A beautiful meditation technique to develop sensitivity in the body

This is one of the powerful techniques to awaken the kundalini shakti, the potential energy which you carry within you. 

Duration: 30 minutes

Close your eyes and just touch the eyelids with your forefingers as lightly as a feather would. You can use a real feather also, if you like. The feather should not bend when touching the eye. If it bends, it means you are applying too much pressure on the eyelids. Too much pressure will not work with this technique. You need to give just a feather touch. It is as if you are touching, but not touching. It is as if your fingers are on the eyelids but not pressing them. Balance your hands
well and touch your eyelids with your forefingers. Your hands may tremble at first and you may touch either too heavily or too lightly, or you may not be touching your eyelids at all.

When you are able to touch your eyelids like a feather, you will be able to see a strong energy connection getting established between the fingers and the eyes. Slowly, you will feel that your fingers and hands have become a part of your eyes. As of now when you close your eyes, you feel your boundary ends inside the eyelids. But with your feather touch, your eyes will feel like they have expanded! If the pressure you apply is just right, you will have this experience. Your eyes should feel the same sensitivity outside that you feel inside, and the fingers also.

Once you start practicing this technique intensely, you will be able to see that the energy circles inside you instead of leaving you through your eyes, as you normally feel it does. Understand, if you close your eyes, the outer scenes may cease and the outgoing energy may stop. But even then, inside you, some scenes will be moving and so the energy will continue to be wasted. Only if you stop the inner and outer scenes, does enlightenment happen.

This technique takes at least half an hour to balance even once. It might take at least one month of daily practice to balance oneself completely using this feather- touch technique.

source: Living Enlightenment

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