After spending two-three years with you, why do people leave? How can they leave? Why don’t you keep them?

That is the greatness of a living master. He never hypnotizes you. He never brainwashes you. He gives you all the possibilities. You can leave even after ten years. The doors are open.

An ordinary teacher will try to build things, teach things, create systems and setups from which you can’t leave. But with the master, he gives you only the possibilities. All possibilities are open – to be in or to be out. Always, all possibilities are open, because this whole relationship is built on love, freedom, openness and compassion. When you are in love, you see this truth. Only when you come inside, when you want to be guided by me, I interfere. Otherwise, I keep my distance.

See, when people come to me for guidance, they want to escape from their own dilemma. They know that a powerful security is present here, that a high intelligence is guiding here. But sometimes, their unconscious doesn’t want to be guided. Even if I make them wait, they feel that they are not guided, or if I guide them, again they feel, that their freedom is lost. So when these kinds of things happen,

I tell them, ‘Wait. Slowly, slowly, whatever needs to evolve will evolve.’

Such people, when they leave also I tell them that they have full freedom to come back or leave forever, but never to abuse the guidance that they received when they asked for guidance. They should not judge the incidents that happened when they were in deep love with the mind that is there when that love is no longer present. They cannot judge the same incidents and the same truths without that same love they had at that time.

source: Living Enlightenment

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