Experience deep restfulness by accepting completely the inevitability of the present and future moments

Total Duration: 21 minutes

Sit straight in a very relaxed way. Close your eyes and continue sitting in this relaxed way without moving the body. Body movements will create thoughts. So if your body is stable without movement, it can take you to the deeper silence.

Very consciously, with a strong decision, intensely, create an intention that you are accepting yourself just as you are this very moment, in the outer world and the inner world.

Tell yourself, ‘I have enough in the outer world – many wonderful possessions. I have enough in the inner world – many positive qualities. I am accepting myself completely. There is no need to develop myself in the outer world or the inner world. If I have ego, it is okay. If I have guilt, it is okay. If I have fear, it is okay. If I have greed, it is okay. Whatever others have told me about myself is also okay. I accept everything, right or wrong. I accept everything.

Whatever objection your mind raises, ‘No, no, no, I don’t want to accept this or that,’ at least accept totally that you are not able to accept whatever it might be. Accept that also!

Accept the present moment. Accept all the future moments. Whatever your mind imagines as the worst possible thing that can happen in your life, accept even that possibility for yourself. If it happens, you cannot avoid it anyway. It is inevitable. Understand the inevitability and accept it. The moment you can accept yourself completely, there will not be any further thought. The mind will be silent. Enjoy that silence!

source: Living Enlightenment

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