The Birth of the Master Technique, Nithya Dhyaan

There are some meditation techniques that are specific for specific times and people, and there are a few that are universal. Nithya Dhyaan is the meditation for the seeker of today. It is the cyber age meditation.

First I would like to tell about how this meditation technique Nithya Dhyaan happened. Up to the age of 11, I experimented with numerous meditation techniques. At the age of 12, I had my deep spiritual experience. From 12 to 21 years, I consciously scanned and analyzed the benefits of several techniques. For three years after my enlightenment, I worked on creating a sound technology to reproduce this experience of enlightenment in others. The essence of this entire inner world research I have done to date is formulated in the Nithya Dhyaan meditation technique.

Nithya Dhyaan is a formula and a technique that works on the entire being to transform it and make it ready for the ultimate experience of enlightenment. Each segment of this unique technique complements the other steps to help raise the individual consciousness. It is an everyday meditation for eternal bliss Nithya Ananda.

To understand the technique, we need to understand a little about the chakras or subtle energy centers. Working on the seven chakras is like awakening new channels of energy. It is like tuning to a new channel on television.

Man can think only based on these seven energy centers. For some people, the utility of anything will be only desire, lust, touch. For some, only fear will move them. There is nothing wrong in being driven by emotions like desire. But you should experience other dimensions like love. You should understand it is possible to function out of sheer energy.

By awakening the chakras, you will go beyond these emotions and be released from the mental setup. You will start working as a free being. If you are liberated from these mental setups, only then you will understand the value of the freedom.

When you are liberated from a particular chakra, you will experience a new world. On whatever identity your personality is standing, on whatever idea your life is standing, it will just melt down. You will experience a new energy.

For example, suddenly if you get into the share market business, you start getting interested in collecting updates from television, magazines, people etc about the share market. After a month or so, suddenly you start feeling the whole world is becoming more aware of the share market. You now feel more surrounded by people related to the share market. It is not that the world has changed, it is your perspective that has changed. When you shift the energy center, you will start gathering that kind of people around you.

If you shift the energy center, you can change the world you see. In Hindu mythology, they say there are seven worlds. This is what they refer to – the seven emotions that decide how you see the world.

source: Living Enlightenment

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