Nithya Dhyaan meditation technique

This is a five-step technique, each step being 7 minutes.

1. Chaotic breathing

Duration: 7 minutes

Sit in vajrasana (sitting with the knees folded and your feet tucked under, with the bottom resting on the heels). Normally in our body, the energy flows from the sahasrara chakra (crown center) to the muladhara chakra (root center). Vajrasana posture helps reverse this flow and supports the upward movement of energy.

Sit with eyes closed, hands on your hips and breathe chaotically. Inhale and exhale deeply and chaotically, without a particular rhythm. Just focus on the breathing. Your entire being should become the breathing.

This first part is very physical – sitting in vajrasana and inhaling and exhaling intensely, chaotically. You will see if you have any digestion problem, it will be completely healed. Your body will be ready.

When the body intensity is heightened, you will have a beautiful digestion system. This first part of Nithya Dhyaan is for creating a healthy body.

An important thing you need to understand is that the quality of breathing changes depending on your state of mind. Your emotions have an impact on the breathing process. When you are in anxiety, your breathing changes. When you are angry, your breathing changes. When you are in tension, if you take a deep breath, suddenly you feel light, more relaxed and the tension is released.

The breath and mind are inter-related. Changing one automatically changes the other. Emotions may not be in our hands, but our breathing is. If we control our breathing or bring about some change in our breathing pattern, we will directly impact our emotions and state of mind.

We tend to breathe in a fixed pattern. Our past samskaras, past memories locked in our unconscious zone, create a particular type of breathing pattern in our system. As a result, we attract similar emotions and samskaras. We get into a vicious cycle where our past samskaras create our breathing pattern and the breathing pattern in turn attracts similar samskaras and incidents in the future. This vicious cycle has to be broken.

Nithya Dhyaan begins with chaotic breathing. Since the breathing is chaotic, it has no fixed pattern or rhythm. The pattern of the mind that forms its existence and expression is broken. Thoughts cannot follow the pattern they have been following so long for so many years.

Our muscles store all our past memories in the form of energy bio-memories. The deep chaotic breathing will start releasing the tension in the muscles, and these engraved memory patterns in the muscles and body parts will be expelled. Our muscles are normally under stress. Chaotic breathing will loosen the muscles and start clearing the engraved memories.

Each emotion within us gives rise to a particular breathing pattern. You might have seen that children breathe deeply and blissfully. But as they grow, they are conditioned by society, picking up from society the perceptions of pain, pleasure, guilt, beliefs, etc. Then the quality of the breathing changes totally. In order to shake this pattern which has been created due to the habitually suppressed emotions, we have to insert chaos. Inserting another pattern is not the solution.

You have to create utter chaos in your system to dig out all the past impressions. So I don’t recommend any rhythmic breathing pattern like pranayama in this meditation. Just breathe chaotically. This chaotic breathing will destroy the emotional attachment to all your past memories.

It is like shaking a tree that is full of dead leaves. All the dead leaves will fall down. Similarly chaotic breathing is like shaking your suppressed system. All the past engraved memories will be released.

Deep chaotic breathing also infuses tremendous oxygen and releases carbon dioxide from the body. It creates hyperventilation and as a result you feel more vibrant and fresh. Through increased intake of oxygen in the blood, automatically more bio-energy is generated in the cells and all aspects of the body come alive. The bio-energy that is generated will start clearing the samskaras, leaving you feeling light, energetic and blissful.

2. Intense humming

Duration: 7 minutes

Continue to sit in vajrasana, form chinmudra with your fingers, and place your hands on your knees, palms facing upwards.

In this posture, with your mouth closed and lips together, produce a humming sound as intensely as possible, as loudly as possible and as lengthily as possible.

Produce the sound ‘Mmmm…’ from within your body. If you were to put your face inside an empty aluminum vessel and make a humming sound, the sound generated will be similar to this. Note that this is not ‘Humm…’ or ‘Omm…’, it is simply keeping your lips together and producing ‘mmm…’ sound. The humming should be as lengthy as possible between breaths. It should be as deep as possible (from the navel center) and as loud as possible. There is no need to make an effort to take in deep breaths. The body itself will take the correct amount of breath when needed.

Put your complete awareness on the humming. Become the humming.

