Be integrated to the Divine principles which you cherish!

śrotrasya śrotraṁ manaso mano yad vāco ha vācaṁ sa u prāṇasya prāṇaḥ |
cakṣuṣaś-cakṣur-atimucya dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokād-amṛtā bhavanti || 2 ||

Listen. Listen carefully.

The whole Upanishad verse does not finger towards something, it does not pinpoint anything.

It is the ear of the ears, that by which one hears, the mind of the mind, speech of the speech, the prana of prana, chakshu, eye of the eye. Understanding this, experiencing this, having liberating themselves, the enlightened beings. Here the Upanishad is using the word – Dhīrāh, means, please understand, Veera is a person who is able put  the knife in the right place on the enemy and kill him. Dhīrā is the person who is able to put the right understanding in the brain and conquer himself and achieve enlightenment.

Listen, Veera is the external, Dheera is internal. Veera is micro-management of the actions, dheera is the micro- management of the being.

dhīrāḥ pretyāsmāllokād-amṛtā bhavanti |  

Whenever, with ordinary human logic you try to define God, you mess up so badly, you give birth to demonic ideologies, demonic ideologies means, which kills millions of people who don’t accept the ideology and who accept the ideology, that is what is demonic. Understand.

Daivik tattvas, Divine philosophies means, even if you practice little bit, so much good for you, so much you become complete, people around you become complete, you are celebration for others, others are celebration for you, that’s a divine principles.

In Gita, Sri Krishna says, svalpam apy asya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat (2.40, Gita verse) – even little bit is practiced brings so much good, where people become more and more complete, more and more joyful, more and more blissful, more and more happy. Everyone around you feels you are a reason for them to celebrate. You feel everyone around you are the reason for you to celebrate. That is Divine principles, daivik tattvas. Human principles means, whoever practices are blessed. Listen, the human tattvas, philosophies means: the person who practices will benefit.

British, before they entered, we are the richest economy. Some stupid anti-Indian journalists. No, these Indian journalists they have the audacity to tell – before British came there was no concept of India. Then I have a doubt – why did register the company called East India business company? (laughs). If there was no concept of India, why did the British register their company as East India?

This anti-Indian elements are so adamant, audacious, they say that before British there was no concept of India. Oh God! And you need to know, still many of the Western universities do not call Indic Studies Department as the Indic Studies Department or Indian studies, they call as South East Asian studies, South East Asian studies, just to remove our identity from us. No civilization suffered so much of identity crisis, so much of attack on their identity, so much of abusal. Before British came, we were the largest economy, richest economy. These fellows broke our backbone, swindled the whole thing, then pump little money through the so-called charity, through their missionaries. What is their job? Hitting our identity more strongly with a lot of money, hitting on our existence, understand.

Existence is all about food and being alive only for animals. For human beings, existence is all about IDENTITY, it is all about WHO WE ARE, that is what was being attacked terribly, terribly, that is what was attacked the worst possible way by very powerful strategizing, cunning strategy plans. These are human level tattvas, principles. The demonic tattvas, the demonic ideologies, oh God! Practicing means, you have to kill others, only eliminating others is the scale of how much you practice or not.

Listen to these three ideologies:

  • Daivik, Divine ideologies, who practices, you feel others are reason for you to celebrate, and others feel you are the reason for them to celebrate. Even if you practice a little bit. svalpam apy asya dharmasya trāyate mahato bhayāt. svalpam apy asya dharmasya trāyate mahato bhayāt.
  • The human ideologies are people who practice, they feel good but not others, they can be manipulated, misused, used like a weapon, like Brahmastra. Brahmastra itself is neither bad or good, the person who uses decides whether it is good or bad.
  • Third one: demonic ideologies, the moment you start practicing you have to start killing, eliminating, excluding, First you kill all the fellows who don’t accept the ideology. Not first you start killing all those who oppose, then you start killing all those who don’t oppose, but who don’t accept also, then even among the people accepted; whoever is not coming all out to kill others you start killing them.

Understand the layers of killing. First, kill all those who oppose, then kill all those who don’t oppose but who don’t accept completely, then kill all those even though who accepts but who is not actively killing along with you. Layers and layers of killing that is the demonic ideology.

Please understand, unfortunately the people who had a Daivik philosophy were superficial, that is why I insist so much on having completely integrated to that Daivik philosophy, being active on it, understand.

So much of bad has happened, not only because bad people are active, the demonic ideologies people were active, the Daivik, the Divine ideology people were inactive.

No, I am very clear this time. Vivekananda says very beautifully – devotion should become responsibility. He goes to a little extreme, I want exactly quote him, “people who are singing, dancing only doing bhajan, jumping, not being active in upholding in Krishna’s teachings,” he talks about particular situation). He says, “people who only jump, sing, dance, roll in the name of Hare Krishna, Radha Krishna, Rama Krishna, and does not hold Krishna’s ideology up, alive, keeping them, beat them”, he says, “beat them”. I was really shocked when I read, I thought, “what is this? It looks like a little violent”, He is not telling kill them, no. He just wants to tell clearly – wake them up, wake them up.

The inactiveness of Divine philosophy beings, inactiveness of Divine principle people, inactiveness of the good philosophy people is equally responsible for all the suffering of the world, not just activeness of the bad people alone. Not just the activeness of the bad people alone, that is why this time I say – Sangha is Divine because being active about what you believe, integrity towards what you believe, feeling responsible for what you believe, is very important to balance, to bring the balance on the Planet Earth.

Bad people are so active, good people are sitting and fantasizing about being active. Bad people are able to get thousands of youngsters to go and commit suicide, kill others and kill themselves. We good people are not able to get a few people, youngsters to go and give annadaan, free food, free medicine, free yoga and meditation. That is what I am wondering, why bad people are able to get thousands of youngsters. Just if you see last 3 years I am not even going for ten years, the last 3 years almost openly, known information almost 22 thousand youngsters have killed themselves for some ideology sake, means; by killing others by killing themselves, that the demonic killing principles. I really wonder, how they are able to generate so many thousands of youngsters to go and commit suicide and we are not even able to generate even 1 percent of the population to go and serve free food, to go and serve free medical care, to go and support people during the crisis, to go and support the people during natural calamities.

Understand, good people are giving up ambitiousness, bad people are highly ambitious.

Goodness plus ambition put together is Nithyananda Gurukul.

Tremendous goodness. Tremendous ambitiousness. Ambition with goodness, activism with authenticity, activism with authenticity.

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