We are a microcosm of the macrocosmic intelligence, which is a beautiful orderly chaos!

The microcosm, that is this individual body, is intelligence. In the same way, the macrocosm, that is the universe, is also intelligence, pure energy. The same intelligent energy which runs the universe is also running your body.

The universe, the macrocosm, looks like there is a lot of chaos. There are so many planets, stars, comets and all the heavenly bodies existing all together in the universe. But they all move so precisely in a beautiful order, with no police or regulatory authority! Imagine if one planet moved out of its orbit. There would be so many collisions in space! This is what is meant by the words ‘order in chaos’.

What we think is chaos in the universe is actually beautiful order. This is enough proof to show that the universe is not just power, it is a combination of power and intelligence. The intelligence is nothing but the energy of the universe. Energy IS intelligence.

That is why this energy can heal a person in a purely energy based healing system. It is pure cosmic intelligence that knows which part of the body to flow into and heal. For example, that is why even without knowing where the liver is located in the body, you can heal the liver with healing energy. Energy is pure intelligence. When we realize this power and order in the macrocosmic chaos, we enter into bliss.

While we feel the universe is chaotic, we also understand that there is a beautiful order in it. In the same way, what we think as order in us is actually chaos! We are part of the potential of this universe and also part of its chaos and order. Right now, we think we are orderly because we see a small boundary around ourselves – our home, our office, a few relatives etc. That is why we put in so much effort into maintaining our life in an orderly way. We condemn those who don’t follow this order.

But the truth is, deep down in our being we are a beautiful chaos. We are a microcosm of the macrocosmic intelligence, which is a beautiful orderly chaos. When we understand this, we will become compassionate towards ourselves and towards others. We will stop condemning people. We will also understand that the real order in us is nothing but the cosmic order. So understand, initially, we try to maintain our so-called order because we believe we have boundaries. If we just let go of our boundaries, our need for order will disappear and we will fall in tune with the cosmic order, and joy will happen. When we realize the Cosmic Consciousness within ourselves, we will discover the order that is inborn in us. We will then accept ourselves as we are and others as they are. When you experience the order in cosmic chaos you experience bliss. When you realize the chaos within your order you exude compassion.

source: Living Enlightenment

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