When people ask me whether I am god, I tell them it depends on you!

This is an incident from the days of my spiritual journey.

One morning, a master was talking to all of his disciples in the angle of feeling connected to the whole of the Himalayas. The master was loving and caring enough to allow me also into their morning session. He was asking the disciples one by one, ‘Did you practice this technique?’ It seems a few days earlier he had initiated them into the technique of feeling connected to the Himalayas. They were supposed to constantly internalize that the Himalayan mountains was a part of their body.

One disciple said, ‘Yes master, now I feel completely connected.’ Now the master very casually said, ‘Alright then, move that rock.’ Understand, I promise I saw with my eyes, the disciple moved his hand and that rock moved. Logically it is very difficult to understand this.

I too had a shock and was shaken to see what happened. The master looked at me and said, ‘Do you want to see the power of the mind? Just sit here.’ He told that disciple who moved the rock to hold my hand. He told me, ‘Now you move your hand.’ I moved the hand and the rock came back to its original place. This was too big a shock for me.

Then he told me very beautifully, ‘It is not that only that disciple can do and you can’t do. No! Anybody who can be part of that connection will be able to move the mountain.’

I am not saying we need to move the rocks. I’m merely talking about this technique just to tell you the power of this technique.

When you are in love with the master, not only will you feel he is god but all the miracles which you feel or expect should happen in the presence of god will also happen in front of him, in his presence. But when that love is lost, when you don’t have that love, you won’t see those miracles happening in his presence. You may be the same person, he will be the same person but those miracles will not happen.
Somebody asked me why this happens. Does the master lose enlightenment? No, he does not lose it. You lose the ability to recognize or connect with the enlightenment. When people ask me whether I am god, I tell them it depends on you!

I am constantly available, open. If you want to connect to me as a teacher, you can connect to me and carry all the knowledge. If you want to connect to me in the level of a master, you can have the initiation itself. See, only a master can initiate, a teacher can’t initiate. The teacher can teach, the master can initiate. If you connect at the level of god or Divine or ultimate energy, you will carry the experience itself, not just initiation.

It depends on how much of your inner space is available for me, that’s all. If you relate just intellectually, you will carry knowledge. If you relate with a little bit of emotion, a little bit of love, you will carry initiation. That means whatever I can’t express through words also will go into you. My entire software will be transmitted to you. If you are able to connect with the being deeply, you don’t need initiation. The whole experience will be transmitted. The software and all the applications will also be transferred! It depends on the person as to what level he connects with and at what level he experiences.

I always tell people, bhakti or the feeling of being connected to the master is such an ultimate relationship. Never miss it if at all you have got the chance in your life. Never miss it. It is too much to miss. If you miss things in your outer world, it is ok. If you miss your ideas that you carry in your inner world, that is also ok. In English there is a proverb: If you miss or lose wealth, nothing is lost; if you lose your health, something is lost; if you lose your character, everything is lost. I think even if you lose your character nothing is lost. Only if you lose the connection with the master, everything is lost.

It is such a deep relationship. It is the ultimate blessing. Never miss it if at all you got it. If you feel that the constant feeling of being connected has happened in you, do not miss it at any cost. Throw away any idea that comes between you and him. Anything can be lost but not this connection.

One more thing, it is not that you will be disconnected from me. You will be deeply connected to my true self. In love, you will feel connected. In hatred you will feel disconnected. In devotion, you will go beyond the connection and disconnection. You will just feel my presence and experience it whether I am physically present or not.

When I say go beyond love, I don’t mean start hating or feel disconnected. No! I say let the love become devotion. You will feel that you and the master are not different persons. You will just feel the very presence without the suffering of the absence. He will constantly remind you to turn towards you. He will not be binding you in any way.

Whenever you start experiencing the presence of a person by putting in so much of energy to create that feeling of connectedness and love, not only you become dependent on him but by that time he will also become dependent on you. If somebody can remain without him being dependent on you but allowing you to be dependent on him till the time you are ready to be independent, then he is an enlightened person. An enlightened person will never be dependent on you. So he doesn’t have vested interest to keep you under his control, under his thumb.

When the time comes, when he sees that you can turn towards yourself, he will just ask you to turn towards yourself. He will see that your energy that is invested in so many ways is all completely centralized. Once he sees that the centralizing work is complete, he immediately takes the next step. He will tell you, ‘Now enough. Start working in my absence. Work on your presence.’

A master will agree and co-operate with you for you to feel his absence and he will transfer the whole energy to your devotion. He will not bind you. That is the greatness of falling in love with the master. The master is a person who will not be dependent on you but who will initially allow you to be dependent on him. When the time is right, he liberates you into absolute freedom. He transfers your whole energy back to you and says ‘goodbye’. He lets you to experience the ultimate for yourself.

source: Living Enlightenment

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