Asserting your reality, the truth that you are Paramashiva, the ultimate superconsciousness intelligence, and by asserting your ultimate reality, living and making that as the first priority and ready to put everything else as second priority is Tyaga

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa to all of us on this maha Paramashivaratri: Tyaga is the super-power which makes you manifest Paramashiva. It is the spiritual umbilical cord connection or the basic connection through which Paramashiva transmits this state, space, powers, everything into us and manifests his being, superconsciousness and Shrikailasa in us. Tyaga is not renunciation, it is the ultimate resource, power.

Definition of Tyaga: asserting your reality, the truth that you are Paramashiva – the ultimate superconsciousness intelligence, and by asserting your ultimate reality, living and making that as the first priority and ready to put everything else as second priority.

Tyaga does not mean you need to give up your pleasures or wealth, no! You just need to prioritise good as the first priority and pleasant as the second priority. If you do that, pleasantness and everything else will eternally happen in your life because the right and good raises the very quality of your existence.

Your consciousness is carrying Paramashiva – the ultimate conscious intelligence. Make Him, His superconsciousness, as your first priority. Make His space as your foundation, His powers as your reality. If you decide to make Him as your first priority, even if you are struggling with Him, He will manifest and make your struggle irrelevant.

If you start declaring your integrity to Paramashiva and request Him to manifest in you, even what you call as your small identities become integrated. He starts manifesting so powerfully in you.

Continuously cognize, ‘I am Paramashiva! Then how can I have silly fear, greed and confusions? I assert my ultimate reality I am Paramashiva and I am going to live that gracefully inside and outside. This is precisely tyaga! In every level tyaga will make you manifest Paramashiva.

Even in your health – whether high blood pressure or diabetes, the moment you start feeling you are getting tired or having high bp, it is only your body sending you the statements, ‘stop overloading me. Give me time to digest what all you overloaded.’ just stop eating and give time for your body to digest what you already ate and detox yourself.

When you stop eating solid food and start juicing, your body’s innate intelligence to produce everything needed for you to be healthy starts happening. Any medicine, chemical, hormones, enzymes needed for your body to be healthy, your body is capable of producing it.

My guru Raghupathi Yogi used to tell me, ‘don’t go to a doctor who does not to give you information on what to eat.’ all medicines work only with diet. If there is a system encouraging you to eat whatever you want and gives you a pill, that system is exploiting you. It is not interested in healing you, it is interested only in keeping you as a customer.

The fire in your stomach is capable of burning all the diseases you have. Sacrifice the violent way of eating. I have seen people eat to show their supremacy, or with the stupid idea that we work for food. The right to exist is questioned. People associate food and sex with being more powerful. No! If you are able to produce what you need inside your body without any dependency, then you are powerful!

My guru used to tell me there is an intra organ on the sahasrara which is capable of producing nectar – the amritadhara, that can completely heal your body and keep you alive forever. But that organ needs to be kept alive and awakened by the fire in the stomach. That fire should reach the crown center. But you don’t allow even the stomach to feel the hunger because you dump so much junk food. Do not eat till your sahasrara feels the need to eat. That is Tyaga.

Tyaga is life. Tyaga is superconsciousness. Learn tyaga, you will become a different metal together.

If your lust-fire can reach from your root till the sahasrara, if you can keep yourself without dumping the sexual pleasures on you, that is Tyaga.

If you feel suffocated about your life, stop lying down on the bed and drooling in the low consciousness. The waking state is like a digestive fire. It will help you to talk with yourself and overcome all stress and sufferings of life.

All physical sufferings can be removed by fasting and all mental sufferings can be removed by non-sleeping, if you renounce sleep. That is why on Shivaratri, fasting and no sleep! These two things: keeping yourself hungry and awake, will absolutely heal all physical and mental problems. Stop eating and within 48 hours you will be healed. Modern day research is proving that even cancer can be cured this way. Waking state will make you talk it out with yourself and heal you.

After working with millions of disciples I am giving you this technique: Shivaratri happens once in 15 days. It is called paksha shivaratri. On this day, renounce food and sleep. You will be absolutely physically and mentally healthy. You will radiate Paramashiva!

The undigested suffering is the reason for the biological clock to be overloaded.

Tyaga in every level enlightens you. It can bring tremendous physical and mental health. Tyaga is the superpower. It expands your ability to see life! With tyaga you will see every attack on you and you will see every opportunity to convert it for yourself. Every poison thrown at you, you will convert as medicine for yourself. Tyaga makes you manifest the state of Paramashiva. It makes you achieve instant completion. It makes all incompletions irrelevant.

