Enlightened Master is the doorway to one’s own divine experience

Chitram vadataror mooley vriddhah shishyaa gurur yuvah
Gurostu maunam vyaakhyaanam shishyaastu chinnah samshayah

Beneath the banyan tree they sit
the disciples, old men, the guru a mere youth!
The guru speaks through Silence alone
But lo! The disciples’ questions dissolve on their own!

Understanding of concepts will remain academic, and techniques will remain as tools without the power to transform, unless the master’s presence catalyzes the process. One needs the master to realize god. In the vedic tradition, the spiritual teacher, the guru or the master, is more important than god. Scriptures say that the master is mother, father and god, all in one and beyond all.

God is a concept to most of us. There are few who can speak with authority based on one’s own experience about the divinity one has experienced. It is said that one who experiences does not express, and one who expresses has not experienced. The master is one who has experienced and who communicates that experience to others not merely as expressions but through his very body language and life style.

The master is the doorway to one’s own divine experience. He leads the disciple by his hand through it to experience the fundamental truth of his own inner divinity. In the process the disciple becomes a master and the cycle continues.
This virtuous cycle of enlightenment resulting in the experience of one’s true nature, breaks down the vicious cycle of desires and suffering that all of us are caught in. It is with deep understanding that Buddha said that all desires are suffering. Buddha’s reference was to human nature that seeks to fulfill these desires externally through the senses. This can never happen. Desires keep growing again and again. It is only the experience of the inner bliss arising out of the understanding of one’s own infinite potential, that can eliminate the suffering which has become human nature.
The master is a mirror. He is an intelligent mirror of energy that leads us to the discovery of who we are. Let us now begin this journey.

source: Living Enlightenment

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