Vipassana meditation technique to realize the truth

Vipassana means realizing the Truth step by step. There are three ways in which you can do vipassana: Deep awareness of your body, your actions, your mind, your heart

When you walk, when you move your hand, when you smile, do it all with awareness. Know perfectly well that it is you who is doing that action. Be alert. Not a single moment or movement should pass in an unconscious state. Not a single action should happen in your body without your awareness.

Just like your body, watch your heart and mind. Be aware of every emotion that rises in your heart. Be aware of every thought that passes in and out of your mind. Don’t have opinions, don’t evaluate anything. Just be a witness.

Watch your breathing

Feel your belly rise and fall with every inhalation and exhalation. The navel, the source of your life energy, is in the region of the belly. So when you pay attention to the navel, you become aware of the flow of life energy in your body. As you become more aware of the belly, you will see that your heart and mind fall silent! Watch the breath as it enters your body – at the nostrils.

Be aware of the cool air in the nostrils. Feel the ease with which the breath enters and leaves the nostrils.

Vipassana can be practiced both sitting and walking.


Total Duration: 60 minutes

Sit in a comfortable position, spine erect, facing straight ahead. Keep your eyes closed and breathe normally. Stay still without shifting positions.

Watch the rise and fall of the belly when breathing in and out. Don’t concentrate on the breath, but calmly observe it. If you find other thoughts, feelings or physical sensations coming up, allow them. Witness them also momentarily and then return to watching the breath. It is the process of watching that is important, not what you are watching. Witness everything.

Do this for 45 minutes and rest for 15 minutes.


Total Duration: 30 minutes

Here your awareness is totally on your feet as they touch the ground.

You can walk in a circle or in a straight line of about fifteen steps, going back or forth. You can practice this meditation simply going from room to room in your house, or out in your garden.

The eyes should be lowered and focused on the ground, on the feet. Just as you watch the belly in sitting meditation, watch and be aware here of the contact of each foot with the ground. If other thoughts and sensations come up, allow them. Nothing is to be seen as a distraction. When you have finished witnessing the sensation or the thought, go back to watching your feet.

Do this for 20 minutes and rest for 10 minutes.

source: Living Enlightenment

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