Continuously there is talking going on within the mind. Humming is an excellent technique to reduce this inner chatter. Inner chatter is nothing but the flow of independent thoughts continually happening in us. Humming lets you feel your body as energy. The moment you start humming, you start feeling light, as if you are floating. You don’t feel the heaviness in the body because humming matches the vibrations of the mind with the vibrations of the body. You start experiencing yourself as energy.

Don’t become tense. Just do it in a relaxed manner. Immerse your whole being and energy into creating this vibration. Try to minimize the gap between the humming sounds. After some time, you will feel that the humming continues without your effort and that you have simply become a listener. The body and the mind start resonating with the humming vibrations. The humming will create a healthy inner chattering and a healthy heightened emotional awareness.

3. Chakra Awareness

Duration: 7 minutes

Continue to sit in vajrasana or sit cross- legged if you wish. Keep your fingers in chinmudra. Now take your awareness to each chakra (energy center) starting from the muladhara chakra (root center) to the sahasrara chakra (crown center). You should become that energy center when you are asked to put your awareness on each energy center. Feel the energy center completely as if your whole being has become that energy center.

Each of these seven energy centers is associated with a specific emotion in our being. Kirlian photography has captured these chakras and proven their existence at the energy level. These emotions themselves are a result of the engraved memories accumulated in the past. The memories pull us to react in the same old ways to situations and people, and that reaction is what is called emotion. The rising emotions block the particular energy center, causing physical and mental disturbances.

So in this step we focus our complete awareness on each energy center, starting from the base of the spine and moving to the crown. When we flood anything with awareness, the negativity in it dissolves. This is true for physical pain as well. If there is pain in one part of our body, if we flood that part with awareness, we will see that the pain shrinks to a point and disappears!

Flood each of the seven energy centers with full awareness for a minute each. Feel that only that particular center exists in the whole world. There is nothing else. Just become that energy center. Feel the energy center completely as if your whole being has become that energy center. Then move to the next center. At the end of this step you will feel completely energized with positivity and lightness.

By the time you come up to the higher and higher centers, your livingness, intensity also will come up. You will become very intense. This visualization helps to create a healthy mind and emotion, healthy inner chattering and heightened emotional awareness. At the end of this step you will feel energized and light.

If you concentrate on the energy centers, your mind will not wander as easily, it will just settle down because these are living energy centers. If you try to concentrate on some other part of the body, your mind can wander easily.

4. Be unclutched

Duration: 7 minutes

In this step, carry the understanding with you that your thoughts are unconnected, irrational and unclutched. Even if you have thoughts, neither try to suppress them nor try to react to them. Just watch them with the understanding that they are unclutched. Automatically, the witnessing consciousness will start happening in you.

Understand that whether you realize it or not, accept it or not, you are already enlightened. By your very nature you are unclutched.

Sit silently and experience the unclutched state, the state of pure being and bliss. This is the ultimate technique to experience the state of enlightenment.

5. Guru Puja

Duration: 7 minutes

We end Nithya Dhyaan with the connecting, relaxing and resting into the whole Cosmic energy.

Just sit in a relaxed way, connected to the whole Cosmos. If you have love for the master or love for some god, just sit in a very deep and passive way, feeling connected to the Cosmos, or god, or your master, that’s all. Just relax and settle down.

Just sit silently in a blissful mood and listen to the Guru Puja mantras being chanted. Feel connected to Existence and feel the vibrations of the powerful mantras within your being. The mantras are a way to express gratitude to Existence and to the master for bestowing upon us this great wisdom which liberates us from ignorance and helps us attain the state of eternal bliss, nithyananda.

The chanting is in Sanskrit which has both linguistic and phonetic importance. By centering ourselves on the vibrations created when chanting these Sanskrit sounds, we can go beyond the words of the mind to the peace of our very being. Even if we don’t understand the meaning of the sounds, the phonetic value of Sanskrit will transform our mood and purify our whole body and mind, creating positive vibrations inside our being.

You can also choose to perform the Guru puja (offering gratitude to the master) in this step by reciting the mantras and performing the rituals.

Practice this meditation technique once a day and you will start experiencing a new dimension of your being. Nithya Dhyaan will prepare your body and mind to experience the state of pure consciousness and bliss.

source: Living Enlightenment

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