Is the statement, ‘When the student is ready, master appears’ right?

Yes, the statement is right. When the student is ready, master appears. Sometimes, even when the student is not ready, out of compassion, master appears. He gives the possibility. Even people who are not ready can take the quantum jump. So I extend my hand for the possibility.

But these fellows sometimes bite the hand! What to do? Even then, I tell them, ‘Bite. This is your nature. But I will extend my hand and help. That is my nature. Just because you bite, do you think that I will not give my hand? I will extend one more hand. Till that heals, alright, hold this other hand!’ That is all.

Understand, sometimes there is a possibility for the disciple to take a quantum jump. So even when the disciple is not ready, the master gives the hand.

Swami Vivekananda tested his master Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Can I test you?

Once, when I was invited to address a college gathering, a student asked me, ‘Have you seen god?’ I asked him, ‘Have you read Vivekananda’s books?’ He said, ‘Yes. I have read Vivekananda’s books. Vivekananda asked Ramakrishna this question. In the same way I am asking you, have you seen god?’

I just told him, ‘See, when Ramakrishna said, ‘Yes, I have seen god’ as a reply to Vivekananda’s question, Vivekananda left everything and walked behind Ramakrishna. Now, I am telling you, ‘Not only have I seen, I will show you too. Come!’ That fellow just disappeared in the crowd!

So understand, before checking out a master like Vivekananda did, first check yourself whether you are Vivekananda or not. Then you can check me out.

One more thing is the trust happens at a much deeper level, not just by checking out critically. The path of doubts is also ok. There is nothing wrong. But let the doubting be open like the scientist’s doubt. It should not be like an atheist’s doubt. The atheist has already decided there is no god. So his checking out can’t be called as doubt. A scientist is a person who has not yet concluded anything. He is still doing experiments with an open mind. Have the doubt of a scientist, not of an atheist.

source: Living Enlightenment

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