How does a seeker know he has reached his master, or can he have many masters?

When you reach the master, this question, ‘Is he my master or not?’ will disappear. Be very clear. People ask me, ‘Should we accept you as our master?’

I tell them, ‘Never do that mistake. No. I never promote myself. I can never tell you to accept me as your master.’

If I am your master, there will be something beyond your intellect – you will not be able to forget me. Now I challenge, if you can forget me, forget. Then I am not your master. Relax and continue your seeking. You will get the right master. Don’t worry.

If you can’t forget me, only then I am your master.

I always tell people, never accept me as a master. If I am your master, I will be there in your mind the whole day and whole night. I will be there even in your dreams. If thoughts of me fill you day and night, then I am your master.

People ask me, ‘Swamiji, should I remember you? Should I meditate on you?’ I tell them, ‘No. Forgetting me will be the problem. Remembering me will not be the problem. Only then I am your master. If you can forget me, forget and continue your journey. That is good for you.’

If you are not able to forget me then I am your master. Even if you have one doubt in one corner, that is a solid proof I am not your master. Relax. Don’t struggle. Don’t suffer. Don’t torture yourself. Just say a beautiful goodbye and continue. My love, respects and best wishes for you to reach the right master, the master who is for you. Start searching, you will see the right master. I myself have sent many disciples to many masters. I have guided many people that way. This is not like a shop. It is not as though if you come to my shop, you can’t go to another shop. It is not a business. I always tell people that even if you are my disciple, do not stop learning from all other masters. Pluck flowers from all gardens and make a beautiful bouquet for yourself. After all, life is to be enriched. 

First thing is this very question of whether you are my disciple or not will not arise in you if I am your master. If you have this doubt, be very clear I am not your master. Continue your seeking. Second thing is even if the doubt has completely disappeared and you think I am your master and you feel completely connected, even then do not stop learning from all the other sources, all the other masters. Learn from all possible sources.

source: Living Enlightenment

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