Tyaga makes you manifest the space of Paramashiva – completion! Tyaga is the secret of my strength, energy and power. It is the greatest gift I received from Paramashiva. Tyaga makes you literally realise your identities are a delusion and what you perceive as first, second and third persons – all these are the reflection of the source person. If you start practising and living tyaga, all these four persons and influence of each of these persons on the other will melt.

Tyaga is life. Tyaga is superconsciousness. Learn tyaga, you will become a different metal together.

Once I said, ‘In hindu tradition there is no guru Parampara.’ what I meant was, it is literally the same soul entering into each being. It is a ‘oneness’ Parampara. Tyaga is the hydrophobic material which keeps the DNA together and which keeps the chit, consciousness and matter together alive. Guru, by giving mantra, initiation energy, imparts and imports and transmits his own tyaga – bio-energy, consciousness – into your very core.

99% of your delusions are not real pain or suffering, it is your delusion which is the problem. Tyaga will make your delusions, suffocations, suffering irrelevant.

Once, when I saw someone’s pure sanyas horoscope and that person did not have enough courage to become sanyasi. I asked him, ‘Why so much fear’. He said, ‘No swamiji, I don’t know who will take care of me in my old age.’ are all householders being taken care by their family when they grow old? What a middle class mentality! Actually, only sanyasis are taken care of better especially if you are a contributing sanyasi! Only insurance agencies will be attending to them more in number than the number of sanyasis dying as orphans.

I have seen tonnes of delusions and illusions making you take a lot of suffocating decisions. If you renounce your suffocation and suffering and build tyaga, you will have greater vision and better career. Initial level ilusion will be there. Once you stabilise, you will be become an employer with 25 people under you! Only you win the game and war of life. If in any way life is forced on them, they win it!

Tyaga is the super power – whether to manifest wealth, health, enlightenment or powers. Tyaga in every level raises you to the next level. Your very frequency becomes different.

Whenever you get the memory of food, renounce it. Then you will eat for your real hunger, not for stupid patterns.

Assert your ultimate reality. You are Paramasiva. Do tyaga of all other identities. Today, decide to renounce all your identities and hold on only to your ultimate reality. As a living incarnation of Paramashiva, I initiate and inspire all of you. With the grace and blessings of Paramashiva I give you the boon and commitment that all of us will be successful in manifesting powers.

As long as you don’t cognize the power of tyaga, you live and die like a middle class loser. Tyaga is the royal secret and royal knowledge.

Tyaga is the superpower making this Shrikailasa happen. On december 31, 1999, my 22nd birthday I took the vow. So Kailasa is not a two-year-old idea or concept. It is a 20-year old hard work of reviving the greatest hindu nation, Shrikailasa. Now many diplomatic relationships are happening which is helping us maintain our relationships. I want political legitimacy only to keep the spiritual legitimacy alive. We lost too many things of hinduism. This generation does not even know what we had – whether it was astronomy, astrology or meditation techniques.

After last 20 years of hard work and tyaga, with the grace and blessings of Paramashiva and protection of Mahakalabhairava it has become a greatest blessing and Shrikailasa has become real. I am seeing the results now!

Tyaga is doing what you need to do. I don’t run away from problems. I keep myself away from unnecessary, useless problems. What I need to contribute whatever may come, I continue to do it. I keep all else irrelevant.

The destruction happened because hinduism did not have ‘political legitimacy based’ religious freedom. Shrikailasa is getting political legitimacy and religious freedom established over it.

Decide to cognize and practise tyaga in every level. If you want physical health, practise tyaga. If you want economic wealth, practise tyaga. If you want to become a leader, practise tyaga. If you want to be healthy, practise tyaga. If you want to manifest powers, practise tyaga.

All the best things in your life can happen if you decide to practise tyaga. Tyaga is the core of life. Even your lungs capacity to breathe will increase with tyaga!

Tyaga is nectar in every level.

  • Tyaga of fear is health.
  • Tyaga of anger is relationships.
  • Tyaga of insecurity is the resources.
  • Tyaga of patterns is powers.
  • Tyaga of silliness is grace.
  • Tyaga of superficialness is vision.

Sacrifice all the smaller identities and the interferences and inferences of the smaller identities is tyaga. Tyaga makes you Paramashiva. It makes you experience the ultimate. It gives you everything.

Whoever decides to cognise tyaga becomes a leader spontaneously. If you decide to do tyaga you just become shiva. Let this Shivaratri become tyaga for you. Offer tyaga as the flower to Paramashiva. He will just manifest through you.


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