Dancing technique to rejuvenate with tremendous energy and relax with the deep peace within you.


Total Duration: 31 minutes

Free dance means dance with no defined steps, no rules, nothing. It is just allowing your body to move as it pleases, being playful, enjoying yourself, becoming part of the tremendous energy of dancing.

There are two stages to free dance: dancing and resting.

Step 1: Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes and begin to dance. Don’t bother about the steps. Let your body be free to move as it wishes. Don’t be concerned about how you look, how your clothes look. No one is watching you, this is not a performance.

As you continue to dance in this fashion, more and more
energy will surge inside you, and you will keep going. The more you dance, the more energetic you will be! You will not feel tired at all.

Enter deeply into the dance. Dance as fast as possible, as freely as possible. Forget yourself totally. Just become the dance.

Step 2: Duration: 10 minutes

At the end of 21 minutes, wherever you are, in whatever position you are, just
drop down on the floor. Lie down. Be silent and still.

In the sudden change from frantic motion to sudden stillness, you will experience a moment of blankness. There will be no thoughts. You will experience a deep silence.
In a few moments, the thoughts will start coming back. Watch the thoughts calmly. Don’t fight with them, don’t get lost in them. Just remain aware. You will become aware of a lasting peace inside you, a great silence that remains even after the thoughts return. Carry this peace, this silence with you throughout the day. Carry the silence into your sleep. You will wake up feeling new and refreshed.

source: Living Enlightenment

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