How do I become your disciple?

Actually, if you are unclutched, you can get into my circle. Being unclutched directly connects you to me. A tremendous energy starts flowing through you. What do I mean by unclutched? Being relaxed without clinging on to any person or thought or thing.

I always tell people that the person who feels only his pain and comes to me for healing is a devotee. The person who has complaints only about his own problems is a devotee. The person who feels my pain and takes the responsibility which I have taken as this whole mission, is a disciple!

The person who after taking my responsibility realizes, ‘How can an enlightened being have pain? Whatever I thought as a pain before taking this responsibility is not a pain, it is nithyananda – eternal bliss,’ then you become an insider!

So now you know how to become a disciple. Feel my responsibility, which is the responsibility of Existence. Then you will become a disciple.

source: Living Enlightenment

One thought on “How do I become your disciple?

  1. Beautiful layout and content – comes off very crisp and clear with the selected pictures adding so much more.


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