Nithya Sutra of Acceptance, Meditation technique

  • Please sit straight.
  • Close your eyes and be in a relaxed way without moving the body. Body movements will create thoughts. So if your body is stable without movement, it can take you to a deeper silence.
  • Very consciously and intensely, create an intention that you are accepting yourself as you are in the outer world and the inner world, this moment.
  • Tell yourself, ‘I have enough nice things in the outer world, enough possessions. I have enough good qualities in the inner world, my inner feelings. I am accepting myself completely. There is no need to develop myself in the outer world or in the inner world. If I have ego, that is ok. If I have guilt, that is ok. If I have fear, that is ok. If I have greed, that is ok. Whatever I have been told I have, is ok. Even if I am going to die the next minute, it is ok.
  • Decide consciously, ‘I accept everything.
  • Don’t bother whether it is right or wrong. Whatever objection your mind raises, accept that also. Accept the present moment. Accept all the future moments. Whatever your mind thinks as the worst thing that can happen to your life, accept even those moments.
  • If it happens, you cannot avoid it. It is inevitable. Understand the inevitability and accept everything.
  • Do this for 21 minutes.

Your intelligence will simply awaken and show you how to relate with every moment, how to relate in every situation, in every relationship.

source: Living Enlightenment

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