Source of the tireless inner space, source of all the mental abilities, all the knowledge, mental resources is Nirvikalpa samadhi!

Principles of principal knowledge root and source of all knowledge; existence is Nirvikalpa samadhi. In simple words: source of all knowledge is Nirvikalpa samadhi space. It is too easy. Your cycle of breath touches the Nirvikalpa samadhi. If Nirvikalpa samadhi stops reflecting on your body, body is dead.

My mission is to teach the whole world the principal source of knowledge. Principle of all the principal knowledge is Nirvikalpa samadhi.

Whether the knowledge about cosmology , astrology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, any level, any knowledge – the source is Nirvikalpa samadhi. If you can touch that, you will have something original in your life.

Living with non reactionary assumptions, fully awakened mechanical parts of the brain.

Till you have Nirvikalpa samadhi, all knowledge you got from others is somebody else’s vomit. Someone else’s vomit is not your contribution. My Gurukul kid will have original contribution because I am grooming them with Nirvikalpa samadhi.

Living with non reactionary assumptions, fully awakened mechanical parts of the brain. Paramashiva radiates Nirvikalpa samadhi in the form of Dakshinamoorthy. Anyone who wants Nirvikalpa samadhi, go to our Dakshinamoorthy, touch him, do puja, sit infront of His third eye, He carries the very bio memory, conscious decision to radiate Nirvikalpa samadhi. That Nirvikalpa samadhi radiates as living will in all our Dakshinamoorthy.

Nirvikalpa samadhi gives you a tireless inner space. How much ever attacks happen, injustice done, you can see everyday I am coming for satsang. Everyday satsang is me opening Kailaasa for you to taste.

If you accept I am Paramashiva, you take me for granted. People who don’t accept I am Paramashiva, they realize more of who I am. “If he is not incarnation, what kind of metal he is made? He is just going on and on.”

Rukmini ammal – great shaivaite tamil preacher passed away. Not only multiple times I heard her discourse and satsangh, I am fortunate to have sat near her feet and listen. Extreme egoless, humble, honest preacher. When she heard I became enlightened and attained Paramashivatva, she came and sat near my feet, touched my feet, listened to my satsang and got initiated. She told me, ‘just because I taught you, don’t refuse the fortune of touching your feet’ she asked this as Guru-Dakshina. Another lady, Geeta kokilam, she talks about Ramayanam. I remember listening to her discourse, coming back home and repeating, from that time, till now, I am talking and talking. Last 20 years, we have video record. When I heard she passed away, the way my inner space responded; Every response happening in my inner space is happening in pure Nirvikalpa samadhi. People who think I am not Paramashiva, they break their head to find what kind of metal I am made of.

I am really wondering – the amount of spiritual material, produced. The earliest video available, from then till now, you will see absolute consistency but high creativity. Nithya; consistency expressed in such creativity; Ananda. I am modelling for Nirvikalpa samadhi.

If you think I have intelligence, mental resource qualifications I have, Nirvikalpa samadhi is the source of my mental stamina, resources and tireless inner space.

Tireless inner space is required for a leader who wants to evolve beings to get enlightened. Training one disciple is equivalent to building 100 ashrams.

Someone sent me a message; Geeta press is closing! I said no! Even if means we have to support by pumping money, we should because the work Geeta press has done for hinduism, no one can imagine. If I have to mark top 10 reasons why hinduism is alive, I will mark Geeta press as one of the reasons. The moment I think of this project, I can think of the trained disciples I have.

To train disciples, the kind of vast inner space you must have, all the tantrum they throw. It is like lioness feeding cub. Cub don’t just suckle the milk, they bite here and there that it bleeds. But the patience lioness needs to evolve the cubs. Producing commanders is not a joke, especially with spiritual strength.

Constantly being a support, strength, and training. I know why Arunagiri yogishwara came in my life as Guru. Because being the dimension of Guru is the greatest contribution that I am going to do to this world. It is much more the establishing Kailaasa nation. Establishing the Kailaasa ecosystem is the job of the Guru.

Source of the tireless inner space, source of all the mental abilities, all the knowledge, mental resources is Nirvikalpa samadhi. Even when you are eating, before eating, just sit for few seconds, bring your breathing, remember Paramashiva is breathing in you. It is the truth.

Time spent in unclutching is the only useful time spent in your life. Everyday sitting in unclutching is rebooting your whole system. Not just software but hardware and everything!

Conscious resources awakening intense pure unclutched space. These words; conscious resources and pure unclutched space supports one another.

I was reading books written by 291st Guru mahasannidhanam of Madurai aadheenam, my ParamaGuru. Connecting with masters who left the body to achieve Kailaasa space. He is an adept in this! Not only the knowledge, but strength and experience.

Consciously, sincerely trying to unclutch is enough. You will have all the knowledge showered on you. By the grace of Paramashiva, I will give this gift of Nirvikalpa samadhi to all my disciples and devotees.


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