Grounding yourself deeply in unclutching, Nirvikalpa samadhi, will give you the feeling you are legitimate. That is the most beautiful feeling hinduism can give to the world!

How to unclutch or be in Nirvikalpa Samadhi by applying the ishana principles, liberation cognitions principles?

Decide: ‘I am not going to suffer with this job anymore which is torturing me or this relationship which is suffocating me.’ Decide to create an inner space for yourself by withdrawing from it where you are not suffocated by the reactionary assumptions. Decide: let me sit with the supernal effulgence of Paramashiva. Let me sit with Swamiji and talk to him.’

What you see in the face of Dakshinamurti (deity in Adi Kailash) is the supernal effulgence of Paramashiva. He is eternal soundarya! I am in love with him! This deity was personally carved by me. He is radiating Shivajnana botham!

Whenever you are continuously functioning in the reactionary assumption mode and you are tired, demons and negativities can influence you and make you turn against the fundamental truths. That is why you need to withdraw and apply the liberating principles. Once you withdraw you will know why you are still in that job or relationship or career without reactionary assumptions and suffocations. After the withdrawal and understanding, even if you want to continue with that job or relationship or career, you will take responsibility for that lifestyle or decision. You will not be cursing or blaming or torturing anyone.

You are not a sinner or slave, you are ‘amrutasya putraha’ – ‘sons of immortality’. ‘putra’ means extension, manifestation, living inheritor, not just son or daughter.

I have seen people who continuously suffocate and torture themselves and others by throwing tantrum unnecessarily like this. Even if you satisfy everything that they asked, they will tell, “ten minutes delay. You brought the million dollar I asked you to but ten minutes delayed. You committed it will happen on 19th January but it happened 10 minutes after it was over!”

Withdrawing from reactionary assumptions will also make you realize how much you act as an enemy to yourself because of the poison fed by society to you continuously. If society called you abuser, cheater continuously, slowly one part of you starts getting so angry with your inability to defend yourself and you start drinking that poison.

Anger is like you opening the door to send your army to attack but many times when you open the door, the door pushes your army away from the door a bit, and in that gap, the opposite army sneaks in a little bit at least. Reactionary assumptions are like the fort’s door. You may think, ‘I will open the door and send my army out,’ but no, the enemy soldiers sneak in at that time and sit inside your heart. The tantrum throwing child in you is that army that sneaked in.

Grounding yourself deeply in unclutching, nirvikalpa samadhi, will give you the feeling you are legitimate. That is the most beautiful feeling hinduism can give to the world! You are not a sinner or slave, you are ‘amrutasya putraha’ – ‘sons of immortality’. ‘putra’ means extension, manifestation, living inheritor, not just son or daughter.

I am reminded of the words:

शृण्वन्तु बिश्वे अमृतस्य पुत्रा, आ ये धामानि दिब्यानि तस्थुः
‘shrinwantu vishwe amritasya putra ā ye dhāmāni divyāni tasthu’

the line from Shvetashvatara upanishad, chapter 2, verse 5. Such words sit in your throat and give you constant sweetness!

If you unclutch, withdraw and establish yourself in liberating cognitions and principles, the poison the enemy has poured inside you and made you believe about you and the demons sitting inside you and constantly collapsing you, will simply get flushed out and collapse and die. That grounded feeling makes you feel you are legitimate, that your existence is legitimate.

My emphasis on liberating cognitions and decision to apply liberating principle, is because many of you start believing your reactionary assumptions as true whereas it is not; it is fed by society to you.

The greatest blessing of Paramashiva for me is, the greatest asset I feel I have is: ‘His manifestation of unclutching, eternal nirvikalpa samadhi, in me.’ This manifests as multiple things like the state, space superconsciousness and Shrikailasa.

The second asset I feel I have is My deities with which I play, talk and connect with Paramashiva!

Because of the Nirvikalpa samadhi, the demons are not able to make Me believe the abuses they are throwing at Me! Never is there reactionary assumptions-based functioning in my system. The foundation itself has become so pure and beautiful and I feel so grounded and legitimate.

It is not a joke to be constantly called as a rapist for the last ten years and still be in the sweet absolute Nirvikalpa samadhi state, not having mental breakdown and absolutely relaxing in the space of Paramashiva.

When a man forcibly enters a woman, for example, when Ravana was trying to force himself on Sita and she denied it, he started collapsing internally. He collapsed because he himself became a traitor to his own strength. His self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial took an extreme demonic form and that demon killed him first and of course Rama killed him next. He became a traitor to himself.

I am revealing the truths as it is. Don’t allow your self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial (SDHD) to keep you in delusion by constantly pushing your everyday routine into that same reactionary assumptions and reactionary assumptions-based lifestyle. This statement is a knowledge for all the visitors and a boon for all my disciples and integrated devotees. To all my disciples: I give you the boon that by the grace and blessings of Paramashiva, if you sit unclutched in today’s process, I will make sure you taste the supernal effulgence of Parmashiva, Shivajnana botham of Paramashiva!

You will experience supernal effulgence intensely and deeply. You are empowered to experience the liberating cognitions and principles. Apply these liberating cognitions and manifest it intensely more and more and more, in each field – asteya, satya, brahmacharya, aparigraha and ahimsa.

Asteya is non-stealing. It means, not having the reactionary assumption that everyone is living more luxuriously than they are qualified for but you even though you have sacrificed so much and qualified, you are not given your due. Is is out of this absolutely deluding reactionary assumption that the stealing patterns grow. Complete with this and withdraw from this pattern.

You having the reactionary assumption that everyone is oversexed and only you are undersexed or literally denied sex, is the source for aggressive lust. If you withdraw, unclutch from this pattern, from this reactionary assumption, you will achieve Brahmacharya!

When you withdraw and unclutch from each reactionary assumption, and rest in the supernal effulgence of Paramashiva, you manifest powers!

Satya, asteya, aparigraha, ahimsa and brahmacharya are not vows or disciplines or niyamas. They are powers! It is maturity of the consciousness.


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