Always choose good over pleasant!

“Swamiji how can I move away from people who bring me down and don’t want me to be successful? Swamiji how do I deal with the toxic family.”

Please understand, just escape, no, no compromising will help you. Just escape. Do not be in the company of the people who are toxic. Only be in the company of people who are constantly making you powerful. Please understand, do not choose pleasant over good, always choose good over pleasant. Sometime, people will be pleasant to you but not good to you.

Always choose people who make you more and more authentic, more and more responsible, more and more integrated, more and more enriching, more and more powerful to your core. Do not choose pleasant, always choose good. People who choose pleasant will be cheated in a few days. People who choose good will constantly be growing, growing, growing.

I tell you, always choose good not pleasant. If you have choice, if something looks pleasant and something looks good in front of you and you are feeling what to do; always choose good, who empower you with authenticity, responsibility, enriching, and awakening you, making you more and more powerful.

Pleasant is short-term strategy, good is life strategy. Choose good, you life will be successful. Choose pleasant your day will be successful. If you choose pleasant your day may be happy, choose good, life will be happy.

Kathopanishad says very clearly; choose always right than pleasant.

anyac chreyo anyad utaiva preyaste  ubhe nānārthe puruṣam sinītaḥ |

tayoḥ śreya ādadānasya sādhu  bhavati hīyate’rthād ya u preyo vṛṇīte || 1.2.1 ||

When it comes between shreyah or preyah, good and pleasant, always choose good never pleasant. People who choose good succeed in the STRATEGY OF LIFE.

First I want to tell you, the moment you feel the family is toxic, move away from them, be with the people who will make you powerful for some time, evolve to a level where nobody will be able to bring you down and then go back them, go back to your family, bring them up. Instead of you going down you will bring them up, but till then you need some place where you can become strong and grow. Come to a space where nobody is able to bring you down. If you need that place, we are here, come.

This place, I am making this place Bengaluru Aadheenam only to help people to choose good, support them, enrich them with authenticity, with integrity, with responsibility, with enriching.

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