When Paramashanta swarupa becomes ‘nithya’ in you, even your thought currents, surface, whatever is happening, will not disturb you and in fact it will be complimenting you!

What your mind is constantly boiling with inside is delusion. I am not saying don’t take care of your relationship or office or anything. But all this is reality, only as much as your dream is. There is nothing to be frightened about. What is constantly agitating you inside, becomes your ‘aging’. If the agitation doesn’t happen inside there will not be aging and if more kundalini is released into your system without agitation it is the anti-aging secret!

There is a beautiful quote of Aurobindo about Nirvikalpa samadhi. My love for Aurobindo is too much. I never talk about him because if I talk about him it will be overflowing! Just to keep his glory, name and ecosystem alive, I created the whole sangha in Pondicherry!

Remember, cognize: nothing which agitates you is reality outside. When I say nothing, it is really, really, really, nothing.

Anything which creates agitation and reactionary assumptions, acting and reacting, is delusion and illusion. This cognition will only make you more responsible because you will have a clear inner space where there is no chaos, only order.

You always see the result and then decide whether what you are doing is right or wrong, but you should always see the inner agitation and then decide whether you are doing right or wrong. Reality is subjective and it starts from there. End does not justify the means, because what you consider as end is delusion and illusion. Be grounded on subjective reality. If you understand this one cognition, today you are liberated from all delusion, illusion, pain, suffering and problems.

All these are on the surface of you, but inside, you have a deep powerful space called Paramashanta swarupa. Discovering, and internalizing this Paramashanta swarupa is Nirvikalpa samadhi, Enlightenment, highest reality, all the powerfulness, most superior way of existing, and aging.

Your chaotic surface and peaceful orderly core are not conflicting each other, they co-exist. So do not have agitation just because you have agitation in the surface. If you don’t have reactionary assumptions, great, else, remember: that is also complementing your peace or Paramashanta swarupa. Then you will absolutely settle down. That settling space will help you do what is right from subjective reality.

When you get agitation from reactionary assumptions, so much aging and suffering happens. I can see the kayakalpa yoga participants’ bodies becoming like nectar. The innermost core, mana-unmana, is getting more and more silenced. I want each participant to know I am personally guiding, inspiring you and keeping you highly energetic and empowered. The mana-unmana is making your body nectar! These 21 months will be the best time of your life because after that you can live as you want and as long as you want! You just know the knack of existing. This knack is too simple, absolutely unclutched but absolutely alive! Unclutched aliveness is not agitated activism. There is no aggression. In the throat, only sweetness, no spice or anger, or violence.

If you observe your breath intensely and the taste in your throat, you will understand that whenever you are experiencing Paramashanta swarupa – the joy of Paramashiva, ecstasy of Paramashiva, you will have intense sweetness; you will become like an ocean and all the waves in you will be only superficial. Now you are like a surface, so all waves – agitation – makes you powerless and terrorizes you. You are constantly terrorized, feeling threatened. It is like you have to defend yourself continuously. But the Paramashanta swarupa – your existence, Paramashiva, when that becomes ‘nithya’ in you, the ‘constant’ in you, even your thought currents, surface, whatever is happening, will not disturb you and in fact it will be complimenting you.

Never ever believe anything which agitates you. Stop respecting information, ideas which agitate you. It is delusion and not worthy of responding or reacting.

The first being who died and created the beautiful yama of rejuvenation through death, one of the greatest discoveries is yama! Death is the ctrl+del reboot button! The person who manifested the power of reboot button, and who started fresh and alive is Yama. Cognize: can Yama be described like this! I am telling you the insider classified files of kailasa which I have read! I am declassifying them with the permission of Paramashiva and protection of Kalabhairava.

Death is like a ctrl+del button, doing the factory reset so that you can start fresh again. It is a power. Yamadharma is the first being who discovered this power and became the lord of death, master of the science of death.

If you learn to do this while you are in the body, you will know the whole secret of death and you will keep the body for as long as you want and create it whenever you want. It is as simple as buying a new ipad, a better ipad for upgraded software and other comforts! You may feel, ‘this body has become old, let me take a new body to be in Swamiji’s gurukul, singing and being around him.’

There is no suicide. Hinduism does not accept suicide. It accepts only the conscious decision to create a new body whenever you want. Only a body who has died consciously and taken body consciously multiple times will understand what I am saying.

If you practice unclutching a few days you will start having small experiences of conscious death, rebooting, which will make you understand what I am saying is true.

Do not abuse yourself with your reactionary assumptions. Everything is delusion and illusion. There is nothing in your reality worthy of your agitated response. You are Paramashiva, sit in that Paramashanta swarupa.

Meditate on this truth: the first person who discovered the power of rebooting, ctrl+del became the lord of death and been blessed by Paramashiva to give you all this power in your life even if you hold on to your suffering and pain due to your delusion.

If there is no death you will see only psycho and mad demons in the planet earth. The moment you are born, maybe some demon will swallow you even. It is death, the greatest blessing, power, to reboot yourself that keeps the planet earth balanced. And you have the whole inner space ready for you to restart and manifest what you want.

If there was no death, human greed will not find an end and because of that, long back they would have destroyed planet earth. If there was no death, the load of reactionary assumptions becomes so much, you become mad and you don’t know what you are doing. Such a person will destroy anything that comes in front of his eyes because he is agitated, frustrated, angry about everything. Anything that comes in front of his eyes, he will demolish.

Yamadharma is the lord of boons. He gives you death when you are deluded even though you are over-attached to your delusionary problems and illusory solutions. For example: let us say, you are running away from chasing tigers and elephants and you are about to fall off a cliff and see crocodiles beneath you and you scream for a gun to save yourself. You scream, O God, ‘Please come O God, Swamiji, give me a machine gun! If you don’t come now I won’t even believe you exist!’ a real God will give you just one drop of water from your A/C machine, that’s all you need to wake up! Not any machine gun! Just the drop of water is Paramashiva coming and giving you death and waking you up so you can reboot and restart. If you cognize this, you will understand that everything from your life is the direct support and absolute blessing from Paramashiva. Nothing is a curse.

Don’t carry the tremendous anger and fear you have about death. It is a power from Paramashiva, Kaalakaala himself as Yamadharma. He gives you the power to reboot yourself and restart; gives you the healing from the reactionary assumptions. If Paramashiva gives you the gun, what will happen? You will shoot yourself! And you will be in a bigger mess than your nightmare – the dream of tigers chasing you.

Cosmos, universe, Paramashiva, ultimate reality wants you to wake up to the ultimate reality and live and celebrate your existence. But you are too engaged in you silly dreams. And you took the boon from Paramashiva that if you are engaged in your dreams, He should wake you up with the water drop from your A/C machine! A middle class Indian will understand leaking machines, not NRI’s!

When you are in Paramashanta swarupa, you will know very clearly what is delusion and what is illusion when you know your delusionary problems and illusory solutions; you will understand even death is a power given to you to reboot and restart.

The first person who manifested this power is Yama who was empowered by Paramashiva to give this boon to everyone and liberate yourself from your delusionary problems and illusory solutions and overloaded assumptions, and tiredness and assumptions and boring routine. When that load becomes too much, Yama appears and gives you the boon of rebooting. Paramashiva is the greatest blessing. He knows what needs to be taken away from you, what needs to be given to you, how your life should function.

source: fb.com/srinithyananda.swami

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