Relationship with an Avatar, who is one with Existence, is deeper than any other relationship. It is a being level connection!

What is a relationship?

Relationship is that which can reveal to you dimensions in you that you don’t even know exist inside you. It gives you the experience and proves to you that you are also capable of loving someone or something. It shows that you can also love and you can also sacrifice to an amazing extent for the sake of someone.

When we are born, we are born with completeness. But we are not aware of many of our dimensions and when we are not aware, the outer world too does not know of it. Relationships have the power to awaken our unknown dimensions and make us experience them and show the same to the outer world. Relationship awakens the unknown dimensions in you.

A relationship with anyone or anything, no matter who or what, will lead you to the ultimate relationship with the master.  When you fall in love, whether it is with a man, woman or child, deity or master, you will see dimensions of you that you never knew existed inside you. With the flowering of such love, you become more responsible. You experience the very juice of life.

The relationship with the master, who is one with Existence, is deeper than any other relationship. It is a being level connection. Generally all other relationships will create bondage but the relationship with the master has the power to lead you to freedom and finally to eternal bliss. Even if you try to create bondage in this relationship, it will only lead to eternal bliss! Bondage can never happen in this relationship. The form of the master is Ultimate and you. Because the form is an embodiment of the Ultimate, it has both the dimensions, of man and god. When you relate with not only the form but also the truth that the form stands for, you reach the knowledge of the Ultimate.

The master is all forms and no form. He refuses to be captured in a frame, to be turned into a stone or worshipped as an image. The master is beyond forms, beyond dimensions. He has infinite dimensions – infini-D!

Frozen into one frame, whether mother or lover, he is easy for you to capture and retain. He becomes easier to market. But the master is not interested in business for him. He wants you to be confused so that you look in and become enlightened. He wants you to die so that you become awake.

Come to the master with your ignorance. He will show you the path. Don’t hesitate to fall into his arms with love. You will soar with him into bliss. The master relates to us on multiple frames and planes, each one of which unveils the beauty and intensity of the unique relation he has with every single being that has the fortune of entering his space. Each one in the quest for the Truth traverses a uniquely beautiful path with the master as he leads from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. It is a delicate love affair. It is the merger of two beings in such deep trust and communion that the flame from the master just jumps from his being to the disciple’s being. The spark of awareness is thus lit.

Different relationships unleash various dimensions in you. A lover unleashes the love feeling in you. Friends around you unleash the feeling of friendship in you. Your kids unleash the motherliness dimension in you. Your parents, grandparents unleash the childhood dimension in you. But only the master can unleash all the dimensions in you.

Master is the person who awakens the unknown enlightenment dimension in you. You cannot calculate the transformation the master-disciple relationship creates in you. The master reveals himself in various dimensions and makes you transcend those and lets you experience the Ultimate through communion.

source: Living Enlightenment

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