Nithyananda Yoga is the science, the formula, that will give others the same experience of enlightenment which happened in me.

Until the age of thirteen, Raghupati Yogi prepared my body and mind to enter into and stay in the experience of enlightenment. Entering into the experience, having a glimpse of the no-mind state, having that experience of satori and unclutching is actually not very difficult. But to remain in the experience and more importantly, to express that energy though your body, both your body and mind needs to be prepared.

Yoga thus prepared my body for holding the ultimate energy of enlightenment.

Having a glimpse of enlightenment is not such a big thing; anybody can have it. But staying in that high energy space, in high consciousness and expressing and radiating the tremendous energy of enlightenment requires preparation of the body and mind.

The training I had with Raghupati Yogi prepared my body, including my nerves, to hold the tremendous energy of enlightenment. An enlightened body holds tremendous energy. I can give an analogy, it is like trying to hold four elephants inside a small hut! It is like a nuclear reactor. Even the normal temperature of my body is one to two degrees higher than that of a normal person’s. Yoga thus prepared my body for holding the ultimate energy of enlightenment.

Nithya Yoga is my offering to the world. It is the science, the formula, that will give others the same experience of enlightenment which happened in me.

Nithya Yoga is a representation of yoga as expressed by Patanjali. It is expressing yoga according to Patanjali’s body language or bio-energy and inner space. The purpose of Nithya Yoga is simple, to experience and express bliss. With Nithya Yoga, the capacity to experience bliss will just explode in your inner space. The capacity to radiate bliss will start happening in your body.

As of now, your system may not be prepared to stay in that enlightened space, to radiate that same experience continuously. Nithya Yoga prepares your body to experience and stay in and radiate the inner bliss, the eternal bliss.

Your mind is not capable of staying in bliss or excitement. Your system is not capable of staying in high excitement and intense energy. It is neither trained nor is it capable. Through Nithya Yoga, I am training seekers not only to experience the bliss, but also to stabilize the experience in them, and to radiate that experience continuously in their life.

The purpose of Nithya Yoga is to help people unclutch and experience eternal bliss. People may also find that physical healing results as a byproduct or side- effect. But, be clear that yoga is for much more than physical health, which is just one benefit of yoga. The emotional benefits are also tremendous but these are also more like byproducts!

In the same way, meditation is not just for mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is just one side-effect happening through meditation. So we don’t want to reduce yoga and meditation to a technique simply for physical and mental health. It is meant for a deeper purpose, to experience a totally different space of eternal bliss, nithyananda.

We are bringing the truth to life through Nithya Yoga in this new system, or I can say the oldest system! I can’t say it is a new system, it is the oldest system! The way in which Patanjali expressed this science, this experience, we are also bringing the same thing to life through Nithya Yoga.

The goal of Nithya Yoga is making your whole life, every activity and every movement transformed into yoga, into bliss.

Nithya Yoga is not about adding more movements to your life. It is about adding more life to your movements.

If you are present, if you are aware, and if you are totally in the moment while doing anything, it is yoga – Nithya Yoga.

source: Living Enlightenment

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