Truth is that universal or cosmic intelligence responds to every thought of ours!

This may be a surprising revelation, but the truth is that universal or cosmic intelligence responds to every thought of ours. Interesting research by Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto shows this point very clearly.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did experiments on water. He collected water samples from different sources and exposed them to various kinds of thoughts. Then he froze the samples and studied their crystalline structure through a microscope with the help of high-speed photography. Thousands of these crystals were studied under tightly regulated conditions of temperature, cooling time and lighting. He did various experiments on these water samples, playing different types of music to the water, talking to the water, reading out from ancient life teachings, praying with a certain intention etc.

He found that when the water samples were exposed to healing music, the water crystals that formed were very beautiful and graceful. The water exposed to negative feelings or thoughts did not form crystals but rather an irregular structure which reflected the emotions of the person handling them.

Another series of experiments was done to study the effect of words and sounds. The water used was distilled water. The water sample was divided into two parts and placed in different bottles, one labeled ‘Thank you’ and the other labeled ‘You are a fool’ in different languages such as English, Japanese and Korean. After exposure to these labels, the frozen water samples when examined under the microscope showed a clear difference in the crystal structure.

The water labeled ‘Thank you’ showed a beautiful, well balanced crystal structure. The water labeled ‘You are a fool’ showed a very irregular, amorphous structure. Water samples with negative labels like ‘You make me sick’ showed distorted and dispersed crystals. The water samples with positive labels like ‘love’, ‘appreciation’ and ‘peace’ showed beautiful and uniform crystal structures. Even the tone of the words made a huge difference on the microscopic forms! For example, the collaborative words like ‘Let’s do it’ caused a very beautiful crystal structure compared to the crystals formed by the commanding words ‘Do it’.

Another surprising thing was the behavior of the water crystals when photographs were shown to them. The water, after being exposed to a picture of an innocent child, showed crystals of relaxed positions. The water which was shown a photograph of cherry blossoms showed a crystal almost like a cherry blossom!

Later, experiments were done to study the kind of change that thought could have on water. After a powerful earthquake in Japan, the water structure was seen to be a dark, amorphous structure reflecting the people’s fear and pain. Three months later, after kind help and warmth from around the world for the affected people, the water structure was studied again. This time the water crystals reflected the same warmth.

Experiments conducted on dam water initially showed a terrible structure. But after just one hour of praying and intention that the water become clean, it showed a remarkable change into beautiful hexagonal crystals.

Our body is about 70% water. Planet earth is covered with over 70% water. After studying the effect of mental thoughts on water, just imagine the tremendous effect our thoughts, words and intentions have on the planet and us!

Another real incident from history:

When India was under British rule, the British soldiers found that when they carried water from England to India in their ships, the water got spoiled even while on the ship. But when they carried water back from India to England, the water not only stayed fresh through the voyage, but also remained fresh until they consumed all of it back in England! When scientists studied this surprising phenomenon, they found that this fresh water was from the sacred river Ganga in Calcutta which was worshipped by millions of people from around the world. It had the natural properties of neutralizing harmful bacteria and purifying itself. Billions of people have been praying to Ganga for over thousands of years. Naturally they have left their prayerful thoughts as imprints on this water which is so energizing and self-healing.

Even in Egypt, the river Nile has been studied by the Egyptians over thousands of years by measuring its flow, level, turbulence etc. They have found that many times these parameters reflected the calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis, that have happened or are about to happen in even distant parts of the world.

What makes us become insensitive to nature?

The moment our ego comes into play we become insensitive to nature.

There was a beautiful story I was reading about a poet who in his young age used to go and play with the wild animals near his house. His father used to warn him that he should not play with the wild animals because they might harm him. But, he still used to go and sit with the wild animals when he could.

He would say, ‘When I was self-conscious and afraid that there was a possibility that the animals might harm me, they would never come near me. The communication never happened, the relationship never happened. But, whenever I had courage or I was in a very playful mood, whenever I did not have the fear or the self-consciousness, the communication and relationship used to be so strong. I could feel very clearly the animals were connecting with me and I was connecting with them.’

Understand, what I mean when I say your ego becomes strong. It means when your identity that you are a ‘separate person’ is felt strongly. When this happens, your connection with nature is disturbed. The innocent way of relating is lost. The feeling of being connected is lost. This is one of the big losses that can happen to a human being. It is similar to how a person who is born blind can never be made to understand what he is missing. In the same way, the man who has forgotten the way of relating with the heart can never be made to understand what he has lost.

Power of intention Writer and doctor Deepak Chopra , in his book ‘The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire’ talks about a similar experiment where white blood cells were studied for their responses to various stimuli. The white blood cells were separated from a blood sample and placed in a test tube. Suddenly, the experimenter had the idea to make a small cut on the back of his hand to see if this action might affect the cells in the test tube. By the time he went in search of a device to make the cut, to his surprise he found that the white blood cells in the test tube had registered intense activity. The cells were reacting to the experimenter’s intention to cut his hand even before the cut was actually made!  The power of intention in a mental plane can cause something to happen in the physical plane. That is why it becomes very important to have the right intention at all times.

I was reading about an experiment where some years back scientists used an electroencephalograph (EEG) to measure the brain waves of two people meditating together. It was found that certain pairs of people showed a strong correlation in their brain wave patterns. These strongly bonded pairs were asked to meditate side by side for some time. Then, they were moved to different rooms. Then one of each meditating pair was stimulated by bright lights flashing in the room. The EEG brain wave recording showed activity in the brain of that meditator as expected. But surprisingly it also showed that the paired meditator in the other room who was not stimulated by the lights also showed the same activity in the brain automatically and instantly!

Understand, what happens in your mind affects not only you but also those around you. Space is not a criterion for thoughts. They simply travel in air. That is why in your house, if you express worry and negative thoughts a lot, the very atmosphere for your family members becomes heavy. They are affected by the negativity that you radiate.

source: Living Enlightenment

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