Top 10 Reasons to Get Enlightened

  1. No Worries; Be Happy! Express spontaneous creativity for assured success!
  2. Intensely Enjoy Life! Enjoy every moment of life with pure excitement!
  3. Always Auspiciousness! Whatever happens in life will be auspicious!
  4. ‘Always-Right’ Strategic Planning! Relationships, business, or life – always make right decisions!
  5. Ultimate Experience Every Moment! Expand and explode in all dimensions of life!
  6. No Study, Just Download! Science, arts, religion, business, cooking… Just download from the Cosmic archives!
  7. No Greed, No Fear! Nothing to gain or lose – get all you want right here, right now!
  8. Unclutch – the Fastest Gear! Master-mind – Forever free from the clutches of the mind!
  9. Being God! Master of your destiny – create your reality!
  10. Beyond Space, Time, and Mind! Enjoy being in the lap of eternal bliss! You are eternal bliss – nithya ananda!

source: Living Enlightenment

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