasa space, it need to be downloaded into this body, to be reproduced on Aushadha. During that time, this body gets sucked into the time of Kailasa, the timing cycle of Kailasa. So, what time it sits with open eyes and what time it falls down, what time it talks and what time it suddenly forgets talking, understand, Talking is not the routine in Kailasa. This way of talking, communication, is a not a regular routine… lifestyle in Kailasa. So when it gets sucked, time is forgotten, suddenly the communication stops, suddenly the verbalization stops and suddenly a very ferocious forceful verbalizations.

Actually I was sitting on a cot and energizing few Shiva Lingas. So I was just downloading that….like a lightening, that energy was flowing and when I brought and connected the other end to the Shiva Linga, there was 2 inch gap. My hand moved in such a way, there was 2 inch gap between that Shiva Linga and My finger, instead of moving the finger, that sankalpa was such, so ferocious, that cot, whole cot moved… da-dang!! And… to align with that Shiva Linga and the finger.

So, things don’t happen in your language. When things are not getting done in your language, I don’t want you to see Me, because you can get frightened. You can get frightened of that ferociousness. That is why, no communication for last… may be few days. I don’t know how many days! Few days, because the space in which I am residing, when I am not surrounded by people, is too high to be translated in your language or lifestyle or understanding. It is too much beyond normal human understanding.

And… as I said, instead of moving that Shiva Linga few inch or My hand 2 inch, the ferocious command moves the whole cot. That is the reason, especially during this powerful downloadings, I tend not to let common eyes, see Me. The good news you have is – download is successful and it is really happening successfully. The great news is, if you come to MahaSadāshivoham, you guys will be first consumers, otherwise also don’t worry, because it is downloaded already into the Planet Earth. Some way I will make it available for all of you, that’s all.

So naturally, because it is already downloaded, even if you don’t come for Mahasadashivoham, some way I will make it available to you – the whole science and the whole Aushadha. Maybe you will get few days later Mahasadāshivoham; that’s all. But the good news is, now it is already downloaded in the plane of Bhu Loka [planet earth], means, in this plane, in this frequency it is downloaded.

During the heavy download, how that clock symbol is there, that is exactly is the ….last few days, in my inner space. I was trying to download few instructions for everyone, to have the best use of Aushadha. Only two – Build body with heavy yoga and build the inner space with heavy integrity; Body by weight lifting, mind by becoming light weight. Make your body heavy, mind light; that’s all. That’s all is the preparation you need to do, for receiving the Aushadha.

The Shakti Aushadha, which I prepared day before yesterday, one part of was done in the live session itself. The next part is done by yesterday night. Today morning it is ready. This science is such that it hits the Swadhisthana. Swadhisthana is the Bhuva, the space of Bhuva and …navel and Swadhisthana is a space, this Shakti Aushadha works. And… see, if you drink 10 bottle energy bull – Red Bull, energy booster, how your whole body and brain will be intensely active, the same intense activity will happen, just if you apply 5 gram of Aushadha on your body. Soon I will study all this medically and scientifically through machinaries and show you guys.

I am going to go for next Aushadha downloading. I am going to work on that main Aushadha; maybe I’ll finish it by the end of Navaratri… that Mahasadashivoham main Aushadha.

And… one good thing is that …..see,

Completion works only when you decide to complete.

Power Manifestation works only when you decide to be in Oneness.

Mandalas, Spiritual Alchemy Products work only when you keep them in your breathing space.

With this Aushadha, it is almost like Universal. Anybody applies – no initiation, nothing, is prerequisite.

Aushadha literally makes you independent. It is independent of everything – initiation, everything. It’s a… just you apply and start manifesting. Power packed in a cream, that’s all.

Eye and Eyes-cream, over!  And….it’s really doing wonderful job. That science is successful. I am also culling out all the Shastra Pramana for Aushadha and Apta Pramana.

And … seeing the result, somebody will take this to the world and I still trust the goodness of the humanity. I just have to….you see, end of the day, which side of the human beings you rub, that side gets awakened. If you rub the wrong side, they show the wrong side. If you rub the right side, they show you the right side. That’s all. And it is too big gift, too big gift from Sadāshiva. And by the end of this year, I am very comfortably seeing, at least 25-50 Aushadhas, the science, the whole formula will be decoded and presented to humanity. We just have to organize it and make it available for the whole world, with more scientific, medical and researchers, analysis. And we can even go for kind of medical trials – that how the medicines trials happen, like that we can do even the medical trials; because these Aushadhas don’t have any side effect. They are all completely herb based, herbal based; so they don’t have side effect – organic herbal based. We can go for medical trials and they will reveal lot of beautiful sacred secrets, important…. the whole contribution – “How this Aushadha science contributes to human consciousness?” – can be revealed to the world through enough of studies and trials and what not. Sadashiva’s Gupta Kailasa is revealing all its secrets. So Gupta Kailasa is revealing all the rahasyas, to the whole world.

One thought on “Aushadha, Energy Herbs is a gift From Kailasa To The Planet Earth!

  1. Blessed I am to be your disciple Swamiji – no words can describe the depths of joy you bring to my life .


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